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Alcohol Related Harm

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The concern of authorities in most countries and what is most talked about in the media is the harm associated with illegal drugs such as cannabis, heroin and the new synthetic drugs. The authorities in most countries have accepted that tobacco is harmful to human health and they are beginning to do something about it, yet many problems remain with alcohol.

Twenty-five to forty percent of all patients in U.S. general hospital beds (not in maternity or intensive care) are being treated for complications of alcohol-related problems and the total cost of alcohol problems is $175.9 billion a year according to the Alcohol Policy MD.

A 2009 study, applying a methodology endorsed by the World Health Organization, estimated harmful alcohol use cost New Zealand $4.9 billion in 2005/06 (Berl 2009). However, previous estimates have ranged from $735 million to $16.1 billion (Law Commission 2009, p168). Ministry of Health NZ.

There is a growing general consensus that not only does alcohol consumption cause physical health problems, it also causes many psychological problems to the point of making people stupid because it incapacitates neural networks within the brain.

People take to drinking alcohol for a great many reasons, children will drink alcohol simply because its forbidden in a similar way as smoking tobacco or cannabis. Adults will consume alcohol because it's a social expectation and they feel they have to imbibe in order to fit in. Other people turn to alcohol because they cannot resolve the problems in their lives which reflects an increasing level of tragedy within civilisation.


Have a drink, it'll help loosen you morals

When a healthy and comparatively happy individual consumes a small to modest amount of alcohol, their mood is elevated and they may partake in some slightly riskier than normal behaviours. In other words, young men may find that little extra confidence to strike up a conversation with a woman and when under the influence, she is more likely to follow him into the bedroom. (This idea of sex is an illustration only and should not be considered as part of the argument or a moral opinion.)

When an unhappy person consumes alcohol, it will compound their unhappiness which is more likely to lead to antisocial behaviour, drinking excess alcohol, driving under the influence and violence.

When an unhealthy person drinks alcohol, while it may give them an initial flush of wellness, it's more likely to have a negative impact on the health problem they are suffering from. They may pretend that everything is okay but inwardly they are suffering and likely to become depressed.

There is no doubt that a great amount of the consumption of alcohol leads to personal and social harm which ultimately undermines the health of entire communities leading to a sense of separation and eventually conflict.

The social and political responses to alcohol in the past have been divisive which hasn't really helped anyone. The Americans tried Prohibition which helped to establish powerful criminal gangs. These gangs not only flourished, since the end of Prohibition they have turned to other products and services, and many say they have a powerful role in American politics.

Injustice in our communities

Alcohol to a child

While alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs in common use, it is completely legal and because it is legal, it is often the first drug of choice that people turn to for temporary relief of suffering.

The world we live in is neither fair nor just. This world and this country is ruled by the rich and powerful and the rules of the land increasingly dispossess and impoverish entire sections of society. We can blame Reaganomics and the relaxation of consumer protections, but that needs to be addressed in another forum. But one of the consequences is that wealth only ever trickles up from the poor to the wealthy and the bad behaviour of the wealthy trickles down to the poor.

When the poor people see the lies and bigotry of community and national leaders, when they see the injustice being done against the common man, they are angered and disempowered. But because they are helpless and yet ordinary considerate people, they attempt to drown their fate rather than standing up to the unfairness and the mistreatment of themselves and populations.

In case you haven't noticed, we are living in a world that is at war, entire populations are addicted to substances like alcohol and sugar, their minds are further made numb by publicly sanctioned drugs like fluoride that is a known mind altering chemical.

The contrast with other drugs

pot1aWhile alcohol continues to kill millions of people around the world and leads to the poor decision-making by elected officials that favours the rich and dispossess the already poor, drugs like cannabis remain illegal in most countries despite the fact that there have been zero deaths attributed to cannabis use.

Drugs like heroin kill people in small numbers and those who inject contribute to the spread of diseases like HIV. The more dangerous drugs like PCP not only kill the users, users quite often kill the people around them as does alcohol on many occasions.  But there have been studies done where alcoholics are given cannabis and they recovered from alcoholism and other addictions.

Solutions can only be found in education, lifestyle and management

There are two parts to education, one is in providing children and young adults with the factual information about what alcohol does to the human body and mind. The second part requires that adults behave responsibly.

Unfortunately not everyone agrees that alcohol is harmful and there are vested interests governing our education. Most adults are disconnected from their humanity by their addictions and compulsive attitudes and behaviours, so getting the truth across about the nature of alcohol is going to be no mean feat.

Any lifestyle needs to be founded on social justice so that people feel valued within their communities. They also need to have a good diet because the modern packaged diet is so full of chemicals, it undermines human health and makes people more susceptible to alcohol and drug addiction.

