And the Tragedy of Western Civilisation


Alcohol has been a part of our civilisation for a very long time and it is generally thought that the discovery of alcohol was an accident because someone noticed that when grain is left in a wet state, fermentation occurs and alcohol is produced.

If we step back into antiquity, we know that bread and beer were currencies in some civilisations, but the alcohol content of the beer in ancient times was extremely low and it was virtually impossible to get drunk.

However over the last 10,000 years, the development of agriculture and the growth of civilisation began to give people leisure time in which they were free to experiment with different aspects of life. Some would spend their time contemplating the nature of existence and maybe even experimenting with mind altering drugs.

It seems probable that alcohol was also trialled is a mind altering drug, however its use quickly proved to be unsuitable due to its mind numbing after-effects.

The consumption of alcohol impairs normal brain function in a way it can be seen as disrupting the synaptic processes and promoting delusional thinking. It is in effect a mood enhancing drug so if someone is happy, it will enhance their happiness for a short time. But if someone is sad or angry, it will also escalate those moods in addition to impairing normal body motor function.

No other drug impairs motor function as much as alcohol unless used in massive doses and few other drugs are capable of killing through overdosing other than modern man-made drugs.

10,000 years ago there was a wave of enlightenment sweeping the world. The population was growing and a serious and committed enquiry into the nature of existence had begun, and this enquiry was centred on ancient India.

The principles and philosophies that guided Indian civilisation stretched to all parts of the world including the Americas, but within Europe the population was gaining a taste for alcohol and they learned how to increase its potency. But under the influence, they rejected knowledge in favour of transient pleasure, barbarism and profits.

"Alcohol is a very necessary article... It makes life bearable to millions of people who could not endure their existence if they were quite sober. It enables Parliament to do things at eleven at night that no sane person would do at eleven in the morning." George Bernard Shaw Major Barbara (1907) act 2

In some cultures alcohol helped to dispel the sense of being cold as is still the case today in some northern regions. But the long-term consumption of alcohol results in a breakdown in sence-ability. In other words the prolonged use of alcohol decreases peoples humanity.

Outside of Europe, alcohol use was very minimal because the community elders had examined the substance and decided it was harmful. Therefore until the modern era (the past 3000 years), the majority of alcohol use was in Europe as elsewhere it was only used medicinally.

It is well-known that excess alcohol use leads to delusional behaviour and violence which we know about from our Roman and European history. But elsewhere around the world the nature of enquiry into the nature of life continued. So while the Europeans were little more than hunter gatherers or primitive farmers, the rest of the world was intensifying its agriculture, growing its populations and enquiring into the nature of this universe in which we live.

We know from the books of ancient India that what is now common knowledge of the earth, our solar system and nearby galaxies was all known about more than 3000 years ago. But Western science which has only learned these things in the past 600 years is taking credit for all these discoveries that are thousands of years old.

In today's modern society, our leadership knows that you keep a large percentage of the population under the influence of alcohol, they will be much more controllable which then allows leaderships to follow their own whims as to how they rule.

Despite the objection to natural mind altering drugs like cannabis, these natural drugs when used correctly do not harm anyone. In fact they open the doors of perception and help to create exemplary citizens whereas alcohol can turn good citizens into vicious criminals.

If we look at our world carefully, we can see that our world is actually being run by vicious criminals who are actually enslaving entire populations. We think that because we live in a democracy that we all have equal rights, but that is simply a delusion and although people may not be able to articulate this, they can sense it is happening and often would rather drown their fears and concerns in alcohol.

Therefore, I hope you can see that alcohol is a drug of death and destruction. The use of the coal results in family violence and a great many other crimes. It is also one of the drugs that does the most medical damage to the human body except for serious accidents although it is often alcohol causes serious accidents.

A tale of two civilisations

Without alcohol, the East lives for enlightenment and a rational way of living that is inclusive and actually benefits every citizen through democratic processes that actually work.

With alcohol, the Western world is wallowing in delusion and lives for temporary pleasure without any regard for life. The main thrust of western civilisation is towards destroying the very planet we live on and its political systems are corrupted by greed and narrowmindedness.

Proficists have written of aliens taking over the earth or tyrants unleashing a nuclear war. The second option is highly probable when the tyrant's minds are clouded by alcohol and they have a delusional military industrial complex to do their bidding.

Over the past 10 years are so we have seen primarily Western economists lobbying for the banishment of tobacco and cigarettes because the cost to civilisation is so great in terms of costs of health care and lives. These same economists and many humanists also see the similar problems with alcohol and yet because alcohol is become such an intrinsic part of western culture, few people would dare to speak out and even fewer call for change.

But if we really want to stop the doomsday clock from ticking, it is time we put the same amount of effort into abolishing alcohol as has gone into reducing tobacco use.

To those who claim that alcohol provides them some relaxation and peace of mind, perhaps as time they learned to stand on the head and see the world from a different perspective will learn to meditate and appreciate their internal reality instead of looking for solutions outside of their lives.

It is only by turning and looking inwards that we can appreciate our own nature and in knowing our own nature we also come to know the nature of the world around us in a much more profound and meaningful way.


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