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This site will be closing in 2021 for various reasons so this guide to health, happiness and success from a holistic perspective, and what it really means to be fully human will be no more so make the most.

Just think for a moment, some people believe that we evolved as Charles Darwin suggested, some people believe that God created us and other people believe we somehow came from the stars.

Belief is not knowledge, belief is a conviction that something is true when in fact that something may not be true as beliefs are intangible and scientifically beyond any evaluation or proof of reality. When we have experiential knowledge, belief becomes redundant. Some believe suffering is normal, some believe in if or some god, but many have taken charge and resolved their suffering and you can too.

If you look at our civilisation, it seems clear that this is an experiment gone wrong because it's based on beliefs and not facts. Here we attempt to separate historic facts from fictions giving insights into the human condition and how to achieve universal and in so doing help mankind step back from the edge of extinction. Join Webenz , you're welcome to publish your opinion. The site carries some advertising but it's insufficient to cover costs, donations are welcome - offer.

Nepenthe: an ancient Greek word meaning a non physical truth or medicine for sorrow.

A blueprint for the survival of humanity
Surviving threats to human existence and happiness.

Based on the idea that since we don't know where we came from or why we are here, the reason for our being is to discover 'why' which means we need to survive long enough to find out. This means inclusion and cooperation with each other, conserving our planetary environment. 

"On the ground of equanimity, pour the water of love and sow the seed of compassion.
From these the harvest of bodhichitta will arise.
" ~ Je Tsongkhapa.

"With humans across the globe encroaching further and further upon Earth's resources, the realization that our resources are finite has dawned and we now face the urgent dilemma of knowing how to create a sustainable future for ourselves. ~ Thom Hartmann.

Many conspiracy theories are true, our elected leaders are selling us 'down the river' as in the old expression. In this short video, Abby Martin says it well, I invite you to cast aside your disbelief and take note of what's happening around you.

"The Worldwide control of humanity’s economic, social and political activities is under the helm of US corporate and military power. Underlying this process are various schemes of direct and indirect military intervention. These US sponsored strategies ultimately consist in a process of global subordination." ~ Global research.

Sadly we live in a world ruled by economic values - not human values - I think that this is at the root of all our social and economic problems. To be human, we need to live by human values and to merge into our humanity or as someone harshly commented about Prof LLoyd Geering's book, we'll simply become extinct.

Sadly we live in a world where corporations rule backed by the US military. They are destroying the environment through exploitation of the Earth's resources and wars for control of those resources while the bankers are crooks running the worlds greatest ponzi scheme, and if they fail, the people are made to pay. We the people are complicit as we've been brainwashed, coerced into accepting false beliefs as truth and made economically dependent i.e., slaves to the system.

The foundation stone for democracy and human rights embodying more ancient Hindu ideas was written and placed as a foundation stone under the city of Percepolis in 500BC (history channel), this was a seven kg block of solid gold and the first Islamic act on conquering Egypt was to create a tax system. The structure of modern government was put together by the Turks. But there's so much more in the history we learned at school is wrong and my main concern is the current world war which began with Eisenhower's speech in 1942 when he said "this is a battle for control of the world" and the USA has been at war with the world ever since.

Depression and avoidance are not a solutions

Depression is a state of unhappiness that makes us less effective and yet depression is also an act of will as well as being a reaction to insurmountable difficulties. Yet we must realise that the world is at a crisis point, population growth is out of control and species and cultures are being destroyed. Avoidance of the issues may make us complicit in our downfall and if we don't get involved, if we don't know what's goping on, we have no control over our destiny.

Based on the idea that since we don't know where we came from or why we are here, our reason for being is to discover why. This means we need to survive long enough to find out, and to survive, we must learn to cooperate instead of competing and we must care for our environment instead of exploiting it. Thom Hartmann puts forward his lasting solution to our survival. Teaching us a new way of seeing, Hartmann introduces us to lessons of our ancient ancestors - those which allowed sustainable living for many thousands of years but which we've forgotten. It is a call for consciousness combining spirituality and ecology that offers real hope for the future.

I happen to think that our future is in our hands and agree with Prof Geering, actually he's sir now. But to have any influence over our future, we need to recreate government by being involved and voting out those who do not serve the people.

Freedom is a two step solution

  1. Seek enlightenment through yoga and meditation, re-engineer your brain so works the way that you want it to in creating genuine happiness for all.
  2. Use your rational mind based on the need for humanity to endure and engage in the political processes even though these may be unfair.

New Zealand

According to our (New Zealand) bill of rights, we are a free country. Yet while I feel free enough to write this, I'm not free of all our social and legal restraints or the fact that the government spying on us. Spying has been going on for years and now the govt has bought in new rules to legitimise its actions and the GCSB).

The NZ government sucks up to the US paving the way for a slow but continuous corporate take over of the countries few remaining assets. While they continue fracking our country to pieces, restricting rights to clean water, restricting education and healthcare; well you know what's happening as well as I do.

We are not as far down the river of no return as the USA and I think if we all vote green, we can stem or slow the decay, but only if the greens can prove leadership and not succumb to cronyism and bribery. We lost our independence under Muldoon so really we are a chattel of the world bank and IMF; tools of those who rule the USA.

Posts of importance that undermine freedom on the international stage are The Origins of Al-Qaida, and 911, the Scientific Evidence and locally, The GSCB debate.

Abby Martin for international news
Books available online by NY Times bestselling, 4-time Project-Censored Award winning author Thom Hartmann.
Green party

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We have been criticised for displaying the human body, unfortunately complainants are not comfortable with their humanity and if we are doing to learn and become more responsible human beings, we must get over prudishness and what divides us.  Can you imagine a surgeon going to learn his or her skills and not seeing a real body?

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