acapulcoOn the Pacific coast, Acapulco is one of the largest and most popular tourist resorts in the Mexico. Its stunning beaches, natural surroundings and a wonderful climate, has made this one of the most popular holiday resort in Mexico and Latin America.

Acapulco is set on a large bay backed by high-rises and the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains. Made famous by the jet set in the 1950s and ’60s, it's known for its high-energy nightlife, beaches and golf. From its iconic La Quebrada cliff, performers dive 40m into a small cove every day and night.

Acapulco, is 380 kilometres (240 mi) southwest from Mexico City. It's located on a deep, semi-circular bay and it has served as a port since the early colonial period of Mexico's history

Acapulco has a reputation as a high-energy party town where one can "have dinner at midnight, dance until dawn then relax in the daytime on the beach.  The warm climate and exotic nightlife been an attraction a major tourist draw of the city since the early Hollywood days. Nowdays, it's a popular spring break destination and many cruise liners call between November and April.

"Acapulco remains gorgeous, though overdeveloped. Worse, the city’s reputation has been tarnished by years of violent battles in Mexico’s ongoing drug wars. Despite the frightening homicide statistics, the violence is largely confined to internecine gang struggles for supremacy. International tourism has plummeted, but the city remains comparatively safe to visit." ~ lonely planet



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