A Girl Learns About Sex

A story about growing up sensibly

Hi Dianna, my names Melanie and you can change the name as you like, I don't particularly care and since you asked for some first-time sex stories, I'll tell you about my first experiences and perhaps other kids may learn something.

I'm one of those girls who became a woman at a young age, that is I grew a woman's figure and began menstruating when I was 10 years old and all the shit that went with it. I guess because I was tallish I carried it better than some girls but for two years I kept my blouses buttoned up and wore these really horrid bras that kind of crushed my boobs not to mention my panties which were so thick under either a longish skirt or jeans that I sweltered in the summer heat.

Mum was very protective and encouraged me to hide myself away, and I kind of did fairly well at school but it seemed like everywhere I went guys were giving me those lustful looks and I soon lost count of how many times I'd had my bum pinched or my tits grabbed. There was only so much I could do to keep myself out of harms way and I understand why some girls joined the convent.

Mum tried to advise me but she wasn't particularly helpful but after I turned 11, I started hanging out more with 12 and 13-year-olds who were for the most part a lot easier to get along with because they all faced the same challenges. Some of the older girls encouraged me to be a bit more daring in the way I dressed but I protested that men and boys were too much of a problem. One of the girls began teasing me that I couldn't save myself from them forever unless I was going to become a Dyke and the idea of being sexual with another girl at that time was even more horrid than some of the boys.

Some of the older girls had their bodies a lot more on show and as our summer came on, I let myself be persuaded to show my body a little more. I still wore a one piece bathing costume though it had a fairly fashionable cut. With the unpleasant attention I'd been getting from boys and men was actually less and some of it was actually becoming rather pleasant. I had some nice and lengthy conversations with some of the senior boys mostly about stuff to do with school.

The girls I was hanging out with began talking more about sex although I think a few were just making it up but there were times when conversation got into all the graphic detail of penetration, blood and sperm, was it okay to swallow and was a really special way of actually having a blow job.

I must admit at the time I was beginning to get a kind of aroused, I enjoyed looking at pictures of half naked and sometimes naked men but I wasn't game to put any up on my bedroom wall, I ended up with a nice collection of female artists amongst which I had a topless one of Marilyn Monroe although she was hard to see amongst all the rest which included some who were more colourful and scantily clad.

I started to masturbating, thinking more about boys I liked and the blatant sexism, like how women had the vote but they were still somehow second-class citizens. Anyhow, I ended up going to this party with some of my older girlfriends. I thought my outfit was fairly daring although besides the other girls I felt more like a grandmother even though I was wearing a sleeveless top and a mini skirt.

Lorna who was hosting the party insisted I was covering myself up far too much and I really needed to let my hair down. Well, I had a couple of drinks, it was some kind of a home-made punch and I think punch was the operative word. I danced and was somewhat tipsy. She dragged me off to her room, forced me to exchange my security knickers for a G string that she took out of a packet then she prized me out of my bra and gave me a really slinky mini dress that showed off more cleavage than I thought I had.

Actually I had a tremendous time, dancing, taking care not to get really drunk but everything was easy enough that I enjoyed flirting with some of the guys. Quite a few guys patted my arse and the girls went on far too much about how good-looking I was but then came the magic hour when I had to go home. Lorna told me to bring her clothes back the next day and one of the boys, a guy by the name of Gareth drove me home. He told me I was pretty and we sat in the car making out for 10 minutes or so before I went in the house.

Mum and dad were in bed and I exchanged a few words through their bedroom door telling them that I'd had a nice time and a few minutes later I was in bed masturbating like crazy. I couldn't believe how turned on I was and when I was finally done I lay there for a while reflecting that several of my girlfriends stated that sex with a guy was many times better than masturbation, I was thinking I was ready to try.

When I woke up in the morning I couldn't help masturbating all over again and I even carried on when I had a shower. Around home I tended to wear a baggy tracksuit so that dad look didn't see me and this morning was no exception. Mum tried me to persuade me to go to church with them but I wouldn't, I called Lorna about returning her dress and she invited me for lunch, then mum and dad went to church.

I was fairly aware that some of my older girlfriends didn't bother about wearing a bra on weekends and some casual occasions so I tried on a dozen different tops and kind of dared myself to go over to Lorna's without wearing one. I figured her parents would probably be home and maybe her brothers but I'd not likely be spending much time with them.

I was just about to leave when Lorna called and told me I should wear the knickers she had given me. I complained that was way too daring for me during the day but I'd washed them when I'd had a shower and they were already dry so I allowed myself to be persuaded and felt quite odd just having this string running up through my crack but it was novel in a nice kind of way feeling the breeze under my skirt.

