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Rising male incompetence, infertility and female genital mutilation

In their interpretation of Islam, Muslims have made nightmares of their lives. Most rational people know that Islam wants to control the entire world and is fully prepared to kill everyone who does not become a Muslim. But they have no regard for reason, no concept of insanity and of course most people know that Muslim men have no respect for women who under Islamic law are little more than chattels.

In the ongoing battle between the sexes, an argument that is being going on since Adam and Eve, the Islamic solution was simply to make women non-people and the Islamic culture a totalitarian patriarchy.

This provides sociologists with a broad field of topics to explore. Why is it that Muslim men despise their women so much? Why is it they never learned to get along? One doesn't have to dig too far below the surface to realise that 1600 years of inbreeding, that is the marriages between cousins and the high rate of incestual births is undermining the genetic health population.

They have little regard for science, the laws of nature or respect reach other, it's a battle survival which the men are losing. Due to their process of enculturation, men don't get to have healthy relationships with women and this begins from childhood. The suppression of male urge either finds an outlet through homosexuality or it is suppressed and causes a further psychological imbalance.

In contrast, the majority of Muslim women are far more grounded because they go through the rites of passage associated with menstruation, childbirth and a life of subservience. But long ago the Muslims discovered that the process of female genital mutilation wounded a woman to such an extent that she would be more subservient.

But sex or a woman is extremely important, but like men if she is denied that simple pleasure and psychosis results. The genital mutilation women is an extremely painful procedure and is normally done by the uneducated and unqualified using dirty and often blunt instruments. A major consequence is that a great many girls and women die from the infections and other complications.

The operation may involve the removal of the external knob of the clitloris, but it may also involve the removal of most of the external genitalia because those performing the operation are clueless about anatomy and operating superstition.

In terms of the damage to a woman's life, she may well suffer less if she lost a leg or an arm, but Muslim men seem to have lost the capacity to understand this. Perhaps this is what happens after so many generations of inbreeding?

This problem is so enculturated that the Egyptian member of Parliament llhami Agina made a statement on public television using the more polite phrase of female circumcision presenting a case justifying female genital mutilation because the men don't know how to have sex.

When it comes to sex, it's the greatest pleasure that most people experience in their lifetimes, at least when it goes well. But when the entirety of male youth is raised watching Internet porn and believing that women are only there to serve their needs and their only experience of sex as masturbation, homosexuality or sex with animals, their education is twisted and tragically lacking.

As the leadership espoused morality, the leadership and the wealthy copied from the Roman and built pleasure houses with music, images of acrobats and dancing girls, signs of moral relaxation at places like Quseir Amra in a wadi out of Damascus. Rules for he rich and rules for the poor and renditions of paradise on earth.

Most married men will know that their wives appreciate having a good sexual relationship which is what helps to create a bond and makes married life very pleasant. To the ignorant man who is simply using a woman for his pleasure, he may have sex with her before she's ready and then he's all done and dusted before she has time to enjoy the experience.

In a healthy sexual relationship where the man is capable of bringing this part to a satisfactory completion, it is the euphoria of a good sexual experience (orgasm) that actually sweetens the functioning of body and mind in a similar way to the euphoria sometimes experienced in meditation.

In effect the practice of genital mutilation deprives women of one of their human rights and the men never really get to experience what it is to be a real man. One of the real tragedies as can be seen in this video to the right is that the procedure becomes enculturated and the women themselves take charge of committing this crime against their daughters.

But in 2016 as Muslims begin to assert themselves in Europe and North America, they are crying out for this procedure to take place across the entire world.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization)
  • The procedure has no health benefits for girls and women.
  • Procedures can cause severe bleeding and problems urinating, and later, potential childbirth complications and newborn deaths.
  • It is mostly carried out on young girls sometime between infancy and age 15 years.
  • In Africa an estimated 92 million girls from 10 years of age and above have undergone FGM.
  • FGM is internationally recognized as a violation of the human rights of girls and women.

This inhumane procedure prevents women from experiencing a vital part of their humanity and it needs to be stopped. The only way to do this is through education, the diminishment of Islam and the elevation of normal human relationships between men and women.

FGM names include: Female Genital Mutilation, Female Genital Cutting, Female Circumcision, Boondoo Ceremony, Boondoo Initiation.


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