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Am I Sane?

How to tell when the whole world seems mad?

sanity1Before jumping in, lets consider some definitions of sanity;

  • the ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner; sound mental health
  • the quality or state of being sane; especially : soundness or health of mind.
  • the one thing everyone wants but cant get because we're all a bit mad.

These definitions of sanity tell us very little because there is no foundational element defining sanity, and because our state of mind is ambiguous or beyond definition. It is more probable that the people who rose to prominence and were able to influence others decided that they were sane and those who disagreed with them were insane.

On a personal level, it is the person who is plagued by doubts and fears who often considers themselves as being insane while a person who is established in some belief system and has confidence in life most often considers themselves as being sane and entitled to take authority over people who are less confident.

Yet if we look at the world we're living in and the level of sanity of the authoritarian class that governs life on earth, it takes a very little perception to see that life on earth is being steadily destroyed while those in power consider themselves as being sane and rational, and most of them or do anything to remain in power.

To a rationalist or a humanist who is unconcerned with worldly stuff (power and wealth), the power hungry and greedy exhibit a greater level of insanity than those who are less well-to-do who seek to harmonise with nature. Therefore those who seek to control nature are completely bonkers whereas those who understand they are a part of nature are completely sane but labelled as insane by those in power.

Unfortunately the line between sanity and insanity is not clear. From a medical perspective, those who are sane are able to adapt and fit into society as one of the team. Conversely, the insane person is someone who simply has a different point of view and suffers because of it.

Mental health in context of planet Earth

This planet we live on is our home and there ain't nowhere else we can go. Yet, the main thrust of civilisation seems hell-bent on destroying all life on earth so much so that scientists are predicting not only the extinction of all other species on this planet, but all humans as well.

The rich and the powerful survive in collusion with the passive who for economic and social reasons comply to further this process which is continuing unabated. Despite the growing numbers of people who can see the danger and are speaking up, the leadership of this civilisation believe they are completely sane because they are economically and politically successful. Yet these rich people are acquiring a wealth that they cannot take with them on their expiry date.

The State of life on this planet is a great cause of concern, however civilisation has been structured so that those who feel concerned are encouraged to consume lots of alcohol and remain focused on mindless entertainment. When that doesn't work and people feel sufficiently agitated to complain to their doctors, they are prescribed magical drugs that dealt their fears and ability to think.

The words the sanity and insanity are far too ambiguous to have much meaning and the better question to ask is am I intelligent or not?

As with sanity, there are many degrees of intelligence. The intelligent mind recognises that there is a codependency of all life on earth. On land and in the oceans we know there are food chains and that when one link in the chain is broken, other species in that chain will suffer. But the leaders within human civilisation have never had the intelligence to demonstrate an understanding of this which is why so many species have gone extinct.

On a human level, a level of competition has developed that is also fuelling our drive toward extinction. This competition is so fierce that even human life has little value. All the wars and all the suffering through deprivation and hunger are engineered by small groups of people competing to be the richest and most powerful people in the world which is symptomatic of limited intelligence and they're also technically insane because their actions are destroying life.

The similarly of those who support the destructive power structure for the crumbs that they get in return are also insane because they also lack the intelligence to appreciate life.

So is anyone really sane?

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Yes absolutely, everyone who is born without physical and biochemical defects has the same potential, but that is limited by diet, place in society and education. But the most sane are those who have the basic intelligence to appreciate that they are a part of life and that they are not here to manipulate life.

The nature of human civilisation has become such that it robs people of their intelligence and forces them to fit in to a system that is fundamentally against life. If you have doubts about your own sanity, about the voices in your head, about what you are dreaming and what you are fearing, it's time to take on some self responsibility.

Political and corporate masters want people to be obedient consumers without an opinion on the things that really matter in life. By becoming more responsible, you will recognise that you are part of life, part of an entire system of interdependent lifeforms that exist on this planet and beyond.

One incentive to overcome present-day suffering is to appreciate that this life came with an expiry date and one day what you call your body and your mind will be recycled by the earth. This applies to everyone including the rich and famous, and the most powerful who are steering this civilisation.

At the end of the day, the people who are most sane are those who are the most intelligent, and these are the people who do their best to respect life yet find happiness in a world that is totally mad.


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