Lorna met me at the door still wearing her nightie that was so transparent it showed she wasn't wearing a stitch underneath. We passed her father in the hall on the way to her room and I paused to reply to his hello. He was dressed to play golf and told me that I was growing up nicely as he glanced up and down my body. Lorna told him to control his eyes with her girlfriend and he insisted that all girls had to be appreciated and then we were in her room.

We talked all about the party, who got off with who, who said what, some critique of what some people were wearing and a few other jokes about what went on. I was lying beside her on the bed and then she started talk about this guy called Steve who I'd met briefly and she said how much she fancied him. At that point she started rubbing her pussy and I kinda watched fascinated because I'd ever seen another girl doing that. She must've noticed my amazement and asked if I did that?

I replied "often and I hope I don't do myself any harm." She laughed, rolled over and pulled out this dildo, the vibrating kind. Lying on the bed as I was, my skirt had slid up and I got the shock of my life when she put that vibrating thing against my pussy. I squealed in shock, pushed it away and then pulled it back, wriggled and squealed with laughter. Next thing she pulled my panties aside not that there was very much to pull aside and slid that thing up and down between my labia. Oh my God, that was so fucking amazing I almost wet myself.

She put my hand on and told me to take control then she pulled out another one and began using it on herself. She told me to just follow the niceness and do what I liked, what felt good but it was kind of copying her until she turned it and pushed it up inside her self. Like it must've been 8 inches long and almost completely disappeared. I was almost too preoccupied to notice too much and then I made myself come which was a totally different experience to using my fingers.

We were both rolling around and squealing with laughter and kind of making so much noise that her brother Trevor pounded on the wall and told us to be quiet. We didn't take too much notice then Lorna kissed me, that was weird and by then I'd taken off my skirt and those knickers. Lorna realised my reluctance to make out with her and she yelled out that a man was required. I knew her parents were out and I'd met Trevor few times but didn't really know him though I didn't consider him a man in the sense that he'd be interested in me.

Then Lorna gave me a little vibrator thingy to try that attached over my fingers. That gave some amazing genital stimulation and I made myself come again and then we were squealing and laughing and I couldn't believe I'd made myself come so many times in front of another person even though we were friends.

By then it was just after midday, Lorna said she needed a drink and perhaps we could fix ourselves a snack. She bounded naked out the door and she must've sensed that I was trying to organise myself to get dressed so she come back in and dragged me to the kitchen as we were, she was naked and I was still wearing my blouse but nothing else.

I must admit that I felt pretty brave and daring but also kinda wonderful. There was some punch left over from last night and she filled two large glasses that we sipped from as we sliced cheese and tomato onto cracker biscuits adding a sprinkle of bean sprouts over top. I sat at the breakfast bar and she put some music on then went off to the bathroom. The punch was really nice and I was on my way to getting lightly drunk. Waiting for Lorna I'd drunk perhaps half the glass and eaten a few of the snacks we'd made as I flicked through a Rolling Stone magazine resisting the urge to keep pleasuring myself.

Lorna returned, we finished eating and I was kind of sitting with my arse hanging over the back of the stool and leaning on the counter, a very unladylike position that I will for the moment put down to the consumption of alcohol. I didn't hear him coming, what I felt was something hard and warm pushing between my butt cheeks. Before I had time to react, a pair of hands reached up under my top and grabbed my tits closely followed by a whiskery kiss on the side of the neck.

I flinched and squeaked, I think I might've said help but Lorna laughed and almost ignoring me told Trevor that she expected him to have slept through the afternoon. He replied that he had heard the call that a man was wanted and he was volunteering. Then Lorna saide "there you go Mel, Trevor's got something that'll scratch that itch between your legs."

I tried to protest and wriggle away from him but he was too strong. As he held me, he took my glass and drained it before burping loudly and said something to the effect that it tasted as good as I did and then he was kissing and nibbling the side of my neck again which I must admit felt fucking wonderful. I think I squeaked a question to Lorna about what I should do and I think she said something like I should bend over and take it like a woman.

I don't know what came over me, I felt totally powerless, his hard cock was pressing against my back and his hands still playing with my boobs, he was using his teeth on the side of my neck kind of nibbling and it felt so fucking nice. Lorna said she had a call to make and all of a sudden I was alone with him then he had my blouse off, he turned me to face him and put my hands to his cock. I was kind of gobsmacked but he pulled me to my feet and somehow I followed him to the couch where he pushed me down, spread my legs and started sucking my pussy. I ran my fingers through his hair and I knew then that I wanted much more, I was ready. I pulled him up over me or at least I think I did, we kissed and after a brief reposition that cock began pushing up inside me.

Honestly I don't know what happened next but Lorna told me later that she had finished her phone call then sat and watched. She said that I'd behaved like a bitch on heat, an insatiable women and afterwards I felt helpless, totally legless yet so amazingly wonderful. Trevor unfortunately had to go out and it must've taken me half an hour to get myself together although Lorna didn't seem to care. She was still naked and never stopped talking. At times she suggested that Trevor and I would make a nice couple although I thought he was a bit crude and scruffy.

