Beauty Therapy

Are we being real or just kidding ourselves?

There is an old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is true. Any number of people can look at something but not all will agree that it's beautiful because everything we see is in fact an interpretation of our own mind. The idea of beauty is also associated with ideas of glamour, however glamour is a completely different subject although it can complement or even replace beauty.

The ideas of beauty are mostly associated with sight, sound and touch. When we see someone or something, the light reflected from the object passes through the lens of our eyes to land on the retina from where an electrical signal is sent to our brain which then creates the picture of what we are seeing.

The mystics have always told us that life is an illusion and this is what they meant because the entirety of our perception takes place within our own minds. Therefore what is beautiful or not beautiful is directly related to one's state of mind. For some people beauty is something superficial, it's about cosmetic appearance (glamour) whereas for others, beauty is about the integrity of the whole.

In terms of what is visually pleasing and therefore beautiful can be reduced to mathematics and what is referred to as the Golden mean or golden number. This number relates to balanced proportions and smooth lines which reflect the light in a harmonious way and are therefore pleasing to the eye.

So while the idea of beauty will always be somewhat ambiguous and subject to interpretation, we have developed cultural standards of beauty that millions of people try to conform to. This is primarily about appearance although a great many people know that the thinking and physiology that supports appearance is actually far more important.

There is an inner beauty about those who know life, who know they are capable of anything their minds are set to. There is a beauty in the strength and determination of a person who follows their own path, who isn't thrown off by obstacles along the way. There is a beauty about a those whose confidence comes from experiences; who knows they can fall, but pick themselves up, and move on.

Natural beauty

There are a small percentage of people born with a body type that closely conforms to the ideals of the Golden mean. These are the people who are generally looked upon with admiration because their physique is pleasing to look at. But the vast majority are born with a more average appearance and when it comes to fashion, women especially will generally display their best features whereas those who consider themselves as being unattractive are more likely to focus on other areas of life.

The people who are seen as beautiful only remain beautiful while their intelligence and manners match that external appearance whereas the average looking person with excellent manners and communication skills can be far more beautiful than someone with looks alone.

What is beauty therapy

Really, it can be anything which enhances one's sense of self. Most often it is seen as a cosmetic therapy whereby the appearance of one's skin and physique is improved. This desire to be more beautiful has given rise to many multibillion-dollar industries which in turn often confuse and produce toxic products that undermine or even strip away natural beauty.

Until one knows who one is as a human being, the idea of beauty can only ever be cosmetic. The for the person who regards themselves as a valid and intelligent human being, beauty therapy begins with a healthy diet, a good exercise plan and a mindfulness that enables them to move peacefully through the world.

Some of the most effective forms of beauty therapy include:

  • A healthy diet plan
    There is now a mass of scientific data proving that sugary foods and refined or processed foods are detrimental to our health. These will undermine any natural beauty that one possesses. Therefore it's very important to consume a diet consisting mainly of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains and no processed foods or sugar.
  • An achievable fitness plan
    And physical appearance is determined by the internal structure of one's body. If the muscles are slack, skin will sag. Lack of physical fitness soon leads to a lacklustre appearance. It doesn't matter what exercise one pursues other than our bodies need around 30 minutes of vigourous exercise three or four times a week. Swimming, yoga, walking, running, martial arts and even vigourous sex all help to maintain one's physical structure and the efficiency of our skin. There are specialised exercise programs whereby one can develop different aspects of the body without resorting to cosmetic surgery.
  • Meditation or other practices that stimulate one's brain and mental function
    There's an old saying, "as you think, so you become." This is very true because if you learn to think then you can work out how to be responsible and effectively manage your life the way you want.
  • Developing a sense of happiness that is independent of any external phenomena like possessions and social appeasement.
    The general trend in today's society is that we all grow up in ignorance and develop a codependent lifestyle. This is unhealthy because our happiness and well-being is dependent on others. By becoming independent and self-reliant you have more choice and be able to relate intelligently and responsibly.
  • Massage and other body therapies that help to improve one's physiology and physiological function.
    Massage is one of the worlds best tonics because it helps to relax and balance the musculature of the body. This relaxation process releases stored stress and as the stress is released from the body, the mind also relaxes. There are great many styles of massage and the beauty therapy massage which is very common tends to be rather superficial and ineffective at creating the change that most people are looking for.
    If you are having massage therapy avoid the beauty therapy treatments that neglect the most important areas of the body and instead look for a complete full body therapeutic massage. The beauty therapy massage has its benefits for the body area worked on, but it only serves to reinforce limitation. The full body massage means you have to put aside notions of political correctness and surrender your body into the hands of an expert who will rub, knead, stroke the entirety of your body and this complete style of massage is the most beneficial.
  • Cosmetic surgery
    This should really be a last resort because of the inherent dangers of going under the knife. People do die or become horribly disfigured, but every year millions take the risk and perhaps half achieve their desired results.
    Cosmetic surgery gives a quick fix but because the underlying structure of the body is not always developed, the results may only be temporary.
  • Body care products
    A great many of these are so loaded with toxic chemicals they can cause permanent skin damage. Therefore you must choose wisely and even here are some of the most natural and organic products can potentially be harmful. But they do provide a vast range of colours and textures that you can experiment and have fun with.



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  • Kami Lemoine

    Hi, did you know there is a posh Japanese spa in Manhattan where for just under $200, they will paint your face with bird poo. They say it’s carefully sanitized under ultraviolet light and mixed with some other ingredients to hide the rather disagreeable smell.

  • Maude

    Hi did you know a former Bangkok masseuse in San Francisco offers a treatment that consists of pinching and manipulating the skin with a light slapping that’s said to cure wrinkles and shrink pores. Whether this is at all helpful in restoring a youthful appearance is highly debatable, but it doesn’t come cheap and a single 15 minute session will set you back $350 yet it’s actually good fun.

  • Marion

    Hey there, I like the comment about using snails to do facials on your massage styles page, you should copy it here

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    Hey Girls, you must always take off make-up in the evenings. Learn the difference between dry and dehydrated skin and you need to drink water. Massage, sufficient sleep, good food are the foundation for looking your best

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