A New Paradigm in Law

An ancient rational to be revived

From part one

In part one I have given an overview of how the law has been corrupted to serve the rich and powerful at the expense of not only the people but of continued human existence and life on earth therefore a new paradigm in law is way overdue. I don't expect these ideas will be a more successful than attempts to save the Amazon rainforest or the Great Barrier Reef yet these ideas must be expressed and perhaps at some point before we go extinct some of the rich and powerful may find their social consciences awakening to the reality that is looking them in the face.

The ultimate prize in the game of capitalism is to have some possession over the planet and the people and force everyone to live according to the beliefs of the winner. It's a bit like expecting old ones Christmas or birthday wishes to come true and be delivered on a plate. Of course this is the ultimate fantasy and in general terms the richer and more powerful someone becomes the more fear, anxiety and suffering they experience because now they have to make the world work their way.

The foundation stone for this proposal is that while we have some ideas as to who we are as a species, we don't fully understand and we do not know our place in the universe. Yet we have made some progress in terms of achieving self-knowledge through the scientific arts of yoga and meditation originating within greater India. It is also from this region we get all our scientific knowledge on which all modern technology is based, mathematics and language.

As India is clearly the mother of civilisation, as India is clearly the source of all modern knowledge and the first laws were encoded in India then we should look back to India for advice on how to move forwards. I should also point out that while civilisation and the first law books emerged in India, they did not do so well in terms of environmental management. Climate change has been happening throughout the earth's history and the period of global warming we are experiencing now has as much to do with axial precession and the earth's relationship to our sun as mankind's activities which exacerbate global warming and desertification.

We cannot completely undo our past

Through corporatism we are now in a situation where around 20 or so people own about 12% of the entire planet's resources and corporatism has been with us for a long time. Sometimes it appears on the disguise of a single person being a king or a dictator or with a Board of Directors serving a group of shareholders to deliver a maximum return on investment.

In ancient times people have sacrificed their lives to protect their families and communities and died what we could consider a noble death. The modern corporation simply takes people's lives without considering the fact and of course it employs someone else to destroy someone's means of livelihood, set people against each other and provide both sides with the weapons of mass destruction.

If people were left to their own devices and we didn't have any corporatism, there would be arguments and periodic unrest but the most part people would adapt to climatic, social and political changes and get on with their lives provided they weren't being deliberately maligned or dispossessed. We would probably go back to having a matriarchal society and greater social equity with need only for simple laws to guide the less intelligent.

Therefore one of the first steps that needs to be taken is to rein in the power of corporations and introduce compassionate capitalism. Manu when writing his law book had to take into account the corporations of the time and he sets out laws for profiteering, taxation and limiting usury. The paradigm of Manu is outdated and in current law in most countries the corporation has all the rights of a citizen but is generally allowed to operate indiscriminately without paying very much in taxation. Governments get most of their income by taxing productivity and consumption. In New Zealand while the workers may pay more than 30% in tax on production, many corporations pay 1% or less and have clever schemes to avoid tax altogether.

We are also lumbered with a cast/class system. This exists in every country and today is largely based on economics that will never go away.

In consideration, we need new laws to:

  • Define nations and borders - A Planetary¬†Condominium: A Legal Framework for the Common
    Home of Humanity (GC).
  • Set taxes on consumption and not production because taxes on production are a disincentive to creativity and inventiveness.
  • Redefine land ownership and laws governing land use. Ownership implies eternal possession but our lives are very finite. It seems reasonable that lands must be set aside for environmental protection, lands set aside for agriculture and lands set aside for human habitation and intensive farming.
  • As the evolution of science and technology both external (worldly physical science) and internal (introspective meditative) is important, protections must be established that people have the freedom to explore in both directions. This would give rise to monastic communities and continued exploration of the universe with some interdisciplinary mixing.
  • Regulate our daily lives and relationships.
    Those amongst us who are more enlightened operate in accordance with ahimsa and our nonviolent. Non-possessive and otherwise content with basic human comforts. We must all have adequate water, food and shelter and the means of perpetuating these basic resources which requires access to land and the environment to be protected and in many cases today restored.
    For those less enlightened there needs to be suitable laws and deterrence against violence and coveting in all forms that leave a clearly defined doorway as in the promise of democracy that good social behaviour is rewarded.
  • Defining and establishing the principles for governance. At present the USA is the bully on the block engaged in perpetual war outside of its own borders. The U.S.-based corporate machines is supported by the US military machine, CIA and homeland security. Britain and the EU have a similar colonial domineering attitude standing directly in the path of what is really common-sense.

These corporate controlled blocks along with the support of the Christian and Islamic religions are keeping life on earth in a quasi-dark age. People are so blinded by technology they cannot see beyond their small screens and those of us who called for change although large number are of little consequence to the governing powers and words like these are lost in the flood of disinformation that is sweeping over the planet.

One may think a revolution is called for as began in France back in 1789. The people shopped off the heads of the ruling elite and then those who acted became the new ruling elite and adopted the same means to preserve their power and influence as a previous rulers. In modern France the people protest and the authorities clampdown with batons, bullets and tear gas.

The real paradigm for change in the law is to change the hearts and minds of the ruling elite, to inspire them to embrace their humanity, set aside their tyranny which requires them to overcome their fears and that is one of the most difficult challenges for any person.

In summary

This characteristically the sense of justice has been represented by a woman who has blindfolded holding the scales in one hand and a sword in the other. This represents the fallacy of our current legal system and our folly as a species.

What is needed is a bloodless coup d'état facilitated by a spiritual awakening. Sadhguru the renowned yogi and spiritual teacher has said on many occasions that if every American will learn to meditate, they will realise their folly, adapt to real human values and the world will copy them. Even his predecessors like Swami Vivekananda had the same idea.

As the modern world is built on the knowledge and what has become corrupted wisdom (religions), we need to look back to the source of this knowledge and begin applying the means those Asian Hindus used to make their discoveries. In the light of modern knowledge built on the old, this task is no longer as arduous that we need to take care that we preserve the trappings of modern civilisation that have cost so many millions of lives that they were not lost for nothing.

Part three, actual laws to follow


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