I was so out of it that Lorna made me take a shower and I was surprised there was no blood but I certainly felt better. A couple of hours later I arrived home wearing my own clothes and my underwear was rolled up in my purse, I couldn't stand the feeling of having anything over my pussy. That evening mum told me I was dressed very provocatively so I told her that I'd been hanging out with a group of modern girls and I was very comfortable then I launched into a complaint about how uncomfortable bras were. Mum was sympathetic on that point and often complained about the underwire digging holes in her skin, they never seemed to last very long and some of them were bloody expensive.

Dad commented that he was pleased to see me dressed normally and gave me a little hug then added that I looked lovely. That week I went to school without underwear and I was surprised that no one seemed to notice. I even wore my skirts a couple of inches shorter and to complete the picture a bit more, I'll tell you about the following days.

Friday was a scheduled day off school and during the week I'd had a few long telephone conversations with Lorna and some other girlfriends about dressing, attracting boys and getting fucked. So come Thursday after school I went home with this guy Henry I quite liked and he was a year older than me although something of a nerd but he had a motorscooter. I enjoyed having my arms around him and my body pressed against his on the 15 minute ride and his parents weren't expected home for a couple of hours. We'd come to review some schoolwork but even before we got inside the house, he put his hand up my skirt and told me I was one hot chick.

I brushed his hand away of course and told him to behave not that I expected him to and in fact I hoped he wouldn't. As we went into the kitchen he asked if I'd like a drink so I asked what he was having and he offered fruit juice or something from the rather well-stocked liqueur cabinet then persuaded me to try what looked like a soft drink but apparently it contained a good shot of vodka. We took our drinks to his room where I put aside my jacket having undone a couple of buttons on my blouse as I followed him up the stairs.

I sat on the end of his bed as he was opening his laptop but as he was what looking at me, I leaned forwards and removed my shoes which I figured would have given him a nice view of my boobs. Back then I was a comfortable C cup and now I'm kind of double D. The view seemed to make him a little more nervous and he turned his attention back to his computer screen and logged in.

I walked up behind him and kind of instinctively started rubbing his shoulders and telling him to take it easy but then he opened his project which was a little above my head but I think I got the gist of it. He was doing a thesis on that guy Alexander the Greek who plundered his way across the Middle East killing people and destroying cities for his own pleasure. I suggested that he was something of barstard to be looked down on, not up to as the school authorities wanted so I suggested he tried to play up the fact that the guy was gay. When the opportunity came I leaned against him to point out some bad grammar on the screen and my boobs kind of pressed against the back of his head. But he seemed to be even more nervous .

I didn't have any real idea of what to do and after 10 minutes looking through his project I was still standing behind him, gently rubbing over the back of his head neck and shoulders and making a few supportive and appreciative comments before he finally acknowledged that what I was doing with my hands felt pretty good. I told him he needed to relax more, he replied that he was under a lot of pressure so I said that he needed to take time out to relax and to come on the bed and I'd massage him some more.

He was hesitant to turn away but he turned on his seat and I kind of stood there cuddling him against me and floundering to make more conversation. He had his arms around my hips so I suggested again that we might be more comfortable on the bed and at the same time I found the clasp that held by skirt in place and released it. Perhaps he felt it go little slack but he started squeezing my butt, I said that felt nice then he pushed back slightly, looked up at me and said that I was very nice then asked why I was nice?

I told him that I'd always seen him as a nice person although since he was older by two years I said that he should be taking me in hand. He leaned away from me a little and when he took his hands off my arse, my skirt dropped to the floor. It was quite funny, he was apologetic and thought that was his fault. I tried to be reassuring as I told him it was natural to be naked then I managed to lead him to the bed where I slowly undressed him.

He was so shy and like I saw myself in him a week ago and next thing I was giving him a blow job but 30 seconds into it, he came in my mouth. I remembered everything my girlfriends had said so I just swallowed and carried on as if nothing had happened. In terms of size he was about the same as Trevor but my girlfriends had told me a couple of inches bigger was so much nicer. I could hardly wait to find out. But for now I had this very shy boy on my hands.

I use my hand to play with his cock and balls as I kissed him and he responded nicely and he quickly got hard again. I figured that since I was initiating this I should try being on top so I knelt over him and took it up inside me. I must say it was ever so lovely but 40 minutes later my legs needed a rest and by then he had his own ideas. He asked me to get on my hands and knees and he fucked me from behind and filled my body with a whole new world of sensation.

We were interrupted by a noise from downstairs and he panicked. He came at the same time and squirted all over me. I had to dress quickly but luckily with only two garments to put on, that happened in good time that I also had my shoes on before his mother came in to find us sitting at the computer talking about his project.

