Beyond Belief

Grand delusions

beliefWhat we know and what we believe are two entirely things. We know the sky is blue and the grass is green because we have direct experience and because we have direct experience, there is no need to believe because we know.

But with believe, we don't know and we can never know until we have that definitive experience and until that time every belief is only a speculative theory.

There are some aspects of knowledge that like planet Earth being round we accept as truth because it is based on a collective testimony and when we question that understanding, that can be tested and proven as fact.

So let's take God as an example of belief. Many people have had experiences of life that they can only describe as divine which is very enough because not every life experience can be put into words, but throughout human history there has never been any verifiable proof of God.

As we think, so we become

Energy follows thought and if we put enough energy into thinking that something is real or believing that something is true, it may actually become a reality. However the resultant reality may only be true for the perceiver and not for anyone else.

Take the hypochondriac, they have read about some disease and they believe that they have it. Their body and/or mind is presenting the symptoms of that disease within their experience, but when they are evaluated through medical science, there is no trace of the disease.

But when hypochondriac believed strongly enough in their disease, they often die. When the moralist believes strongly enough that their God or their idea is absolutely right and everyone else's absolutely wrong, it gives them permission to trample over everyone else because their belief is justification for their actions.

In the case of daesh, (formerly ISIL), the terrorist group operating across the world but based in Iraq and Syria, they believe that they are right in their actions regardless of the suffering they cause.  We must also remember that their stance is a reaction to the heavy-handed actions based on the beliefs within American exceptionalism that have destroyed those countries.

unicornsDirect knowledge helps to reveal the truth and understanding of life whereas belief is only ever a possibility, a dream as the scientific speculation as to parallel universes.  One day the belief, the idea, the possibility may be proven true, but it should never be used to justify any action that causes suffering to anyone else.

Enlightened people have been telling us throughout the ages the cooperation and kindness are more important than selfishness and aggression. In our social experiments we have proved that as being true. This is direct knowledge, yet we suffer these beliefs that separate us and cause suffering.

It's time to recognize what we know, to listen to what we feel, to grow up, to set aside our beliefs, to consider what we know and base our lives on actual knowledge.

It's time to leave behind those ideas that set us apart, it's time to embrace the verifiable truths that support our collective survival and greater happiness.   Beliefs and dreams are something intimate and personal and within our selves they are okay. But beliefs turned outward and set upon the world have always caused great suffering and continue to do so today, so it is time we all suspended our beliefs and disbelief's and sought the truth of life.


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