A Changing Pakistan

Enroute to oblivion


Not so long ago, Pakistan was part of India and if we step back deeper into history, before the rise of Islam, the entire region was strongly influenced by Sanatana Dharma and the teachings of Vedanta.

The Pakistan of today was created by the British by partitioning India and forming what was then East Pakistan and West Pakistan - which became Bangladesh. The newly formed Pakistan included a considerable portion of the Sikh state of Punjab and the coastal state of Baluchistan.

Many of the new Pakistani's had fled India, but the idea of Islam to take over the world incited the Pakistani's to declare wars against India back in 1947, 1965 and 1971,  moves that cost them dearly although they managed to hold on to part of Kashmir.

In its short history, Pakistan has known short periods of peace but the Islamic mindset has done little to support its evolution as a country. More recently with Saudi funding it was able to develop a nuclear program and traded knowledge and nuclear materials with North Korea causing concern to most other governments.

“You cannot have an elite that takes advantage of very cheap and uneducated labour when it comes to making money, and when it is time to party it is found in London, and when it’s time to buy things it is in Dubai, and when it’s time to buy property it invests in Dubai or Europe or New York. The elite needs to decide do they want a country or not.” ~ Dawn

loonypakIt seems probable that it's only because India also has nuclear weapons that Pakistan has refrained from nuclear conflict although it's rumoured that the Saudi backers of their nuclear projects are asking repayment in terms of nuclear weapons and as we all know, the Saudis are far more dangerous in the Pakistani's.

But one of the major problems that Pakistan faces as do all religious countries, is that their beliefs have no foundation, no reality and the culture that has evolved is mentally unbalanced. This means that they cannot really form a coherent and civilised society.  and essence the culture of Islam as a kind of crude feudalism with the strongest winds at any cost.

As a country, Pakistan has no future. It will continue to be manipulated by various Islamic factions, it will grovel to the West for favours but what is more significant is that it has began a new game with China. So far they have given China a small portion of Kashmir, a portion they had no right to give away but they see this developing relationship with China as a way ahead for the ruling elite.

China's interest is to create a road and rail link from western Tibet down through Pakistan to the Indian Ocean giving it quicker access to resources in Africa as well is to ring fencing India in the same way that the USA has ring fenced Russia.

Now that China is on the war path, it has the capacity to walk all over Pakistan and if these current projects are completed, Pakistan will be reduced to that of a vassal state of China. But for all the Chinese trade, the only profits made will be made by those at the top of the heap.

Meanwhile the Pakistani government is trying to take administrative control of Baluchistan, hold on to Kashmir and stir up trouble in India. Yet it is failing its own citizens because I cannot stop the civil unrest between different tribal groups and Muslim ethnicities. There are spasmodic bombings and assassinations, and there's an ongoing struggle for power and control. The country is not safe to visit and on a more local level, honour killings, the ethnic cleansing and genocide of Hindus and other minor ethnic groups continues unabated.

The only solution for Pakistan is to ditch China, ditch Islam and merge back into India because Hinduism is the only option to solve all their problems.

In a patriarchal society like Pakistan, marriage is not treated as an institution of love and care but rather an obligation to produce children to extend the family line even if close relatives marry without regard for the consequences of inbreeding.

Pakistani scientists discover 30 new genes causing mental retardation


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