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Reflecting disease in the modern world.

Phobias are an extreme and often irrational fear of or aversion to something. Women are often terrified of mice or spiders, mice may carry some disease and some spiders are deadly and therefore must be avoided. Avoiding them or having them exterminated from one's home is a sane healthy choice, screaming and fleeing is an over reaction.

Phobias are one of the most common mental illnesses in the United States. The National Institute of Mental Health suggests that eight percent of U.S. adults have some type of phobia. Women are more likely to experience phobias than men. Typical symptoms of phobias can include nausea, trembling, rapid heartbeat, feelings of unreality, and being preoccupied with the fear object.

Phobias are recognised as psychological medical problems such as Aviophobia or Aviatophobia, a Fear of flying. Flying always involves some risk and fear of flying is seen as irrational yet its not uncommon. Cynophobia, a fear of dogs or rabies like many other phobias are not irrational, just a little over reactive and can be treated through counselling and psychotherapy. Islamophobia, a fear of Muslims and Islam unlike other phobias is not seen as a medical or psychological condition, it is seen in the wake of the Christchurch mosque shooting as an antisocial and criminal offence.

The term "Islamophobia or Islamaphobia" is defined as "an unfounded fear of Islam and Muslims", yet what is called the religion of Islam demands of its followers that they enslave or kill every non Muslim. It's estimated the the Muslims during their conquests killed over 300 million non Muslims and they haven't stopped killing. Therefore surely Islamophobia is an instinctive response to survive?

“Kill them [unbelievers] wherever you find them… And fight them until there is no more unbelief and worship is for Allah alone” (Quran 2:191-193).

There is another quote "as we think, so we become." This means that whatever we think and whatever we believe will have some consequences. For instance, the person who thinks that they are unworthy is unlikely to become successful in life. Yet the person who believes that they are 'right' can be successful regardless of the cost to people around them.

"The senior member of the world’s biggest Muslim organisation has insisted that Islamophobia is not rooted in racism and that the distrust of Muslims in many countries is a result of Islamist extremism and terrorism throughout the world." ~ Islamophobia is caused by Islamic extremism

Humanity today is at crisis point. In most countries there is a level of technological comfort along with a food surplus never before known by any human civilisation. But in contrast to that, people in many countries are deprived of the basic necessities for life and they die in their millions from starvation and preventable disease.

A British Mullah specifies>
Islam is not a religion of peace

The primary thrust or interest that most people have his external, it is about the enjoyment of the stuff of life, the nice food, the nice clothes and all our modern conveniences. The consequence of this is the development of consumer society, but what does this have to do with Islamophobia?

Islam is portrayed as a religion of peace and as such most people think that like other religions it is deserving of respect. But Islam is not a religion, it is a philosophy and a political movement that has very little to contribute to life.

The holy book of Islam is called the Koran, this is a small book of two volumes. The first was composed when the Prophet Mohammed who lived in Mecca. It's made up of elements from Judaism that appear to have been largely taken out of context.

During his time in Mecca, the Prophet attracted a small number of followers but he also alienated himself so much he had to leave town. So he went to Medina and resumed his preaching, but there was a sizeable Jewish community in Medina who pointed out that his gospel and his teachings were full of mistakes.

Bill Warner and Islam as religion of peace

In response to criticism, the Prophet executed many of the Jews and propounded a new philosophy of Jihad. For the rest of his life the Prophet enjoyed the life of a warlord, and attracted by his power, his philosophy gained many followers.

After the death of the Prophet, the philosophy divided over the question of leadership and there was also the question of which book of the Koran should be followed. Since then the advice from all mullahs has been that the second book was the improvement on the first and should take precedent.

The Koran is a small book which can be read a couple of hours, but one third of its content refers to denying people's rights and taking their lives. This means that from the perspective of what the faith represents within the Islamic communities, non-believers must submit, become slaves or die.

The literal translation of Islam is "submit"

The Muslim agenda

Submit to what? If we look at Islamic nations and Islamic peoples, on the surface we see in some places quite progressive countries and on the world stage we find Islamic people in many levels of local and international government.

But if we look a little deeper, it's more like an infiltration and a shallowness to the Islamic psyche. Moslem's believe implicitly in the words and deeds of the Prophet and to be an exemplary Moslem, one has to emulate the behaviour of the Prophet. In other words to be a good Muslim one must do what ever it takes to ensure that the entire population of this planet submits.

What do Muslims believe?

Like some Christians, the Muslims are creationists. As far as they are concerned the world was created near to 7000 years ago, the earth is flat, nature does not exist and there is no cause-and-effect. Like Nazis and Communists, Islamists enjoy no protection under freedom of religion. Like Nazism and Communism, Islamism is a political ideology embedded in the disguise of Islam as a religion.

When we look at the Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, they look like very sophisticated well-developed countries. But what few people realise is that all the science and technology that has gone into those countries has been imported.

