A day in a life

When some sexy fun is called for

Sarah was bored, she woke about noon and lay in bed watching TV. She ate her breakfast there, some dried cereal and an apple. She had crumbs in her bed but she couldn't be bothered cleaning up. She wanted to do something, but she wasn't sure what. She thought that sex would be nice and she began masturbating, but that wasn't really happening either.

About 1:30pm she decided she had to get out, so she had a quick shower, shaved her legs and pubes. and remained naked as she searched her tiny apartment for her make up and some money. Her purse held little more than the price of a first drink and she began contemplating the idea of meeting someone nice who would buy her drinks and satisfy her sexual needs.

She found her make up, but no more cash. She brushed her hair, put on some make up, a miniskirt and a loose halter top. She liked halter tops so she could if she chose flash her boobs or lean forward to give mostly guys a perve. Then she stood looking at herself in the mirror, she thought she looked okay and after she put on her 4 inch heels, she thought she looked even better. She made sure she put her key in her purse, clipped it inside the waistband of her skirt and stepped out into the corridor.

She walked down a flight of stairs and knocked on a door. It opened and Brad stood there looking rather dazed. The air was smoky and smelt strongly of hashish, she playfully chided him for being stoned again and asked if she could borrow a few dollars. He apologised and said that he was skint, but he offered her a line of coke.

They'd sort of been friends for ages, he was basically a nice guy and he enjoyed getting her stoned. He closed the door behind her and measured out two generous lines of coke on the kitchen counter. They shared a piece of a straw to snort a line each and Sara's mood immediately improved. She invited him down to the pub, but he said he had something else to do and after giving him a courteous kiss on the cheek, she made her way down five more flights of stairs and out into the bright sunshine.

The light was too bright for comfort and she considered for a moment go back upstairs to get her sunnies, but instead she strode in the direction of the bar. She smiled involuntarily at the passers-by whose eyes were attracted by her bouncing boobs.

She was a size C, they were firm, sat well on her chest and quivered as she walked. A few guys lingering on street corners and gave her cheek and when one guy called "show us your tits", she flashed and called out "now show me yours." He didn't but the guys laughed, a few of them she'd shagged, as she walked on and was pleased to step into the relative cool darkness of the bar.

She was a regular here, she went straight to the bar and chatted to the barmaid as she ordered a drink and counted out her change. The barmaid's name was Maggie, most people saw her cleavage before her pretty face. Today she had her hair tied back in a ponytail and if you looked closely at her breasts as most patrons did, her nipples and areola were visible through the thin fabric of her top. The two girls complemented each other on their sexiness and then Sarah turned her attention to the room.

An old couple sat in one corner talking as they sipped their drinks and on the other side, a couple of guys sat with her eyes fixed on the sports screen. In reply to Sarah's question of "where is everyone?" Maggie said there were a couple of blokes playing pool out back. Sarah lamented that she was looking for some nice guy to buy her a drink and give her a good fuck. Maggie commiserated and said her chances weren't looking very good.

Sarah took her drink and went to check out the guys playing pool. She glanced down at her own cleavage, her nipples weren't quite exposed and she hoped that the guys would like enough to buy her another drink. One was lining up his shot as she walked in, but the other guy looked at her tits and smiled.

She smiled back and said hi, then they both watched the other guy take his shot. He sunk two more balls and then missed on the black. As the two guys swapped places Sarah said "I'll play the winner." Both guys looked at her and smiled, she watched as the first guy potted his last few balls and then the black.

Sarah put her last coin in the slot and stacked the balls ready to break. She selected a que and spent more time chalking than was necessary. She was weighing up the two guys and wondering if she should beat them or behave like a stupid girl. She felt their eyes on her body as she placed the white ball and made the break. Chance was in her favour and she put five balls away before she missed what should have been an easy shot.

The guy said “nice work” and introduced himself as Al. He sunk two balls, missed his next shot and left the white well positioned. Sarah cleaned up, Al shook her hand and said “well done.” She admitted to being a regular player, Brad introduced himself and made the next break. As they played, they chatted, the guys hovered nearer than necessary and the mood became amicable.

Sarah won that match and Al setup for the next game while Brad went to get drinks. Al had just broke when Brad returned with three glasses. He said “I hope you don't mind me buying a drink without asking Sarah, the barmaid told me what you like.”

She said “thanks Brad,” and stepped in close, gave him a kiss on the cheek and softly brushed her breast over his arm. They talked local politics and sport, conversations that Sarah was able to follow.

After a few more games and drinks, Sarah was much more flirty and the men more brash. Sarah's boobs sometimes made unexpected appearances That the guys appreciated and the fact that her short skirt had slid up a couple of inches giving them a honeypot view every time she leaned forwards, but she stayed focussed on her shots. The drinks were also having an effect and the guys complemented her body more often. She laughed and returned the complements.

