Another Hotel Scam

Criminals know no bounds

This is how it works to steal your credit card details:

You arrive at your hotel and check in at the front desk. Typically when checking in, you give the front desk your credit card (for any charges to your room) and they  return the card to you.

You go to your room and settle in. All is good.
The hotel receives a call and the caller asks for (as an example) room 620 - which happens to be your room.

The phone rings in your room. You answer and the person on the other end says the following:
'This is the front desk. When checking in, we came across a problem with your charge card information.
Please re-read me your credit card numbers and verify the last 3 digits numbers at the reverse side of your charge card.'

Not thinking anything wrong, since the call seems to come from the front
desk you oblige. But actually, it is a scam by someone calling from outside the hotel. They have asked for a random room number, then ask you for your credit card and address information.

They sound so professional you think you are talking to a front desk clerk.

It's thought that this scam works because a staff member tips off their scamster friends as the caller may address you by name and have your booking details making them sound more credible as they ask for card details over the phone, but it's possible that scammers may randomly call rooms.

Another variant may not involve the front desk. Any porter or junior member knows your room number. That person will have an accomplice in say the breakfast restaurant who has access to basic booking details. The third person outside then places the call.

If you ever encounter this scenario on your travels, tell the caller that you will be down to the front desk to clear up any problems.

Then, go to the front desk or call directly and ask if there was a problem. If there was none, inform the manager of the hotel that someone tried to scam you of your credit card information, acting like a front desk employee.

This was passed on by someone who has been duped........ and is still cleaning up the mess.

Please, consider spreading the word by forwarding this msg. Who knows, you might just help someone avoid a nasty experience and all travellers should be aware of this one.



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  • Nicolas

    Hi Skimming is common in hotel restaurants and bars, especially where large amounts of cash are in play, even with the widespread use of room charges, comps and credit card payments. Whenever cash is exchanged between customers and employees, skimming is inevitable.

    This includes stealing customer checks that are made out to “cash”… cashing “hot” checks for friends or relatives… charging restaurant or bar customers but neglecting to ring up the sale and pocketing the cash… voiding sales and keeping the cash…and pocketing cash from guests and claiming they left the property without paying.

  • Alina Tudor

    Thanks ever so much, everyone neds to know so I’ve shared.

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