I called home to say where I was and there was no reply so I figured that mum would be collecting dad from work because she had the car today. I caught them just in time and they said that they were eating out and going to a movie. I congratulated them on the romantic idea and set out walking home. Henry offered me a ride but I think his mother was pleased that I refused the offer but I left by schoolbooks with him and said that I'd pick them up on the weekend.

I don't think the late afternoon was particularly that warm, but I couldn't believe how hot I felt. I folded my waist band several turns which made my skirt really short and left a few buttons on my blouse undone like I'd seen some of the models in the magazines and on TV. I liked the way my boobs jiggled although I hadn't gone far when a couple of boys gave me a bit of cheek, they called me titsy but I just laughed and walked on. A few blokes going home from work paused to stare and almost impulsively I improved my posture and enjoyed jigging for their pleasure.

Going home meant walking through the local shopping area and as I approached, a few guys whistled and cat called. I went into the corner shop and bought a bottle of Fanta then sat outside on the old theatre steps to drink it. The theatre closed long ago but occasionally it was opened for special events and sitting like that I had to push my skirt down between my legs so as not to give the passers-by to much of a view.

I was still sitting there when this guy Bernie came along, he'd imported one of those American cars, I think they called it the General Lee with a racing stripe down the middle and maybe it was a Dodge or something that was always broken but when he slowed his pace and asked how I was a replied that I was great and I bet he couldn't remember my name.

Everyone kind of knew everyone around the neighbourhood but I guess in the last few years I'd grown way beyond the child that he was more familiar with. I finally told him who I was and he acted as if he was totally surprised then went on about how grown-up I looked before he asked what I was doing. I said that I was walking home from a friends and stopped for a drink then he asked if I wanted a real drink implying alcohol?

I said maybe and asked where he'd take me. He nodded toward the neighbourhood brothel that also served as a bar selling cheap drinks but I said that they might not let me in there because I was still under age. He said that I looked as if I was at least 21 and shouldn't have a problem so I allowed myself to be persuaded. We went in and I walked to the nearest table, he asked me what I wanted to drink so I said that I was open to surprises.

While he was at the bar I overheard the women serving ask him if I was going to apply for a job. He said that he was just buying a girlfriend a drink and perhaps they'd see later on. Meanwhile a guy whose name I didn't know but I knew him as a bus driver said hello and that I was beautiful. He was quite a few stone overweight and he asked me if I was friends if I was working there. I gave him an emphatic no much to the relief of one of the girls working the floor trying to entice the guys to have sex with her.

My date was still talking to the bar owner and one of the bus drivers friends who I didn't know picked up on what had been said and he walked over to me, put his hand inside my blouse and grabbed my tit as if it was a piece of public property. He reckoned I had the most perfectly formed tits he had ever touched. I laughed and extracted myself at which point my date returned. He'd seen what went on and told the guy that I was his guest which apparently didn't count for a hell of a lot.

The drink was fruity and bloody strong and then there was kind of a crowd gathered around. The guys were talking about their work, how sweet some of the girls were that worked there and how they wished they had some spare cash. One of the girls who might as well of been naked considering what she was wearing chided them that they needed to work harder because they needed money to eat and they would open their legs most willingly. There were a few other jokes about some of the guys performances and the girls they liked.

I was sitting opposite my date and I was kind of crowded by three guys who had their hands up under my skirt. It was kinda weird but also rather nice having hands playing over my bum and sometimes up on the insides of my legs although they couldn't get all the way up. But I had that sense of urgency rising from between my legs. I knew that if I stayed I could well make a spectacle of myself so I told my date that I really had to go. I'd finished my drink and he tried to persuade me to have another but I was adamant and I guess he realised that. When I slid down off the stool, a few fingers found their intended destination but I didn't care and walked perhaps a little unsteadily toward the door.

Bernie caught up and put his arm around me as we stepped out onto the street. It was beginning to get dark and he offered to walk me home. I said that would be nice and asked where he lived? His flat was half a block away and I think I probably sounded much too eager when I said "that it be nice" to his invitation to check out were a poor guy like him lived.

We had plenty to talk about since we knew many of the same people and local politics. A few minutes later I was up on his flat. He kissed me, undressed me and fucked me. He didn't ask, he just took me and I think if he had asked I would've almost screamed yes. We did missionary style, doggie style and then he got me to try and put my legs up behind my shoulders. There was no way that was going to happen, but it sure made for an interesting fuck because a change the angle of penetration and consequently all the places he touched up inside me.

When we were done, we bought fish and chips and he walked me home but I didn't invite him in although I did give him my number. When I went in, I had a few messages and one was from Trevor. I felt really excited as I called and he kind of laconically asked what I was doing. I said nothing much then suggested that more of what we did the other day could be nice.

