Alien Life

A distinct possibility but are they a danger?

The TV program ancient aliens continues to feature on the History Channel. It presents ideas that alien visitors have been coming here for millennia and asks amongst other things if they represent any threat to our security and well-being?

In a recent program they discussed Majestic Twelve, a supposed organisation under the auspices of a US shadow government charged with the administration of communications with aliens and the recovery of crashed alien craft. The program also claimed that M twelve may have actually been behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy who was about to reveal details of alien contacts.

We have no way of knowing if this is true or not, although if it were true, one perhaps should not be too surprised given the aggressive stance of the US administration. However this is not really the question, the question is about the aliens who come here, their intentions and how we should respond.

We have no idea and our concepts are to a large extent shaped by the portrayals in our science fiction media. We can see various scenarios as in the Star Wars movies where some overlord seeks to amuse him or herself by having subservient populations. The model is fairly similar to that of the German SS in World War II, a dictatorial form of totalitarian control trying to control the thinking and behaviour of populations for perceived economic and political gains regardless of the human cost.

As an explorer of consciousness it has been my privilege to have some interaction with those who would be considered as alien with origins on another planet. These meetings were rather benign, at one level there was the channelled and sensible advice from beings like Ptah, and on another, a face-to-face conversation with the socially oppressed indicating little difference between their world and our world where there are workers and masters.

The great crux for all species

To be dictatorial or governed in any way with an authority backed by any kind of force represents a deluded perception and a compromised intelligence. One can refer to Adolf Hitler or Darth Vader as representing such spiritually bereft individuals seeking temporary happiness by having everyone dance to their tune. This was a matter of dance or die, human life had no value unless it was profitable to the master.

The ancient aliens program in addition to referring to M12 spoke of many clandestine meetings between off world visitors and representatives of the US military and government. The program also speaks somewhat frequently of the development of modern technologies being influenced by direct alien involvement or technologies reverse engineered from crashed or captured alien craft.

It's interesting to speculate on such things but these are just interesting ideas - distractions out of the normal. What's more important to consider that unless aliens come from a completely different universe with completely different parameters, they are bound by the same laws of nature as we are. It matters not that they breathe helium instead of oxygen, like us they are creatures of this physical universe and like us, they are made of stardust and are bound by universal physicality.

In case you have forgotten, the physicality of our food comes from the earth. In this way the earth creates our bodies and recycles them back after we die. Any species from another planet or galaxy is made exactly the same way even if they happen to metabolise differently.

We actually have enough alien life forms on earth without looking to space. Think of the mushroom, its root system may encompass several acres representing not only a distinctly large physicality but a distinctly large intelligence beyond our comprehension. We have only just learned that mushrooms and other fungi have a unique and mutually beneficial relationship to trees and other species.

If some intelligent life form arrives in some vehicle and seeks to side with the existing power structure on our planet to perhaps assess and compete, we could be in some danger that this is more an example of a diseased species moving in.

Should some intelligent life form arrive and coexist peacefully amongst us without deference to rich or poor, without taking sides and separating people from each other as oppressors do, then we may have found some real friends.

The primary motivation of all forms of life not only on earth, but across this universe is to be happy, joyful and blissful because these states of being enable the maximum self-expression in harmony with all of the life. Any attempt to assert control for short-term gain or pleasure is an illness.

The only solution to this illness is to turn inwards and began exploring ones inner space. The hidden or unseen universe is much more vast than the physical that we can perceive through our eyes, and it is knowledge of this secret universe that any may access to arrive at the technology for interplanetary travel, but until then, those who look inwards can travel in consciousness.

The ancient mystics who many thousands of years ago turned inwards. They not only found the secret to eternal happiness, they were able to map the physical universe with an accuracy that wouldn't be matched until the twentieth century.

There are of course ancient legends attributing to visitors from other planets and given the numbers of these legends, they must also support the modern legends. I say modern legends because there are only ever personal encounters and if there is physical evidence, our governments are not saying.

Humans and aliens find themselves in a similar quandary. They inhabit a physical universe and are bound by the same physical laws. If they are chasing pleasure or and having others conform to their will, they are gravely ill. Educating them as to the nature of life and Dharma will be their salvation as will discovering this yourself.

NZ Yogi


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