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A cancer corrupting Humanity and the world's first Belief System

Most people see capitalism is a good thing and an important aspect of democracy, but we must ask if this is actually a good thing for us and is it really contained within democracy?

What is capitalism?

Capitalism is the male dominated economic - political system that governs our world while at a basic level, capitalism today evolved from the simple exchange of goods and services in the form of bartering based on human need. As societies became larger and more interconnected, value weighted objects (like shells) were used as currency while the Indus Seals from 2000 BC or earlier may have represented a more sophisticated form of an IOU.

Within ancient matriarchal societies, life was more communal and reflect the simplest form of capitalism. Individuals laboured for the well-being of the entire community and we know from the historic records that some societies had no sense of personal ownership. However in these communities wealth was appreciated, owned by the collective and did not dictate the course of life, and nor did the concept of wealth generate greed to the extent we have today.

Wealth, greed and the desire for pleasure add
a patriarchal element to capitalism
turning a social tool toxic.

Some definitions:

Capitalism: an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

Capitalism: an economic system in which private individuals or businesses own capital goods. The production of goods and services is based on supply and demand in the general market known as a market economy rather than through central planning known as a planned economy or command economy.

Economic freedom helps political freedom. If governments own the means of production and set prices, it invariably leads to a powerful state and creates a large bureaucracy which may extend into other areas of life. Efficiency.

Prominent among critiques of capitalism are accusations that capitalism is inherently exploitative, unsustainable and creates economic inequality, is anti-democratic and leads to an erosion of human rights while it incentivizes imperialist expansion and war.

By assuming the autonomy of the individual, capitalism grants dignity to the poor. By affirming people's right to their own labor, regardless of their position on the economic ladder, capitalism offers the poor the means to improve their own well-being.

Capitalism is based on individual initiative and favours market mechanisms over government intervention, while socialism is based on government planning and limitations on private control of resources.

Patriarchal Capitalism becomes evident when the price/profit margin takes priority. This leads to the theft of materials from nature and other people (colonialism), and the enslavement of peoples who then add value to materials and goods.

Capital: some form of asset, idea, an existing product or an element in nature that can be exchanged for something else. The 'ism' is attached when a found, purchased, stolen or made product is exchanged for an agreed value.

In early human society perhaps a man takes a piece of stone and transformed it into a tool and barters/trades that tool for something he needs such as food. Within the society this is quite reasonable because he has created something useful for society or some individuals within that society who find value enough to pay the price. Within a communal society this creates a tier structure and people began coalescing into groups according to their levels of expertise. Though as communities grow we have a delegation of labour according to the capacity of the individuals which we now know as the class system.

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As civilisation develops, the process of creation and trade becomes institutionalised and normal within the fabric of society. At some point money is a trade token was instituted allowing people to indirectly trade and exchange tokens for goods or services at some other place. The idea of money provides an external solution to internal fears in that by accumulating money one can acquire extra food or resources deemed necessary for the maintenance of life.

This idea of accumulation changes the biological functioning of the human brain and we have an acceleration in mental development along with population increase lean to an acceleration of technological development to deal with basic survival strategies to accumulate and defend. After all when wealth is accumulated, there is always someone who would like to take it away and make it their own capital.

So we have gone from communal living to a slightly expanded sense of barter and trade which is a primitive form of capitalism but of the communal level it is rather benign and such traders generally for the benefit of the entire community. When money comes into the picture then there is a movement away from communal living to stratification of society in terms of class and occupation along with the accumulation of wealth in the hands of individuals.

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Individuals quickly learn that wealth also equates to power and that power can be used to influence society as well as to acquire things. For several thousand years it was rather benign but over that time period those with the wealth and power sought out new ways to acquire more wealth, power and status within society. Instead of transforming the stone, they began transforming the landscape in their search for minerals like gold which was purely a status symbol in most regions of the world and other metals with which to make weapons.