He didn't take any persuading, he turned up 15 minutes later by which time I'd had a shower but I think I was still a bit drunk from that strong drink. I opened the door wearing nothing but a smile and said that I'd seen it in the movies and always wanted to try it. He told me I should do it more often and with the door closed we left a trail of his clothes to the living room where he leaned me over the couch and pleasured me. I was still sensible enough to be aware of the fact that my parents would be home fairly soon so I insisted that we curtail our activities.

He didn't really want to be here when my parents arrived but he said there was a party nearby and I should come over. I said I'd think about it, apparently Lorna was going to be there and probably a few other girlfriends. When mum and dad came home I told them I was going partying and where. They didn't mind since I had no school tomorrow so they went to bed and I took my time getting changed.

My wardrobe for partying was somewhat meagre, I couldn't believe how stuffy my clothes were. I finally decided on a kind of slip dress that really should have been worn underneath another lightweight dress but it was kind of silky and slinky but it was far too long so I took out the scissors and turned it into a mini dress. I did my hair and made my face up as best I could and hoped that I didn't look too much like a tart then I walked around the block. Even though it was getting late, I got a few catcalls and an invitation for sex.

I had to bang on the door a few times before someone answered and when I was asked who I was, I said that Trevor had invited me. It took a moment for the penny to drop as to who Trevor was and I was invited in. I was almost immediately surrounded by several older guys doing their best to be charming and not to stare at my tits. I must add that the dress wrapped around me rather snugly and my nipples poked through. I sometimes wondered about my nipples, they were always a little hard and pointy.

I got waylaid by these guys for a good 10 minutes and then established that Trevor wasn't there although he had been in earlier and apparently Lorna was about the place somewhere. I made my way through the kitchen and with a drink in hand found my way through to the lounge where several couples were dancing but there was heaps more guys than girls.

The scene felt rather weird but I thought I'd give it a go, the conversation was pleasant enough although I was getting way more compliments than what I was used to. A few guys had squeezed my bum then I was asked to dance. The music was kind of jazz blues, couples were kind of hanging together and shuffling mind you there wasn't much room for proper dancing.

I forget the guys name now, I got someone to put my drink on the mantel and his hands were are bit clammy as they held my hips. We kind of danced with a leg in between each other's so that I quite often felt his erection. We chatted and moved together somewhat gracefully for maybe five minutes before someone cut in. He was much older, old enough to be my father but he had that same parental sweetness. I think he might have been a good dancer because in that crowded space he managed to twirl me around which I liked although when he tried to drop me back, he pulled me up and my dress slid up around my waist. Before I had time to pull it down again, he and a couple of guys molested me a little.

I thought I should have been furious, that I wasn't and when he suggested going somewhere a bit quieter I found my drink and followed. We went upstairs and he suggestively told me that he hoped I didn't mind being a little naughty. I must've been a bit slow, we were in a bedroom with him getting undressed before I realised that he intended to have sex with me.

I watched almost in disbelief but then I figured what the hell? I took my dress off and he wanted me on my hands and knees. I had some idea that it was supposed to be terrible but I enjoyed it although his cock was a little on the small side. Then he was telling me how beautiful I was and how he wanted to show me off. I realised he wanted me to go back downstairs completely naked but I wasn't having that. But I allowed him to call a few friends then posed and flirted with them for a bit and before he left me with another guy after giving me 100 quid. I didn't say no, I'd already planned on how I was going to spend it.

The second guy was much livelier and had a stunningly large cock, at least that's what I thought that once it was inside me, I thought all my Christmases had come at once. He was a damn good stayer and we must've gone at it for almost 2 hours. Afterwards he gave me a ride home and 150 quid.

I went inside quietly, washed and awoke mid morning. Dad was at work as usual and mum was getting ready to go out shopping. I went downstairs having pulled on a flannelette nightie because if I'd walked down naked, mum would have had a fit. She hadn't seen me naked for probably five years or more. Mum went out, I had a shower and then called Lorna who wasn't home but Trevor was. I chatted to him about the party and he said that he hadn't been feeling too hot and had gone home early but hoped that I'd enjoyed myself.

But he was also suggesting he could call by so I figured that if he did, he could give me a ride into the city but as it turned out he was travelling on Shanks's pony. I was sitting up in my room when he arrived. When I heard the doorbell, I looked out and there was no car so I pulled on dressing down and went down. He'd run from his place which wasn't all that far and I was somewhat amused by his runners outfit. Even before I closed the door he was undressing me and even though I played hard to get, it wasn't long before he was fucking me.

It was over a little too soon from my perspective but he apologised that he had something else to do and I suspected that perhaps he had another girlfriend. Soon afterwards I took a bus into the city and I went 1st to the free hospital where I got some condoms, the morning after pill and a regular contraceptive pill plus an STD test. To my surprise the doctor didn't say anything about my lack of underwear although she asked if I was charging money for sex.

