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Not tonight darling, I'm too knackered

02061Andropause was once a new age buzz word, but now the medical establishment has come to terms with it. Because like women who menstruate or experience symptoms accompanying menopause; men go through similar changes and the term has stuck.

Sure, men can reproduce later in years than women (there are cases of men having children in their 80s!), but they still experience a decline in interest, hormones and fertility. These are caused by stress, malnutrition and environmental factors which result in a drop in testosterone and libido.

After twenty or thirty years of 'yes dear' and raising kids in addition to holding a job, paying the mortgage and maintaining the semblance of a social life, all this affects men as much as woman, and it's sometimes worse.

In addition to the fact that as a species where our fertility is rapidly declining, you've probably never given a moment's thought to the health of your testosterone and inner health.  With age, the average man's testosterone level decreases with age which means he has 30% less testosterone at age 50 than he had when he was 20.

This drop in testosterone has some serious ramifications to one's health. For instance, one of testosterone's functions is to increase bone density, the less testosterone, the higher the chance for osteoporosis, and the accompanying risks of fractures, most notably hip fractures. As you age your metabolism slows down, belly fat accumulates which compromises the health of the digestive and reproductive systems.

Doctors have studied this decline in testosterone since the 1940s, but haven't really known what to do about it.  But one of the symptoms is sexual dysfunction; a loss in sexual interest or the ability to have sex.

When symptoms first appear, it's easy to dismiss them, but the consequences are often a withdrawal from activities including sex which strains relationships.

Older men look for an easy fix for sexual dysfunction. These are usually temporary fixes like prescriptions for viagra, but these are only suited to a 'one night stand' and fail to address the root of the problem which lies in an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

Many men give up because they don't know that they can fix the problem and continue to suffer.  The key steps are to improve diet and get more exercise:

Exercise; walking and time in nature is great, martial arts can rally empower you, and yoga is an excellent exercise system. Despite your lack of flexibility, yoga is not a competition and non judgemental. Take a leap of faith!

While you were younger you could neglect your health to a certain extent, relying on your body's youth, now you have to work to feel your best. We all know that we should be exercising, getting a good night's sleep, and eating a well balanced diet, so now it's time to put this in action.

Supplementing your diet with Provacyl is a good start as it provides key nutritionals to boost your system and improve your general well-being, by taking action life will be more pleasant. You can also use other non prescription herbals.


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