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The Basis of Fear

Morality is a word which comes from the Latin word moralitas which means "manner, character or proper behaviour". Morality has its origins in mankind's basic desire for peace and harmony however its come to be based on desire, delusion and judgements against ourselves (the original sin) similarly as the origins of religion.

There has been a lot of work put in by Lawrence Kohlberg and others, however such ideologies tend to be based on modern day status in relation to wealth and power with morality slanted to protect status and authority which becomes a legal argument forced on the subjugate population for control over individuals and society.

To arrive at a truer ideology of what morality is, we must take in the equation of what it means to be human or the fully enlightened or whole man as Jesus or Buddha, not the broken man endemic of today's world. In considering the enlightened man or woman, morality has no place as enlightenment is amoral; this is not negative but another state of harmlessness.

Today's morals

Morals are social ethics created and defined by our society, philosophy, religion or individual conscience, but morality goes beyond the scope of what is considered right or wrong, criminal behaviour socio-political ethics and codes of behaviour are also included within the scope of morality.

Morals vary from country to country and between social groups which causes the confusion seen as bigotry. The moral variations in behaviour are generally between rich and poor, the rich often behave badly toward the poorer or weaker while exploiting their labour and resources, whereas they behave in a more equal manner to their own class and in this way, morality is perhaps the root of social injustice.

The truth is still the truth, even if no one believes it.
A lie is still a lie, even if every one believes it!

If we look at society, there are a great many levels of wealth and a great many moralities and on analysis, much of morality is a lie. For children this causes great confusion and anxiety; children are taught to be honest and kind, but they see the immorality of their parents and governments.

A man who moralizes is usually a hypocrite, and a woman who moralizes is invariably plain." ~ Oscar Wilde's Lady Windermere's Fan.

For instance: children are told not to use swear words or tell lies, but parents and peers often do which to a child is totally unjust. On the world stage, the USA promotes world peace and democracy, however according to the Pilger Report, US government and corporations have caused over 30 wars, the deaths of countless millions of people and destroyed democracies in order to secure the assets of weaker countries.

"Hatred and bigotry are the children of judgement and morality" ~ NZYogi

This is bigotry on it grandest scale and yet is is so common in all countries and levels of society that perhaps it is time we dispensed with morality and replaced it with the practice of harmlessness. One of the greatest areas of moral decay and bigotry exists within the worlds governments and business corporations who stop at nothing to gain greater profits as a great many lie, cheat, steal and kill for profit, power and control.

What should our morals and code of conduct be?

Christianity gave us the 10 commandments which are a good tool to help maintain world peace and serve as a good place to start and Hinduism and Islam also provide similar ethical guidelines. The Buddhist concept of harmlessness is also very good, but more difficult to follow.

What does morality cover?

Injuring, stealing, harming and killing are morals also covered by laws. Lying and cheating cause harm but are not necessarily criminal and are typical social morals. Morality also covers the formation and rights of government as you can listen to in the justice lectures with Michael Sandel starting with The Moral Side of Murder.

Down the moral scale we have social behaviours such as codes of conduct from addressing and relating to elders, treating people of a different social class and all the rules and taboos around sexual behaviour.

"To educate without a value system based on truth is to abandon young people to moral confusion, personal insecurity, and easy manipulation." ~ Pope St. John Paul II
This is a lovely sentiment yet is there anyone who knows the truth? The only truth is that we do not know and the most intelligent create a life in accord with Dharma.

Lets remember the cause of suffering is ignorance, yet morality is an ethical code of conduct designed to reduce suffering* that fails to work because it is fundamentally flawed.

Perhaps it is time to revise our morality and our laws and bring them into line with what it really means to be human in the 21st century?

Thought is something physical, tangible, controllable and corruptible!

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