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Creating the passion for pleasure

kssAn aphrodisiac is anything that increases sexual desire.

An aphrodisiac can be a perfume, a food, a drug, a nutritional supplement, a drink, an image, a touch, music or even an idea because the mind plays an important role in facilitating one's love life and bolstering libido.

Aphrodisiacs are either used to bolster a flagging libido, or to seek out extreme heights of passion and pleasure. The use of aphrodisiacs days back in due time immemorial because relationships, the mating game and one's sense of libido have always been a priority in peoples lives.

Ultimately all aphrodisiacs affect body and mind although not necessarily in that order. Some people find that listing to some nice music helps them to relax and get into the mood. Here the mind is affected and as the mind is relaxed and stimulated towards sexual ideas, the body follows suit.

Conversely some physical activity like having a massage relaxes the body and when sufficient physical stress is released, mind and body are able to harmonise and focus in a way that enhances libido.

Then there are a wide range of drugs and herbal preparations that affect body and mind in slightly different ways. Almost everyone has heard of viagra, it doesn't so much address the symbiosis of body and mind rather it produces a chemical chain reaction inside the body that stimulates sexual arousal and unfortunately there have been many men existing in a highly aroused state when sex is the last thing on their minds.

Alcohol is one of the most commonly used aphrodisiacs, however it has many problems. Drink too little and it has no effect, but drink too much and has the wrong effect which often leads to embarrassment and confusion not to mention a heightened state of anxiety they can have far-reaching and unpleasant consequences.

One of the best aphrodisiacs is meaningful conversation. An intellectual and sometimes an emotional sharing of words and ideas leads to a harmonisation between people and the sex becomes an enjoyable extension of the conversation.

But even a good diet can be classified as an aphrodisiac because a bad diet clogs up the body systems, dulls the mind and blocks sensitivity to life thereby depressing the very life force within a person, and remember a strong libido is a consequence of good health and vitality.

Therefore a good diet is essential to a healthy libido. A good diet consists of wholesome fresh foods and the value of these to ones libido can be enhanced by the presentation and many people know the joy of being fed fresh strawberries and cream or similar, and foods such as chocolate and oysters are said to be aphrodisiacs.

Modern life

As the world sinks deeper into recession and conflict, stress levels are going up and the quality of our foods is declining. Another symptom of our civilisation being in decline is the rapidly declining fertility rate within the overall population and given the present trend, we will be unable to breed as we do now within the next 100,000 years.

While the powers that be insist that we suffer under their rule, we still have limited freedom to create our own lives and shape our own destiny. The first step is in creating a healthy diet and lifestyle. The next important step in maintaining one's libido is to take time out from the world through social activities that leave one feeling contented or other physical activities like massage. But to really switch off from the world and restore one's inner self, meditation is one of the best tools.

Unfortunately these steps are beyond many people and in a descending scale from best to worst, we go from diet and lifestyle to relaxing recreational activities, and from there there are a wide range of medical and nutritional supplements for men and women. Herbal compounds that have been in use for many thousands of years are safe and therefore have good reputations for their effectiveness.

At the bottom of the scale we have pharmacy medications like viagra for men and Addyi for Women. Many of these exotic compounds do work, but unfortunately the side-effects may kill people. Death results not so much from the fact that the drugs contain toxins, but rather the compounds may react with other medications or compound existing physical weaknesses such as high blood pressure.

Going natural:

There are a wide range the natural herbal compounds from VigRxVigRX Oil, Maxoderm, Proenhance,  and Virility pills for men with Provestra, Hersolution, Hersolution Gel and Vigorelle for women that are much safer. Of course the topical solutions can be applied as and when needed whereas most tablets need to be taken hours or even days before.


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