Baby Massage

A formula for happy babies

Baby massage has long been a part of the Ayurvedic tradition of India and today its usefulness is catching on in the west. Mothers are discovering that by rubbing their children from birth keeps them more contented, better socialised and less inclined to act up.

When babies are unusually or unreasonably temperamental, when they cry for no apparent reason or they wake up crying, it's hard to know exactly what's wrong with them. It could be colic, it could be wind or a whole host of other things.

But the improved mother baby bonding that is achieved through regular massage can give mothers a deeper perception into their child's condition and the massage also relieves many problems.

Babies can be massaged as part of their bath routine using any natural and unprocessed oil - coconut oil is one of the best. Note that some oils like Johnson's Baby Oil and Canola (may be genetically modified) oil can be harmful. (Johnsons is a petro-chemical product - learn.)

Oil massage helps by:

  1. Strengthening baby-parent bonding and communication
  2. Boosting self esteem and confidence in parenting
  3. Relaxing parent and baby
  4. Encouraging babies to sleep restfully
  5. Improves digestion and circulation in their bodies
  6. Relieves wind, colic and constipation
  7. Develops muscle tone, flexibility and co-ordination

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