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For those who were to young to know or don't recall, 911 was when the world trade centre in New York was demolished with the people still inside. The government claimed the buildings collapsed after hijacked planes crashed into the towers.

Those unaffected went 'tut tut' and swallowed the government line, but many wanted the details of what and how it all happened, but the government responses have not made sense and much of the story contradicted itself so much that many professionals began digging and putting together the real facts which the government dismissed as conspiracy theory.

I invite you to listen to various commentators and experts in engineering and politics to update your own opinion. This page continues from 9-11 Who did it and there is over 6 hours of opinion and testimony on this page.

2016: Fingers point to Saudi and more evidence of US Government coverups.


Susan lindauer and her book Extreme Predudice

Susan Lindauer provides the background information The Terrifying Story of the Patriot ACT and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq: The Ultimate Conspiracy to Silence Truth By Susan Lindauer, a former CIA agent who was on the inside and processed the facts before 911.

Susan was in the loop before 911 and from her testimony, but after the facts we can see from the science presented below and the emerging facts that the hijacks did not take place and that one of the planes that hit the towers was a military F18 fighter. There is a longer version of this video on youtube.

Given that the US Administration had just killed off 1200 or more of it's own citizens, it's surprising that Susan is still alive.

The Money

An Engineer speaks out

Apparently over two trillion dollars went missing as the finance offices in the pentagon were destroyed along with all the records. Remember in all the video footage, there was no plane... Months before 911 it is alleged that the WTC was privatised and sold to a Larry Silverstein who took out an insurance policy that covered terrorism.  After 911 he was awarded 4.55 billion dollars.

The Pentagon

The assertion was that an airliner also crashed into this building, however a video from the Pentagon's own security cameras has finally surfaced showing what appears to be some type of missile crossing the lawn and exploding the building, see it here on Facebook or if you are unable to find it, send me a note and I'll do it I can to help you out.

The science

A tantalising review by a US airforce and airline pilot testifies that planes didn't hit the towers and offices some very convincing evidence pointing to a controlled demolition which makes the whole deal seem so improbable. And, A more recent video with the sounds of explosions.

Richard Gage, AIA presents the scientific evidence for a controlled demotion of the three World Trade Center Towers.







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