She was still winning more than the guys as she went to take her next shot, Al stepped in close and slid his hand up her skirt. She missed and as she stood, he popped her breasts out and told her she was hot. Brad took his turn and missed, then Sarah who just wanted to be fucked spread her legs as she leaned over to take her next shot.

Both guys were beside her, feeling her up and discussing her absence of knickers. Despite this, she sank two balls and as she stood up, the guys began kissing her, fondling her breasts and she wasn't sure who's, but a finger was in her wet cunt. Brad broke away to take his shot and she felt the bulge in Al's pants. She asked, “do you wanna relieve that?”

“Sure do baby” he replied.

She slid her hand inside his pants as he pulled her skirt up and she said, “maybe another drink first?”

Al went to get drinks and Sarah stepped in beside Brad. He abandoned the game for her, he pushed her against the table and put his mouth to work tasting her nipples and then her clit. Sarah liked that and encouraged him. Al returned with drinks and they moved to the darker corner where she had sex with both of them. They were average guys and when one was finished, the other was ready.

Sarah lost track of time and they were disturbed by Maggie who came in to collect their empty glasses. She said it'd be a good time to look a bit more descent as the bar would soon be full. The guys tried to persuade Maggie to join them, but she had work to do. Sarah straightened her clothes, picked up the discarded condoms and dashed to the bathroom.

When she came out, the two guys had gone and the bar was filling with workers at the end of their day. She said hi to a few she knew and then she saw Jeff, a huge man she knew liked her so she sat on his lap and played feeding him peanuts and eating some herself. Her ploy worked, he bought her a drink and invited her to eat with him.

They went to a café and as they ate, he had friends coming to play cards and he invited Sarah. They walked the block to his apartment and once inside, Sarah watched TV while he took a shower. When he was done, he came out wearing a towel and said she could join their game, keep the drinks coming and the guys would like her cute body.

Sarah stood, did a pirouette and said you mean this as she popped out her breasts, lifted her skirt and sat in his lap. He squeezed her tits and said “yes baby, some distraction may help me win a few hands.”

Sarah wriggled against him and replied, “I think I'll entertain, but I need to freshen up.” She felt his cock pressing up against her and she knew he wanted sex. A slight wriggle was enough to loosen his towel and allow his 10 inch cock to push between her legs. He pulled off her clothes, lifted her and then impaled her on his cock. He said they'd have to be quick as the guys would be there soon.

It was quick but very intense as it was not everyday that she took such a huge cock. She was in the shower when the guys arrived. Jeff came in, put down a dress and told her to wear it. She dried off using the same towel he'd used and put on the dress that was little more than a negligee and slightly camouflaged her otherwise naked body.

The guys all looked up and congratulated Jeff on his catch. He tried to play down the idea that she was his by saying she was a friend who'd take care of them. He meant bring drinks, but the way he said it was ambiguous. He introduced Sarah to Mat, Nigel, Hank, Al, (not the same one as she'd been with earlier), Ron, Max and Carl.

They were all construction workers and their language was colourful. They'd set up a bar loaded with spirits and Sarah bought what they asked for and got lightly groped and praised for her trouble as they sat to play then made herself a martini. She felt a little out of place so she watched TV for maybe twenty minutes before someone wanted another drink. As she sat, she realised she didn't want to fuck that many guys and after she'd served a round, she called Maggie at the bar and invited her and any friends that wanted to get laid to call by later.

Sarah began to pay attention to the game and to her relief, Jeff won a hand. She leaned over him, rested her breasts on his head and slid her hands inside his shirt. She gave him a boner and although none but her noticed that, the guys murmured approval.

She bought drinks, flirted and ignored the exploring hands. Her negligee came off and the guys began getting more touchy, but that was okay. But she felt the guys were more into the game than her, she was window dressing and she was relieved when Maggie arrived.

Maggie read the scene and dragged Sarah out of there. They went back to her apartment where she changed into a semi sheer short dress, refreshed her make up and donned some higher heels. Maggie had said they were going on a date with a couple of out of town businessmen.

Sarah did not consider herself a hooker, but she knew she'd be paid for this date. She left her key under the ledge and after a five minute cab ride they walked into the hotel bar. Maggie recognised the guys, they walked over and introduced themselves. After another drink and some conversation, they went up to the guys room and had sex. It was okay and less than an hour later the girls having been financially rewarded took a cab to a nightclub.

Maggie was known and they were let in ahead of the queue. The room smelled of rich guys and three hours later after dancing, drinking and sex with another three guys, Sarah went home with over a thousand dollars stashed in a cavity in her shoe.


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