So far I'd not used condoms and most of those guys came up inside me which I absolutely loved. But I knew I shouldn't get pregnant and there was no way I was going to raise a child. I knew I had to be responsible and take care of myself in all these matters. With all my stuff from the hospital I had to go and buy a new carry bag and then bought some sexy new skirts and dresses. I was almost upset that I couldn't afford some shoes but I figured they could wait then a got a pair on an op shop.

I walked out into the high street wearing a new mini skirt and top that I'd just purchased and I thought I looked fabulous. I was playfully wiggling my arse as I walked down the street and my boobs were doing their own dance when a fairly well healed guy came up, said hello beautiful and offered to buy me a drink. I figured why not and perhaps he had a car and could drive me home.

He introduced himself as Clive and he was wearing a rather dapper pinstripe suit. I can't believe how naive I was back when but somehow fortune was smiling or perhaps I had some Guardian Angel. We went to his room in a nearby hotel and of course I got fucked. I was kneeling on the bed and he was going at it from behind, I think guys like that because they can be standing and pull my hips back to meet their thrusts. His cock was perhaps a little below average size and he was banging away then without any warning he pulled out and pushed up my arse. I screamed more in surprise than pain, he thumped me on the back which at least brought me back to my sensibility and then he told me how most girls he knew really enjoyed that.

His cock was still deep inside my arse and then perhaps realising that my arse was virginal he carried on more slowly for a while but then the discomfort eased and minutes later he come inside me. It felt really weird but I was kinda gracious about it. After used the bathroom, he gave me 200 quid and I took a taxi home. As I opened the front door I realised how I was dressed so I quickly snuck upstairs calling to mum on the way that I was busting to use the loo.

I checked myself in the mirror and I wasn't broken and I thought I was going to have quiet night in. We'd just finished eating when Lorna rang and invited me to hang out with her and her friends. When I quizzed her she said it would probably turn into something of a party and Friday nights were often good fun.

I knew it was time I had to speak to my parents about being a bit more grown-up so I put on the skirt and top that I was going to wear and over it I put on my coat that I was definitely not going to wear. So I went downstairs and said in a rather grave tone that I had something very important to say and turned off the TV. My folks looked a bit worried so I briefly assured them that nothing bad had happened or was about to happen. Then I said "my dear parents, you have brought me into this world and I am extremely grateful, life is so magically wonderful when we're not too worried about crime or the state of the nation. As you know I've been developing a woman's body and keeping it fairly well hidden, but I feel the time has come when I know how to be responsible and look after this body. I've decided to adopt a new fashion sense and behave as most other attractive young women so here's a preview" at which point I slipped my coat off and turned around a couple of times.

Dad looked totally gobsmacked and mum explained that I couldn't possibly go out dressed like that. I spent a few minutes trying to assure them that most modern girls dressed like this, it was the current fashion and to a certain extent I thought I had a responsibility to blend in, not to continue dressing like an old maid and it was probable that now I would be invited to go dancing so it would be entirely appropriate to change my dress sense.

Despite my parents reservations about how I was dressed they agreed that I looked lovely. I'd worried that my top was too tight and too short, it was just a boob tube and the skirt was made of the same fabric that clung perfectly to my contours. Mum was almost crying and I think it was mostly in amazement that I was turning out the way I was and looked like I did. A knock on the door signalled my ride so I kissed my folks, left my coat on the hook and went out to party.

Trevor was driving and Lorna sitting beside him in front. When I came out of the car, the guy sitting in the passenger side back got out so I had to sit between these two guys who enjoyed telling somewhat crude jokes. When we arrived I asked Lorna if she thought I was showing my body too much that she insisted I was perfect and so did the guys. Actually she looked more of a tart than me.

The week ago I couldn't have dreamed of doing this, here I was almost naked with a small purse that tied to my belt holding a few condoms and a couple of quid in small change. I took a deep breath as I followed my companions to the front door of a rather substantial house. Even as I went up the steps, I could feel my arse hanging out of the back and Trevor took the opportunity to stick his fingers up between my legs.

I told him that he needed better manners but he and one of the guys who'd been watching just laughed. This was a party similar to last night except the people's tastes were somewhat more extravagant. The lounge had a plush shag pile carpet and I just had to leave my shoes off and enjoy the sensation between my toes. It was less crowded but it was the same routine, I was given a nice drink, had some conversation and a short dance with a guy who then took me upstairs. Lorna of course was doing exactly the same as were several other girls.

We passed on the stairs at one point and she said that I was a natural at this game and if I played my cards right, I could make my fortune. The legal aspect of morality surfaced momentarily because I was way under age for this sort of work or even having sex for that matter. But there was another man, another dance that it was rather funny because it was a bit more rock 'n' roll. The spandex skirt and top revealed their problems by riding up and within a few minutes of vigourous dancing, the skirt was up around my waist and my boobs were bouncing around not that anyone particularly cared, in fact several people applauded and when the dance was over, an older guy came up and sucked my tits.

