Body and Self

How we see ourselves and each other


Beauty the way God made us and the vehicle of our existence. A Hegre ArtĀ Image

We live in an age of political correctness and a great deal of confusion about who we are in for a great many reasons. Yet by and large we have come to identify ourselves as being a combination of our physical body, our mind and even spirit for those who believe or perceive.

When we think about our body self, it is really about how we perceive ourselves and how we identify ourselves. When a public official asks our identity, we give our name and governmental record number. When a non-official person asks who we are out of curiosity, we may simply give our first name and perhaps our interest or occupation.

Of course the way we dress also denotes our position in society be a class or cast depending on where you live. Now is come to the question of who we really are?

We can identify ourselves as being the physical body, but there are certain applications to this. If we think that when we were born we were very small, but as you are reading this, you are physically much larger. Medical science tells us that the cells inside our bodies are replaced anywhere between a period of weeks or 1 to 2 years.

As the cells in our bodies are regularly being replaced and every time we flew had, it is converted through the process of digestion into new body parts and energy. Therefore if we were actually the body a piece of us would die with every cell that dies and a part of us is born again with each new cell that develops.

If you think about this, you may come to realise that we are not actually this physical body. We are bound to it and it serves as a vehicle for our worldly experience, but fundamentally we are not actually this physical body.

Similarly with our mind, this is an organ which is in a constant state of flux. Supposedly we are born without any knowledge, but we collect knowledge over our lifetime which then forms they basis for our actions and activities. Thoughts can change and yet by changing the way we think does not necessarily change who we are.

Why Nth Americans Fear Nudity

Therefore we cannot be the mind or the body, we are something else. Here we can use the analogy of the computer. Our physical body is all the hardware, but our mind is the operating system leaving us still with the question of who are we?

Spiritualists have always discussed something beyond the mind and body which they term as the human spirit or soul. If we examine spiritual literature, the soul (we shall use that term for convenience) is a subtle aspect of the nature that has a deeper and more subtle effect on our lives.

There is another aspect we call consciousness and this seems to have a greater degree of freedom. If you think, when someone stands on your toe your consciousness goes to your toe. But if you see someone across the street who is having and oops moment, your consciousness can travel across the street to appreciate what's going on. Even more extreme is in meditation or in our dream state, our consciousness can go very far from our bodies.

In reality, the parameters of our consciousness are almost completely unknown and not able to be medically or scientifically examined. If someone has an out of body experience, there is no real way of knowing whether or not they actually left their body or if the experience was a chemical reaction with inside the body mind that created the perception of being distinctly separate from the body.

But if we take this idea even further in terms of what science knows about the nature of reality, we don't even know if this life experience is in fact a real physical life or simply a dream?

Our human body

"Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel." Kevin Trudeau, laws of modern man.

This wonderful organism is the basis of our worldly experience and given the right circumstances, it is fully self healing, self repairing and capable of remaining healthy and active well beyond one hundred years as discussed in longevity.

The human body has many parts which co-operate to function as a complete entity or community, but it is typically dissected into it's constituent parts as head, torso, limbs and the systems of digestion, elimination and reproduction. Further reduction defines skin, bone, muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, blood, lymphatic, cerebrospinal and digestive fluids along with a host of enzymes, bacteria and other beneficial organisms making for ease of understanding. One of the unfortunate effects of dissection into component parts is that often the relationship to the 'whole' is lost.

All our body parts are linked by the central nervous system to create a coordinated functioning whole body linked into consciousness. Consciousness is less well understood by the mind, and this seems to be tied into our very identity; who are we? All we know for sure is that we are the sum total of parts listed above and that our survival is dependent on our planetary home and our peaceful co-existence with our fellow man. Some elements of consciousness are discussed under psychology.

We hold that every individual human body and human being is a marvel of creation, a treasure-house of the spirit to be celebrated regardless of gender or fortune, yet the human body is subject to judgement and many social, commercial, religious and political influences. Moralists and politicians argue that the body is sinful and this edict has come with such religious and political power, that generations of people have become afraid of their bodies and powerless.

Fortunately this era is now slipping away behind us, however these judgements affect and shape our lives to the detriment of freedom and where freedom is denied, health suffers. I do not argue for promiscuity, public nudity, I argue for universal responsibility and a good heart and conscious effort to create a world where everyone is self responsible and free of limiting judgements.

If we can accept this human body as a vehicle and not have any judgements toward it, we should have no issues whether or not we are naked or clothed. When we go to a doctor, we remove our clothing for external and internal inspections. This is simply taking your body to be serviced as you would your car and there is no way you could go to a doctor with a genital complaint and not have your genitals examined. So why are we so prudish with each other?

"Naturists shed their public persona, along with their clothes,
to free themselves from the connections to
work and family outside their retreat.

"There is a certain amount of freedom.
If you are wearing clothes you instantly identify yourself
as somebody in this class or that.
If you take clothes away - gone."

A history of body image

It is not so long ago in human history that we spent most of our time naked but with changes in climate and occupation, clothing was invented. But it wasn't really until the advent of religions that anyone had any real concern about body image. Before religions people were free and able to go about naked if they so chose. Until modern times clothing was ready for protection from the elements only when needed or for ceremonial occasions.

Yet today our clothing has come to define our position and class within society and we have evolved rules for how I we should dress in different places. At some beaches and spa resorts it is acceptable to be completely naked whereas more generally people are expected to wear a swimming costume. Yet while it is acceptable to where a minimal swimsuit on the beach or at a pool, to walk downtown dress like that would attract condemnation unless of course you were a pretty young woman.

Conversely someone on the beach who was dressed for work in their office may attract a few curious glances but no one would really care although a clothes person on a nudist beach would almost be ostracised almost as quickly as a naked man walking through downtown.

Another perversion and a consequence of modern sexuality is that young women especially although they might be perfectly comfortable on a nudist beach, when they go out on a date with a young man he can only see and touch her naked body once he meets certain criteria that pleases her.

Similarly when people go for a massage and this applies mostly to women, they are quite happy to have a gynaecological examination, but when they go to have a massage those private areas of the body must not be seen or touched by a massage therapist even though that therapist may have spent as many years and training as a gynaecologist in the equally professional.

Like so much in life, our attitudes toward our bodies often sucks and needs some redress. Political correctness and prudishness actually inhibits well-being and is simply a game that creates winners and losers at the expense of good health and social freedom.


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