Almost the entirety of an Islamic education is to memorise the Koran and the achievements of the Prophet. There is very little education in terms of science and technology, almost nothing in terms of human well-being.

Middle eastern royalty of course lives in splendour, but the majority are little more than beggars who even though they want to work, who want to have a better quality of life cannot do so because their only education has been the Koran and they have few technological skills. All this has been revealed by undercover journalists who have risked their lives to investigate these secretive countries like Saudi Arabia.

Islam is a backward and repressive belief system that is more intent on destroying life than improving life. In the world of international politics, the strong and progressive western countries do not criticise Islam because there are many complicated economic factors at play.

Bill Warner gives a history lesson on Islam

It is well known that the Bush family (with two former American presidents) had very close ties to Saudi Arabia and there was a lot of evidence of Saudi involvement in bringing down the twin towers on 911. But George Bush invaded Iraq, a prosperous and progressive country that had absolutely nothing to do with 911.

Today we have the bombings in all over the world, a great flood of Muslim refugees into Europe and some other countries which is giving rise to great concern. But what is less mentioned in western media are the thousands of daily executions in other parts of the world at the hands of Muslims.

In the West we think of someone who wants to kill other people as being an extremist, a freak of nature and while they happen occasionally, we shouldn't be too concerned and just hope that we aren't in the firing line.

Islam has two means of expansion

The first is peaceful occupation. Muslims may migrate into a city where they go almost unnoticed. Initially the women may be allowed to go about in almost a normal Western dress, but as the Islamic population grows, Sharia Law also moves in.

An Islamic soldier executing children
An Islamic soldier executing children

If this is your town or city, you may not have noticed. But then a mosque is built and the Muslim women start wearing a full body covering and even the men dress more like Arabs. When a mosque is erected the entire community must endure the calls to prayer which are blasted out over loudspeakers; many find this disturbing.

Within a few generations, Muslims are seeking to acquire the political power, positions on council and local government to make the city the way they want it. Hand-in-hand there are gangs of poorly educated boys roaming the streets harassing passers-by. As they gain confidence they begin robbing people, beating up nonbelievers and raping the women.

Islamist colonization - Muslim rejection of political rule by non Muslims. Wherever they settle, Islamists demand that the land must be ruled only by Muslims for ever after. All other residents of that land must accept the terms of dhimmitude - the Koran says so at 9:29 and other verses. Present jurisprudence requires that this verse must be enforced by armed jihad.

This may seem incredulous, but this is what is happening all over Europe and in parts of America. Yet as this is happening, governments are denying that this is a problem.

When we look at the international news, there are always the stories of Daesh or ISIL committing atrocities in Iraq or Syria and the Muslims who are yet to establish themselves in any position of authority say that these people are not true Muslims. However the behaviour of Daesh is exactly what the Prophet Mohammed expects of his followers.

So we must ask again, how can Islam affect our health?

Besides that Muslim doctors and nurses are to be allowed to opt out of strict hygiene rules introduced by the NHS (in the UK) to restrict the spread of hospital superbugs amongst other things. If you submit or convert to Islam when asked, your life may be spared and you may be robbed. However if you do not submit or convert you may end up being a slave and because you are educated, you will quite likely do the work that Muslims don't have the skill or education to perform.

In a world under Islamic or Muslim rule, the only education is the Koran. There will be very little in the way of maths and science, very little in medical research and people who are not part of the ruling elite will gradually find themselves living in third world conditions. Because there is no fundamental truth within Islam, there will inevitably be a great deal of conflict over territories and possessions as well as the current squabble between the shia and suni Islam.

The definition of phobia in relation ti Islam

The promoted definition of Islamophobia is an uninstantiated fear, but on closer examination of what Islam really is and what it means to the world, this fear is completely justifiable. In fact fear is a normal human response to any life-threatening situation.

What can you do about it?

As an individual, all you can do as share this information and lobby your politicians before it's too late. Unfortunately very few politicians are willing to have this discussion because modern capitalism which governs the world sees Islam as a tool to help divide and conquer, so you see, there are two forces at work that are destroying all life.

Almost everything about Islam and what Muslims represent are abhorrent to educated people who value their lives and Public Safety. In the ideal Islamic world, women and children are possessions without rights or freedom. Without science and technology, there will be a massive population die off and those who survive will revert to an agrarian subsistence lifestyle.

Pat Condell and Islamic political correctness

If Islam is successful in taking over the world, most of mankind's achievements will disappear into the dust of time and the weapon of choice will revert to the sword.

If you still have any doubts, everything on this page is independently verifiable his time you did some homework and decided how much you value life. We have eliminated many diseases, but many are referring to Islam as the new cancer.

Islamophobia, a fear of Muslims and Islam unlike other phobias is not seen as a medical or psychological condition, it is seen as an antisocial criminal offence.

To learn more, listen to Tarek Fatah who born as a Muslim offers an insightful look at the history of Islam and regional history as well as the nature of Islam.



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