That was a fun but rather the long night, I fucked 11 different men and most of them paid around 200 quid so I was elated on my cab ride home. I'd been careful not to get too drunk and I don't think I woke my parents when I went in. I woke up around 9 a.m. on Saturday morning and did a few stretches. Last night I'd seen a girl who could cross her ankles behind her head and I figured that would be an interesting challenge. After half an hour I figured I needed to go to classes then dressed in my usual baggy outfit, I went down and had a chat to Mum and looked through the directory for some yoga classes. There was nothing in our neighbourhood but there was a class in the next so I made enquiries.

By then it was almost lunchtime and mum insisted I have something to eat. So we ate and chatted as I dreamt of getting some more outrageously daring clothes. We were cleaning up the kitchen when Lorna called and trying to sound casual as she asked what I was doing. I said I wasn't doing much so she invited me to another party and that Trevor would pick me up in a few minutes. I protested that I needed to have a shower and get ready so she said there might be another party in the evening and that she had to go.

I thought her manner was a bit rude so I went and had a shower then attended to my laundry leaving in some of my antiquated underwear hoping to deceive my mother. I figured that since I had nothing else to do, I could take a walk in the park then come home and study for a while. I walked down toward the park and was propositioned before I was halfway there. The guy was pretty scruffy and I tried to be my charming self. I didn't mind too much that he was overweight and his cock was unusually fat although fortunately not too long although I'd only been examining them for a week which prompted me to do a count up, it was close to 30 and I had over 2000 quid stashed away.

I was glad this guy had condoms and that my pussy was so wet and sloppy we didn't need any extra lube. It was all over fairly quick and he could only afford 20 quid so I got to have my walk in the park where I met up with some kids from school. They couldn't believe my appearance but told them I was just sick and tired of being a square all the time and just testing to see how people responded to me.

I left them at the park and jogged home and was as amused as passers-by at the way my boobs bounced. After a quick shower I spent some time contemplating my wardrobe and looking through my schoolwork before Mum called that dinner was ready. Dad's brother and his wife were coming over after dinner for a chat and probably a game of cards so I helped mum clean up the house in readiness and decided to go for a walk.

I only going to the local shops but on the way I decided to knock on Bernie's door. He was surprised and highly delighted to see me. He told me I looked gorgeous and then we had sex. It was nice and easy and he was fun in a simple kind of way. We were cuddling and talking afterwards with his phone rang and he apologised that he had to go out. The evening was still young so I strolled up to the corner shop and bought myself a drink. As I'd done a week before I sat on the theatre steps sipping my drink but it wasn't long before a few of the local boys tried to chat me up.

I knew them more by reputation than in person because they'd dropped out of school or seldom attended. We quickly established that we were all part of the neighbourhood and they began suggesting that I might like to be fucked. I didn't exactly say no and I was trying not to encourage them in part because I knew they were skint or at best probably didn't have enough money to be useful. They wanted me to go with them but I said no and held my ground then the fat bus driver came over and kind of joined the conversation. Buy then the boys figured as they were getting nowhere and would be better off someplace else.

The bus driver had a flat up above the shops nearby and a few minutes later I was up in his bed. It was all over in half an hour, I pocketed the small amount of money he had given me and said goodbye. Then the guy in the pinstripe suit happened to drive by and I got the feeling that he must've been driving around the area for some time but he recognised me and called me over.

Maybe I was foolish or gullible, but he said that he'd been driving through and had a fond memory of me but couldn't remember the house he had dropped me off at. We chatted for half a minute and he invited me to a party. I said I wasn't really dressed for it but he insisted I looked perfect and if I needed something else, I could change into clothes available at the venue.

I got into his car and said that maybe he could drop me home the first to tell me a little more about the party. He said that it was a business men's meeting that was winding up and there was lots of free booze and if I wanted to make a few pounds on the side, that would be fine. Actually I was wearing a denim miniskirt and a boob tube, I was really enjoying my boobs not to mention the rest of my body which was coming so much alive and giving joy to most people who looked at me.

He drove me home but then I decided I'd go if he didn't mind waiting a few minutes for me to get changed. I went quietly into the house and without turning on any lights changed my outfit. He said it was a party so I squeezed half a dozen condoms into my purse that I attached to the top of my skirt and I was back in his car within five minutes wishing I had some better shoes.

The venue was the same hotel he'd taken me to but we went to a suite on a different floor. There was a room full of guys playing cards that we walked into. There was a pause in the conversations as all eyes turned to me and he announced that my name was Rhonda. That was probably a good thing, a big guy playing cards at one of the tables called out "hey beautiful, come and say hello."