We are what we eat and when we eat what are often non-food chemicals, in other words oil based manufactured drugs, not only is physical health undermined but mental health is also weakened which causes suffering and diverse people to alcohol in order to dull the pain. Conversely, alcoholics and other addicts that have been moved into a healthy environment where they can eat a natural, chemical free and organic diet quickly recover from their diseases.

In terms of management which really means regulation, local authorities have very little power in this age of political correctness where almost any whim is seen as a valid right. It really comes down to communities doing their best to restrict liquor outlets, but this has been undermined by governments who have an interest in serving the liquor industry.

On the face of it, no matter what we try what to do we are screwed because when you make it illegal, people are going to get it anyhow. There is very little governmental support and it boils down to parents being able to educate their children in a world of temptation and peer pressure urging them to imbibe.

While alcohol has given many people the confidence to indulge in siliceous behaviour, it also empowers people's beliefs giving them the confidence to walk all over others in order to get what they want which in part is why the world is in this current situation.

At a political level, if we are to succeed in solving the problems caused by alcohol, we would also have to solve all the problems relating to conflict, social injustice and our corrupt monetary system. That's not going to happen because that would deny certain sectors of society their profits even though the rich are so rich they had no idea what they have and what they are doing to the world.

Cannabis and spirituality

boozeThe use of cannabis causes a surge in dopamine levels within the body. These are the 'feel good' chemicals that make us feel relaxed and more in touch with life. Alcohol has the opposite effect, but because cannabis doesn't inspire people to be antisocial in any harmful way, some people despise it because it doesn't inspire people to get off their arse and to go out and make a killing in the world.

Cannabis has been shown to reduce addiction not only to alcohol, but to other dangerous drugs and therefore to help get people away from alcohol, we should sport moves to decriminalise cannabis use at the same time as lobbying for tighter restrictions on the availability of alcohol.

In many countries, cannabis has been used as a spiritual aid. Its use is relaxing and it expands the perception of the user. Like all drugs it should not be used when one is in an unpleasant state of mind because it can sometimes exacerbate that condition although by establishing right intention, it can be used to lift people out of unpleasantness.

In the United States and some other countries, cannabis is either being legalised or decriminalised. The effects are that there has been a reduction of crime and state coffers are enjoying another source of tax revenue while industry is becoming more creative and profitable.

The criminalisation of cannabis came about through the lobbying of the emerging oil industry back in the 1930s because hemp which is a variety of cannabis was a threat to the oil industry. Anything that can be made from oil can be made from hemp or cannabis and a way back then, cannabinoids were widely used in medicine.

More enlightened people think of cannabis as a spiritual drug because it opens or expands perception of life and it is the subject spirituality that is one of the most confusing issues in the world.  Abrahamic religions speak of one God who exists everywhere and yet they kill each other over the interpretation. Spiritual people simply see the divine in every aspect of life and are seldom bothered by religions because religions seek to make a commodity of spirituality.

It's likely that more people have died in the name of religion then any other cause throughout the entirety of human history and yet religion is only an idea. What you might think of as God cannot be confined to one religion. If God permeates all existence and created all existence, then there is nowhere that God does not exist, so saying that my God is better than yours or my religion is right and yours is wrong is the utmost stupidity.

This is the same stupidity that makes people turn to alcohol for some light relief, but alcohol increases disaffection for life because it damages the neural networks inside the brain.

If we take the precept that God created the universe and before the universe there was nothing except the potential of God, God must've created the universe out of him or herself? Therefore the entire creation is divine, who are you or I to say anything is better or worse? It's like you have two hands and you judge one as being good and one as bad - totally ridiculous.

As the most physically advanced mammals on this planet, our stupidity along with our indulgence in mind altering substances like alcohol, we are verging on the destruction of all life on this planet and it seems doubtful that enough people can wake up in time to do anything about it.

The religious can sit back and cling to their faith believing it's all God's will, that's just bullshit and this time that people got over this nonsense.  Just think for a moment, God or what many refer to as the Holy Spirit permeates all existence which includes our bodies. Right now, right now as you read this, the creative process is happening inside your body as your last meal as being transformed into new cells, new body parts and energy for living.  Is this not divine creation?

We humans have a unique capacity to appreciate this divine and creative phenomena. All that is required is that we relax and turn some of our attention inside of ourselves. There is nothing specifically to do except relax and in the relaxation we can let go of our fears, we can let go of our attachments, we can let go of our distinction of right and wrong, we can let go of morality and opinions about other people.

This is a meditative process, it is a completely natural process that we can all participate in. It is only through this process of relaxation and introspection that we can release the stresses in our lives that so often make people reach for things like alcohol, and alcoholics who meditate and eat healthy food quickly recover.

Alcoholism like any other substance abuse is a spiritual emergency because substances take away the craving to know the divine and temporarily smother the pain caused by separation from life.

By NZYogi


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