An Adventure Going Braless

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I may go on a date in a dress like this, but work is much more formal. Tumblr Image

I heard about the organisation 'free the nipple' and thought little about it until I came home from work one day and realised how relieved I was to take my bra off and made the connection. I stood topless looking at myself in the mirror, mostly at the strap line's that had cut into my shoulders and went from under my boobs right around my back.

Those cut lines or indentations felt so uncomfortable I massaged as far around as I could reach which softened them a little then I continued massaging my boobs which felt rather nice. They were feeling a little tender because I had a period coming on but after spending a few minutes massaging them, that PMT tenderness went away.

I'd read quite a bit about breast health and the ongoing debate about bras not being particularly good for the health of one's breasts, so after an evening of contemplation and with a sense of daring, the next morning I went to work without one.

My bust is not exactly small, but we are expected to dress rather conservatively.  I felt ever so nervous and rather sexy, but the entire day went by and no one noticed. That didn't make sense because everyone has such a fixation about boobs and occasionally I even find myself checking out other women's racks. Two more days went by before I finally told one of the girls at work and she didn't believe me so I showed her to prove it.

She was almost appalled that I could be so improperly dressed and I soon regretted telling her because by the end of the day, everyone knew and I got a few strange looks and comments. I protested and told them that I'd been experimenting for a couple of weeks and no one had noticed, so what was their problem?

"Go braless. I have a DDD and quit having back and neck problems. End the stereotype and just let your tatas breathe ladiesssss" ~ Shelly‏

I felt bit intimidated so the next week I made sure I was properly dressed for work and the conversation went away. After work and on weekends I went without a bra and when I wore skimpier clothes, people would sometimes look, smile and I'd feel sexy. But the few people I talked with agreed that it was nobody's business but mine.  After a month I resumed not wearing a bra to work making sure I told no one and no one seemed to notice or said anything.

"The day that I realized it actually wasn't a big deal if someone could see the shape of my nipples through my shirt I was like okay???? I have been conned my entire life???? ~ Meg

So four months later this is what I have observed:

  • I've no longer had any neck and shoulder pain all the tension headaches that used to bother me.
  • I feel much more comfortable because I'm not having bra straps cutting into my skin or those underwires coming loose and stabbing me.
  • I no longer get as much breast tenderness before and during my periods.
  • At work people don't notice and when I'm out in public, the people who look at me and smile leave me feeling sexy and responsible.
  • I've done a lot more research and found that bras are only a modern invention that have known own health benefits, and furthermore they don't prevent breast sag has some on my aunts proclaim.
  • As the months went by I've found myself enjoying my new freedom and love of self. It felt natural to be who I am and not smushed into something that does more harm than good.
  • I's amazing how great I feel about myself. It's like relearning who I am without society’s weird expectations about my body.
  • I've not been raped or even groped though a few guys have stared more than they should.
  • I've taken control of my life and enjoy every minute of my liberation.
  • I was delighted the other day when I went to the mall but I saw at least a half-dozen women going bra less which lifted my confidence.
  • There are occasions when nipples will erect and at such times is good to have a couple of Band-Aids handy.

Sexism and patriarchy sucks

Society’s rules on what’s appropriate and what’s not are stifling but when you decide your own life, then life is magical. I'm not suggesting that every woman should go bra less, but I think everyone should take the opportunity to experiment and to realise that there is a choice and that just by having realising that we have a choice is of itself liberating.

The world we live in is mostly dominated by misogynists (people who don't like or who want to oppress and control women) who dictate and even brainwash everyone into believing and behaving as they want us to.

This whole patriarchal and misogynistic movement is supported by the press and media because sexy sells and woman's bodies have been used and abused for generations, so this time we reclaimed our bodies and ourselves.

"Let all women go braless without it being a big deal. Lil boobs, big boobs, medium boobs. Be free. Let them flop around with ease." ~ phoebe

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  • Jasmine

    Hi there, when wearing a bra was enforced on me I really loathed it and then I kind of got used to the discomfort and it became habitual. But although I tried many different types of bra, it remained an uncomfortable habit until I was staying with some friends. The lady of the house arrived home, removed her bra and complained loudly that was so uncomfortable that myself and another girlfriend agreed with.
    We kind of wondered out loud why we bothered wearing such a contrivance and we tossed around these ideas that it was supposed to reduce the bounce and stop boobs from sagging over time although we knew that these claims were purely unfounded.
    Of course we continued strapping ourselves in and enduring the discomfort for a couple more years but all the time I had an uncomfortable question in my mind, why did I continue?
    I could understand a girlfriend who was almost completely flat-chested wearing a padded bra to look a little more feminine wearing a bra as a prosthetic but beyond the idea of subjugation that I tried not to think about, I saw no reason that I had to wear a bra all the time.
    I came to a point when I was 23 when I thought stuff it, and I went to work without a bra. I think my boobs are really nice and several weeks went by before anyone seemed to notice that I was bra less.
    Since then, I’ve only worn a bra on special occasions and I’m much more comfortable.

  • Sam

    boldI’ve always thought of bra’s as accessories and done my best to avoid wearing one wherever I go. It’s a challenge sometimes because some guys are so fucking rude that a sharp tongue usually sorts them. Some women who always strap up can also be that condescending at times, but the majority of other women generally applaud and wish they had the courage.
    Some of my girlfriends complain of achy breasts around the time but of never had any problems apart from those occasional times were social pressure forces me to wear a bra and I feel constrained and even breathing is difficult.

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