A Twisted Legacy

Reviling the nature of existence

In the pursuit of the hatred against the option of natural happiness, is it nihilism, masochism, self inflicted humiliation or a plastic pride that inflates the ego?

They try so hard to hide their hatred that is so inbuilt in their very mental make up. They feel its their duty to hate Hindus and everything related as their dream or idea is to enslave Hindus or finish with them or rule them and use them as slaves. That is the foundation less basis that they think is their birthright as converts that encourages such malignant mindset; unbeknown to them they are 100% Hindu not only genetically but historically, racially but socially and religiously. They can pretend to be different but all this pretension just to look different comes at a very high cost. This entire overbearing anger, hatred and extreme politics is not going to change the realities and their real psychological cause is self-loathing.

Why not.

When you lose the grand heritage of the golden civilization, the richest culture of humanity and then wear a shabby, culture less identity that has not contributed a single plus point to anyone nor helped create anything- one has to feel self loathing. They will not admit nor understand this bizarre status they find themselves in where they are not even allowed to go back to their roots. Their condition is nothing but a mental make up that is not based on any reality nor truth. It is all fabricated. It is phony at best and the hollow phoniness makes a freaky sound but its resonance is one of a broken flute.


All this could change one day when they think, inquire and resolve with a cold heart and warm soul and when they look back at what they lost and the phony fake silvery shine that they believe is an achievement is but a simple paint that one day dries and falls off. Everything in nature goes back to its roots one day. All trees go back to their seeds. All evolved species go back to their roots.

When the fear is gone the joy surfaces and seeps in the soul and that natural pleasure creates the real joy de vivre.
What is the use of living a life based on creating differences and attempting to feel different when at end we are all mere cells of a big single body. The thought of separateness leads us to disintegration which is another name of death and the finding unity is love, compassion and joining or re-aligning our spirits that lead to the path that ultimately leads to light. Henceforth we live in a dark box that is built by our own fears and an empty hope that we will find certain God in that box.
Setting free our mind is the only way to fly and to find ground where we can inquire and know our own self. Most collectives today are heavy boxes floating in waters of darkness without much hope for any liberation.

By Dr Naila Shirazi - Facebook - more posts


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