Being Human

What is it about being human?


The dance of life

This is something that people have philosophised about since the beginning of time and it is our failure to understand ourselves that causes our suffering. If we look at ourselves in evolutionary context, our similarity to the animals and dependence on our environment, there are few differences.

The only thing that sets us apart from our primate cousins and other animals is our ability to learn and develop abstract thought. Intellectually and physically, we are no different from our ancestors of 30,000 years ago. But what makes us so different today is what we have learned over those past 30,000 years and been able to capitalise on.

In this 21st century we have arrived at the greatest peak of social development and also the greatest crisis for humanity and all life on earth. Except for ourselves, few species have any concern beyond this moment. Some species will collect and store food for the coming winter and some species create lifelong social bonds to ensure their species continuation.

We share with all other species a strong desire to survive and perpetuate ourselves, but in doing so we have abstract ourselves from nature. To put this another way, we assume mastery and dominance over nature.

But if we look at the world today, we can see that our administration of planet Earth has already caused one of the greatest mass extinctions in the past 3 billion years. The way we are going means that we will actually cause our own extinction.

So who are we?

Like everything else in existence we are made up of the five elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether (Akash) which constitute all the elements of the periodic table. However there is no definitive truth that can be expressed and shared. This truth of being is only something that we can experience.

We know that we feel and think, we have a body and something we call consciousness or mind or brain, so lets think about this.

Our Human Body

This wonderful physical form is created from consciousness, driven by mind, the passions arising from consciousness and fuelled by the nutritious foods we eat.

This sensitive yet robust self repairing mechanism is the home to our being human. It is an anchor for our consciousness and the medium for expression and interaction in this world.

However we are not actually this body. This body is literally made of the stuff of the planet we live on. Our human body is made from the food we eat, directly as vegetables or through animals.

Our Human Mind

What we call our mind is a collection of impressions or information that have been gathered over our lifetime. But existing separately to this is what we call intelligence. This intelligence is similar to the intelligence of any animal because it deals with our survival in the world.  Intelligence is associated with cleverness and good survival skills beyond which we have consciousness, something which is normally beyond our day-to-day awareness.

Our Human Consciousness

Like body and mind, consciousness cannot be defined and from what we know, consciousness has no limits other than what we place upon it.

There existed a consciousness or higher intelligence that helped our body grow from the egg into what it is today. There is a consciousness that takes care of the functions of our bodies and the processing of our food into new cells or energy beyond our normal awareness.

Within consciousness, the universe is relating to all parts of its self in the same way that every cell in our bodies as relating to every other cell.

Consciousness is the last great frontier and fortunately it is something that cannot be monetised. Consciousness is an internal space that exists within each and every one of us and by exploring that space we can come to know the nature of our existence.

When we know the nature of our existence then we will have greater control over our lives and we will be able to choose if we want to be happy or sad, miserable, joyful or even blissful.

How would you prefer to be?

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