An Escape From Hell

The Story of a A Muslim Wife

arhhHello, my name is Selena and because so many people have asked what my life was like before I escaped this is the story I would have told them. I was born into a respectable Muslim family but I was married off to Mustapha when I was only 12 years old. His first wife Aisha who was 17 at the time disliked me because when I got married my husband wanted to have sex with me all the time. But after submitting to her authority and my husband lost interest in me and we slowly became friends.

We shared dreams of a Western lifestyle free of the chains that bound us to our domestic lives. But two years after I was married my husband took another wife. She was only 11 years old and most of the time she behaved like a child but sometimes we watched as she behaved like a whore in bed with him. Aisha and I consoled each other, but at this stage neither of us had given birth which was something my husband's family was becoming more insistent about.

So he started having sex with us more often, but he was so begrudging that it was all over in less than one minute. Most nights he would sleep with Daria and some mornings he would call me or Aisha to his bed. But we didn't want to get pregnant and we were drinking tea made with alnnaenae. One morning when he came out for breakfast, he made me bend over then lifted my skirt and had sex with me with Daria and Aisha watching. He thought he was great but I thought of him as an animal.

This behaviour continued for several weeks and we learned that he was trying to get one of his girlfriends pregnant so we sent her a packet of tea. Mint tea is popular and alnnaenae is just another kind of mint so almost nobody notices when they are switched.

Six months passed and he hadn't managed to get us pregnant which caused his family some concern, but since he was humiliating us there was no way I wanted his baby. Although we didn't have much freedom because there was almost always someone watching, I began to calculate how I might get pregnant with someone else though I carefully guarded my thoughts.

Then I got an opportunity with one of the boys from the village. Sex with my husband had become less frequent so I stopped drinking alnnaenae tea and I managed to find a few intimate moments with this boy. Fortunately my husband demanded to have sex with me a few days later and after a month the family was delighted when I announced that I was pregnant.

In reality I had no way of knowing if the baby was fathered by my husband or the boy from the village. Aisha was becoming concerned that she hadn't got pregnant yet and my husband was talking about divorcing her. So I suggested that she should find herself a discrete lover. She was terrified of the idea of being found out and executed so I just said to her that if she didn't get pregnant soon he might throw her out and she had suffer a fate worse than execution.

I gave birth to a healthy girl and Aisha a boy who suffered from colic, but the family was happy and so was our husband which put more pressure on Daria, but because she was still only a girl the family was more understanding.

At the time our husband's business was changing, he built a shop on front of the house and he expected us, his wives to be always fully covered. He was far too busy to notice us and we began playing games of deception. For example, sometimes he would call me but Aisha would go to him and pretend to be me and vice versa. But then began bringing other girlfriends into the house which really upset Daria and she joined in our charades.

Things got even worse because he was expecting us to have more children and he had another two women living with us. They had nothing and nowhere to go so I felt mildly sympathetic toward them but we slowly became friendly and they too joined in our charades.

While we shared contempt of our husband, Aisha, Daria and myself knew that we had to get pregnant again to save face for both him and ourselves so we conspired and had some more discrete encounters with some village boys. After several months and some enjoyable sex the three of us got pregnant but please the family no end even though they were still chastising us for taking so long.

I was in labour when there was a terrible incident, one of my husbands live in girlfriends was caught cheating on him and he killed her. The atmosphere was horrible for weeks although my husband delighted that I'd produced a son seemed not to notice. Aisha and Daria both produced girls which was less than pleasing to our husband.

We had our hands full looking after children and indifference to them he was sometimes call us to his room for sex. We'd learned from Daria that if we acted more like porn stars he sometimes tried to make sex more enjoyable so there were days when being a wife was actually okay. Other things we did in secret were studying and learning to speak English.

This turned out to be very useful when the American soldiers came because I was able to understand some of what they were saying. And then they established a reconnaissance base nearby which was trouble for everyone. My husband had to close his business and he was sometimes a way for days though he'd sometimes take one of his girlfriends with him.

One morning while he was away the Americans came wanting to search the house. We were home alone with the children but they were surprised that we could all speak a little American to them, but they were just sold you boys wanted to know what we had under our skirts. We didn't resist very much and they had their way with us which I found rather refreshing considering my husband's lack of ability.

The American soldiers weren't all bad, with the little money I'd saved and some money they gave me I decided that I'd had enough and although it was heartbreaking to leave my children, I escaped to India where I met some kind people who helped me move to the UK. Since I've been here, I've worked hard to improve my language skills and I've created a comfortable life.


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