The very simple form of capitalism was simply a response to human needs but over time it has evolved to replicate itself as a moneymaking machine and to make it more productive, a labour force was required and slavery was born. Anyone who has seriously studied the banking industry will know that it is in effect a pyramid scheme designed to channel wealth to the few at the top of the heap while the masses do the backbreaking work.

"The lion was a servant of Ma Durga, man could not tame the lion so he killed it. A symbol of the patriarchal taking over the matriarchal. The imagery relating to the bull is a little more complex. Ancient Hindu civilisations prior to 5000 BC (and still do revered cattle as givers of life and to a lesser extent beast of burden. The arising patriarchs and capitalism conspired in the minds of men to seize control (corporatise) production. At another level the bull represented the wild and powerful beast within the mind of man. Unlike Shiva, man couldn't control this beast which may well be related to social conscience so he had to kill it and order to conduct his capitalistic business." ~ NZYogi

Modern capitalism puts all the above ideas on steroids although the very basis of the system has not changed, it takes some material that one can take for no appreciable cost other than human effort and transforming it into something that someone else may need. To maximise profits, the raw materials must be low-cost and the means of production must also cost as little as possible. From about 3000 BC there was an exponential growth in slavery through North Africa, the Middle East and Europe which continues into this day.

As is happening now, corporations pay governments to remove tribal peoples from their lands and pay a token amount to extract huge volumes of raw materials like iron ore. The materials are manufactured not so much into things that people need, but things that people want and some of the profits are returned to generate the desire for new possessions, for new things. The rational thinking minds of normal people are corrupted through false propaganda and constant bombardment of junk ideas or distracted by trivial entertainment which serves to keep the population disconnected from life.

Religion also plays a big part in this because while people believe, they are easily duped and to a certain extent content to remain slaves and yet they too have become a resource to be exploited for profit. You see capitalism has taken a new direction, it has replaced democracy and arranges the world without any care or respect for life. This is why our planet is so badly degraded, the environment polluted and humanity on the brink of extinction.

This idea that we are on the brink of extinction is something that people have been programmed to mark yet now we have the technology to see that we have lost most of our forests, our oxygen levels are depleting, our fish stocks are plummeting, we are being kept alive with drugs whose price keeps on increasing, our cost of living keeps increasing and life becomes much more trivial.

When life is so trivial, suicides increase, crime increases, the quality of living increases and eventually the capitalists who rule the world will discover that they cannot eat their money and like everyone else they will return to the dust of the earth and without people, the planet will quickly recover and evolve according to its own nature. At this point everything humanity believed it was working for will have ceased to exist.

"One America is flowing with the milk of prosperity and the honey of equality." King said. "That America is the habitat of millions of people who have food and material necessities for their bodies, culture and education for their minds, freedom and human dignity for their spirits. . . . But as we assemble here tonight, I'm sure that each of us is painfully aware of the fact that there is another America, and that other America has a daily ugliness about it that transforms the buoyancy of hope into the fatigue of despair. Those who live in the other America, are plagued by inadequate, substandard and often dilapidated housing conditions, by "substandard, inferior, quality-less schools," by having to choose between unemployment and low-wage jobs that didn't even pay enough to put food on the table. The problem was structural, King said: "This country has socialism for the rich, and 'rugged individualism' for the poor." ~ The Other America

In short, capitalism is a disease, a cancer of the world that creates war in the name of profits, it requires slaves and not many people realise that our freedom is very limited because our bodies exist in physical slavery to our employer who battles the authorities to pay lower wages while extracting more work while every succeeding generation is dumbed down through degenerative education.

The only solution is achieving one's own personal salvation and beginning to awaken from their slumber caused by the media's stupification. Before it's too late for you, search out a leaf, a bush, a piece of nature or if you are fortunate spent time in the wilderness and meditate. Only then will you begin to understand the truth of your existence and begin your walk toward real freedom where you can meet with others on the path. When there are enough responsible adults in the world, democracy will begin to work and capitalism will become a servant of the people.

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