Beyond the Body

Obstacles to healing

clipsbWe exist within our physical body and it becomes a playground for working out some of our karma as we have experiences ranging from vibrant health to debilitating illnesses.

Most of us identify ourselves as our body and refer to our body as me, myself or I. Yet anyone familiar with any modern understanding of spirituality will recognise that the body is a vehicle and what we refer to as 'I' is something greater.

Our body is composed of about 70% water and a collection of elements and stuff which is obtained from the earth via the foods we eat. But even our mind is considered as being something physical, it is a bioelectrical system that facilitates intercellular communication throughout our bodies.

All-out life experience happens within our own body and mind and we gather external information about our world through the senses of sight, sound, taste and touch. Add to this our education and socialisation, and from all of this we develop an understanding of life.

The above is a summary of self perception, now let's bring this discussion back towards health and one of the first aspects of ill-health is that about 70% of all diseases begin in our minds. This is because we have received false education and our perception is judged and distorted by our intelligence.

In the larger scheme of things, intelligence is a little like an internal secretary. It does its best to ensure that data is collated according to certain criteria and the needs for survival are taking care of.

Now lets come to the body or rather the perception of our bodies as an obstacle to health and healing.

If we can see our body as being a vehicle and ensuring that its needs for survival are being met, that is enough. But for many millennia we have been decorating our bodies, and in places were was too cold for comfort we developed clothing.

For perhaps millions of years, survival was mankind's main problem. There were wild animals that would eat us, there were natural disasters that would destroy us. But as we became more adept at surviving and population numbers increased, so did our fears and insecurities which gave rise to religion and morality.

Some of the old understandings in the world that may be classified as religious celebrated life and celebrated the human body without any shame. However the new religions that were established for political expediency rather than human well-being set out to divide people and make them more controllable.

In a very short time in terms of human evolution, the people who assumed power over society and were corrupted in their nature decided that the human body and indeed any physical pleasure was sinful for the general population and yet a right for them.

Add to this makes the growth of capitalism and biased education in favour of the rich, the morality relating to the human body and the human relationships became cemented in place.

In many countries today it is a criminal offence to be seen naked and people have so many phobias about their bodies. They are too short, too tall, too fat thin or somehow not good-looking and all of these factors including being too poor or too hard done by all set up mental attitudes that affect body chemistry.

You must understand that our body is simply a cocktail of chemicals and even what we think is a chemical response or reaction. So if our mind is feeding us debilitating information, the body will slowly become unwell, but of the mind realises its own nature and behaves accordingly, good health ensues.

How to get beyond the body

After years of erroneous mental programming and as most of us live within the confines of a narrowminded society, some effort is required to generate a genuine desire to be well. We cannot exist without desire and the very nature of our desires can exacerbate our sickness or lead us to improved health and wellness.

This process can be seen of a journey of self recreation or regeneration. It requires the suspension of beliefs and disbelief's, it requires a total acceptance of one's own body and ideas.

Many people have an instinctive urge to understand and experience life beyond their bodies, and some will turn to activities like yoga and meditation, others will embrace naturism and spend time without wearing any clothes. There are a great many other recreational activities, but what is mentioned is known to work.

Yoga and meditation provide directions to actually touch divinity and if you touch divinity, foolish notions about one's identity will rapidly begin to fall away. When one is naked in public, all the allusions about body and self are exposed in a way that helps to develop a more balanced understanding of life.

Over the past few thousand years humanity has undergone a process of dehumanisation and as a consequence we are literally destroying ourselves. Our false understanding and beliefs lead to bad attitudes that not only undermine ourselves, they are destroying our immune systems, destroying the environment and creating worldwide conflict.

Re-creating ourselves as intelligent and responsible human beings is the only solution for improved health, world peace and the continued existence of our species.  To do this, we must get beyond our bodies, we must get beyond our prejudices and perversions about our physicality and our thought processes. Then when we have touched the divine within us, we will know real peace and joy that comes from within.


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