A History of Pedophilia

An ongoing social fetish

In the 1800s he age of consent in most countries was 12 but in the USA it was only 10 in most states, 12 in others but in Delaware it was age 7 years!

According to the dictionary Pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent desires or experiences sexual attraction to prepubescent children or children under legal age in their countries. The desire is classified as a mental disorder and it's a criminal offence when acted upon.

In contrast Pederasty or paederasty is a homosexual relationship between an adult male and a pubescent or adolescent male. The status of pederasty has changed over the course of history from being an ideal in ancient Greece and Rome, but it's currently a crime indistinct from pedophilia.

The thing is, throughout history people have been uncertain, to a certain degree lost and fearful of death. It is perfectly normal to see children as a continuation and that marvellous enthusiasm and zest for life that children have. So many grown-ups may think they are knowledgeable, fair-minded and even wise but in the process of their lives, love picked up or developed varying levels of psychosis.

With the ancient Greeks who lived in a society where men could freely have sex with children although they seemed to have had a preference for boys, there must have been some hierarchical game going on and it was a way of establishing the pecking order or winning favour.

"Currently, pedophilia is understood as a divergence of personality, caused by psychological damage in early childhood. This concept was rarely used in English before the 1950s. Despite the lack of statistics, other sources indicate that sexual relations between adults and children have always existed. Attitudes toward this have changed over the course of history, and these relations have been condemned since late antiquity. Despite this we can find examples of prominent figures, including Saint Augustine (354–430), Muhammad (570–632), and Gandhi (1869–1948), who publicly enjoyed the company of young children and may have had sexual relations with them." ~ ECC

An older man with social influence would certainly attract young men and boys who in their enthusiasm to advance socially and politically with that their bodies be used and even instigate sexual liaison's although it must've been somewhat uncomfortable then that would have been a rite of passage.

Sex crimes in high places

When we look at the Islamic culture, there are stories to fill volumes of books about the men actually marrying girls as young sex and recently there have been stories of such young girls being forced to consummate such marriages although it is generally thought that moderate Muslims won't force themselves on girls they marry until the age of nine after her first period arrives.

In some cultures girls were traditionally married off very soon after they began menstruating and these were times when living beyond 20 years of age was old. But here we are not talking about reproduction, web-based talking about the misplaced desire of adults who should know better.

If we could see far enough back in history, we probably see that the abuse of children and particularly girls began with the invention of the patriarchy, the rule over life by men and the displacement and dispossession of woman in society which is a mainstay of Islamic society.

Around the world the age of consent varies with a global average of 16 years but is some Islamic countries, there is no enforced law. Among atheists, it seems that this disease we call paedophilia arises from a combination of individual psychosis that is generally controllable. But fuelled by alcohol, drugs and the overbearing sexism prevalent in today's society, reality gets blurred and is mostly men that act on these desires although we should remember that many women are complicit simply by remaining silent or actually helping the guy to acquire and groom children for his pleasure.

We don't know how many children are physically damaged and killed although it's thought that Daesh, that Islamic army in the Middle East have participated in the rape and killing of many thousands of children, most of the damage is psychological.

The picture we have from Greek society is that the adult child sexual relationships were more often consensual and normalised within society. In other words the kids would have been willing and if it hurt to much that find a shoulder to cry on and then that star getting used to it.

In today's world where anything is sexualised you children told that sex is wrong while many adults were out having sex with almost everyone they can, the kids suffer a great deal of mental and emotional confusion. They are kids and supposed to be learning right from wrong, but here they are with adults doing things that are supposed to be wrong so becomes a secret game and because as secret, the kids don't have any shoulders to cry on or if they do and blows up into a drama involving police, court rooms, counselling and shame.

Of course paedophilia has long been institutionalised not because there's been some organisation set up to administer it, rather individuals suffering from this fetish behaviour seem to naturally coalesce into groups. It happened in the Catholic Church, as soon as it was decreed that priests shouldn't marry and live a family life, all those men started to either engage in homosexuality with each other or with primarily the children associated with their church.

Then there was a story of Martin Luther attending the Pope's birthday in Rome and the highlight of the celebration was a load of young boys coming into entertain and satisfy the sexual needs of all the bishops. So if there is one institution, it's been the Catholic Church. But even the government and local communities have been complicit. Look at the mass graves of children's bodies that have been found over the past 30 years so in the UK, Ireland and the atrocious treatment of children that's still going on today in US, Australian and other countries state institutions, and the infamous Mother Theresa's homes.

Unfortunately for us, we live in a world where we have decided what is real and what is not. We have decided that the ideal human condition is monogamy and while it works for some people, there are varying statistics from surveys to the divorce courts the show this only works for some people and biologically we are asexual. In some of the many surveys you can find online more than 50% of men and woman admit to being sexually unfaithful. Incest is also very common and actually legal within some sects of Islam although perhaps this is because the been doing for so long, this fetish is a consequence of generations of inbreeding making them increasingly stupid.

You might hate me for saying this, but some children are actually complicit. They live in a sexualised world and unless they live in a place without any modern communications and technology, there is no way of avoiding the overt sexualisation. As a consequence many children are keen to have sexual experiences and jump into it too quickly. We know that in most of the worlds major cities child prostitution is common with children as young as 10 years of age involved.

Due to the environmental toxins interfering with human biology, it's not uncommon to find girls menstruating at the age of eight or nine and young girls with women's bodies with a natural curiosity that is denied understanding due to the moral codes of their society. It should be no surprise that some of these girls actually solicit sexual attention and experimentation. It is very clear in states in the USA that preach abstinence, the teenage pregnancy rate is much higher than in states where they have good sex education.

Let's recap; from adult perspective, paedophilia is a mental illness or psychotic disease and those perpetrators who are so often to be found in highly moral societies are criminals. It is not so much they need to be sent to prison, rather they need to be supervised and put in some kind of corrective program. But collectively we all need to come together to do something about the rampant global sexuality that fuels this problem.

The real solution is for humanity to come of age because paedophilia is a very bass animalistic behaviour. To wake up to one's own humanity requires meditation or some form of yoga that takes an individual inside of themselves with a confined and internal peace because it is only when internal peace is found that a person can be truly humble and celebrate life without taking advantage.

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