To eat or not to eat Allium vegetables

onionwAllium vegetables are loosely defined as members of the onion family and there are hundreds of species. They have been used as a food and medicine for thousands of years, and include; red and white onions that we are so familiar with as well as scallions or spring onions, shallots, leaks, garlic, chives and others.

All these allium vegetables are considered low in nutrients and are valued more for their taste. As such the use of these vegetables was very widespread.  In recent years, these plants have become so heavily used across the Western world that it's almost impossible to find any commercially prepared foods that don't contain some allium vegetable flavouring.

Plants of the Allium genus produce chemical compounds (mostly derived from cysteine sulfoxides) that give them a characteristic (alliaceous - sulphurous) onion or garlic taste and odour. Some people dislike this sulphurous odour, but when food is particularly bland and overcooked, this flavour is often a welcome addition to any meal and some people need these strong flavours to appreciate their food.

In South Asian culture, these plants are more valued for their medicinal use rather than consumption as part of an everyday diet. However spiritual practitioners consider that these foods dull the intellect and combined with alcohol, makes people really stupid.

What do I mean by stupid?

Just look at the world, there are wars and arguments raging across the planet and its all over ideas and possessions. Then look at the environment that we are rapidly destroying, do you really think is any sanity in the predominant human behaviour on this planet?

By way of a gross metaphor, can you imagine using your bed is a toilet and then sleeping there? This is what humanity is doing to the planet that we live on. Not only are we chopping down the forests which reduces the amount of oxygen we have to breathe, we are pumping out carbon dioxide and accelerating global warming.

Before the advent of the public media expression that we have today like Twitter and Facebook, people who saw the writing on the wall about the end of life on earth walked the streets with placards warning of this. Almost everyone laughed at them and felt justified because the world was clearly not going to end on that day and not realising they were part of the problem.

But now scientists are warning that unless we do something very drastic with our lives, life on this planet may end within the next 100 years. If we don't kill ourselves fighting, consuming genetically modified foods and agricultural poisons, accelerated global warming may well do the job.

What to do in desperate times?

Those that have the means are building fallout shelters and stockpiling food and supplies while almost everyone else is trying to grab as much of the stuff of life as they can be it material wealth or hedonistic pleasure. Of course we will all die one day because we all have an expiry date and our bodies will be recycled. But surely self extermination has got to be the stupidest thing that human beings could do to themselves. Of course not everyone wants to go this way and most people have an inbuilt desire for their children and their children's children and future generations to continue, however that is looking increasingly improbable.

Humanity needs to wake up and to wake up fast, but it's no use telling your politicians that because they are in the pocket of the corporations who through their own ignorance and stupidity are doing most damage to life on earth.

The task of saving this planet has fallen to you and me, and the way to do that is to wake up to life. Remember that we cannot define life, we do not know what life is and all we can do is manipulate the stuff of life.

If you happen to be religious, that's fine but when you contemplate what your religion means, then you should only read their words that have been properly ascribed to your spiritual teacher and those words must be seen in context of the civilisation on the day they were written. If you are not particularly religious, then all you need to do is sit down with a straight spine and relax.

Relaxation and contemplation on the nature of life is sufficient to start to appreciate the nature of one's own reality and in doing that, you will discover a new respect for life enabling you to behave in a more socially and environmentally responsible way.

To facilitate this process, a clean and healthy lifestyle is most desirable. In terms of diet, a vegetarian or semi-vegetarian regime is ideal with allium vegetables and alcohol being used very sparingly because the sulphides in allium vegetables and alcohol dull one's sensitivity to life.

In proper use, allium vegetables should be prescribed to treat an illness but not consumed every day.


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