I looked at my driver and he nodded so I went and stood beside this guy who's hand straight away went up between my legs and next thing he was rubbing my clit. He told me to keep a straight face and I couldn't believe it but he made me come in the space of a minute. I'd never have believed that anyone could do that and here I was standing there trembling and not quite sure what to do with myself.

Another big guy came up the other side of me, introduced himself and said that I looked fantastic. He looked at the guy who'd just made me come and asked if he could borrow me. I didn't hear anything said but apparently he got the okay so I went with him to another room and got very soundly fucked. I couldn't believe it, I almost had to pinch myself and soon afterwards after having a quick wash and tucking away my money, he led me out to another room and introduced me to a few guys who were very taken with my figure and they decided that they had to see me naked.

The guy who'd just fucked me assured me that my things would be looked after and I should just have fun. There was some porn playing on the TV and here I was, completely naked in a room with a dozen guys. A guy sitting on a seat reached up and grabbed my hand asking me to sit on his lap and say hello. What else could I do? I did as he asked and I kind of took an idea from the movies and try to make the process a little seductive. I sat on his knee and he started sucking my nearer tit then another guy came over and started playing with the other one. It was so funny I just laughed and when they asked why I was laughing I told them they were sweet and funny. The guy whose knee I was sitting on moved my hand into his pants and I kind of knew exactly what to do.

He was soon pretty hard but then he got me to sit down and take it up inside me and I must admit that was the longest I'd seen, perhaps a good 9 inches and initially he wanted to put it up my arse but I kind of insisted it went in my pussy. I had my legs either side of his and as he opened his legs out, mine were pushed out wider then another guy knelt in front of me and started sucking my clit. I had a rather amazing orgasm and there was no way I could keep quiet. The guys applauded and a few of them started undressing.

Over the next four hours or so I think they all fucked me, some of them several times over and at the end when they decided to call a night I think all the guys from the next room came on as well and jacked off all over me. I was kneeling on the floor with come running all over me and for some reason I just couldn't seem to stand up. Someone commented that I might be broken so two of the guys who were still naked helped me to my feet and walked me into the bathroom.

That was actually a rather nice finish to the night, we squeezed into the shower cubicle together and I washed them and they washed me. Someone had bought my clothes in along with a small bag of money. My driver took me home when I got out of the car I felt perfectly fine although once in the bathroom I carefully examined myself and was surprised that I wasn't broken or bleeding.

I don't really know how many guys had a turn with me, but there was two and a half thousand quid in the envelope, I'd never seen so much money in all my life. I slept almost until noon on Sunday and mum was quietly curious about where I'd been. I said that I'd been to a party with senior kids from school who she hadn't met.

After helping mum tidy up I sat in my room thinking about my sudden life changes. Here I was not yet 12 years old partying and fucking lots of guys for money. It seemed so strange there were even laws against this yet everyone broke the law and those who didn't were seen as strange and not to be trusted. I recollected with some amusement an article I'd read about some Italian Prime Minister or something having sex with a 15-year-old girl yet her picture was that of a 30-year-old.

I looked at myself in the mirror, I could make myself look like I was perhaps 15 but probably I looked more like I was 20 and by changing my hair and clothes I guess I could look quite a bit older although I figured I wouldn't be able to get into the clubs because they generally asked for ID unless of course I got a fake one.

My musing was interrupted by a call from downstairs, dad's brother and his wife had popped in because they wanted to see the transformed me. Dad was out so I put on a more modest of the dresses I'd bought and went down. They were somewhat awestruck although a couple of weeks later my uncle was pestering me for sex.

A footnote to this story:
I dressed more or less normally as I had been for school on Monday although I completely stopped wearing underwear. I confined my out-of-school activities to Friday and Saturday nights and occasionally Wednesdays, but I was more focused on continuing my straight A's at school. I'm now at university but what to do with all my money continues to be a problem, I've got a suitcase full of the bloody stuff in dads garage and I keep my fingers crossed that no one will find it or run off with it. The man in the pinstriped suit whose name is Clive organises these gang bangs every few weeks and sometimes I get fucked by upwards of 50 men over about a six hour period and I do my best to interact in a nice way so we have a kind of jovial relationship.

Other times I see some of the neighbourhood locals who pay what they can and I'm much more particular and meticulous with personal hygiene. I got the clap once and after that I was more strict about making sure they covered their stumps although I've done a few gang bangs with all the guys certified as having a clean bill of health and I much prefer sex without condoms and feeling them squirt up inside me. My arse has become just as accommodating as my pussy but I hate that I have to wear knickers for a day or two afterwards and three nights a week after school I went to yoga classes. That was more exhausting than being gang banged for a few weeks but then I got into it and it took me about three years before I could cross my ankles behind my head and I gotta tell you girls, that makes for the most mind blowing sex.  Adios lovers


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