Boys Toy or Wise Woman?

A girl who enjoys sex

hitcchin1Hey there, this world is really one fucked-up place but I have a story that has never quite made sense. A few years back I picked up this girl hitchhiking out of Canberra and like she was wearing an open little jacket showing her tits but I managed to put away my lust and we had a really nice conversation, its like we just clicked.

She said she wasn't going to meet anyone and had no place to stay but wanted to spend time in Sydney so I said that she was welcome to crash on my couch which she accepted. Now one of my mates had invited me to a barbecue so we drove directly to his place and because it was a bit early, he gave us a couple of beers then he went down the bottle store to get a few more leaving us alone in the house.

Actually we went out on the deck and I watched her for a minute then complimented her on her body. She just laughed and said that bodies were nice but then she dropped her shorts to the floor and we just went for each other. It's like there was some sort of magnetism there and we just couldn't help ourselves. So there we were getting close to climax when my mate arrived back with a few other guys.

I think they all saw me as being something of a quiet guy and in the embarrassment of being caught, I wanted to get dressed ASAP but she held me there as the guys cheered and started giving me a bit of a ribbing. I went soft and don't quite remember what she said, but it was something to the effect that sex is a fun social activity and next thing I know they started having turns with her.

Part of me felt rather torn up because I'd bought this girl along and she was having it off with my mates, but on another level it was an unusual but interesting kind of fun. She was really enjoying herself and seemed none the worse for wear when Kev whose house it was told us to break it up because the women kids were due any minute, we had a quick cleanup and made ourselves decent before everyone else arrived.

The party was normal and I don't think anyone else caught on to what had taken place and when I took her home. I guess I was still feeling a bit confused and not particularly interested in sex. But afterwards in the shower she chided me about being bashful and after a bit of almost aggressive foreplay on her part we spent half the night fucking. The actual sex was really nice and straightforwards, like she didn't act like a porn star and even the oral sex was minimal. That we had a great conversation and she was really interested in ancient history, aliens and the subtle intelligence in nature. She even thought that the idea that God was love should be changed to God is intelligence and she made good sense.

Next morning I felt totally knackered but she bounced out of bed and made breakfast, I was really chuffed. It also gave me some more energy and we spent another couple of hours screwing as she started talking about her concepts of love and sex. She thought that emotional love was something that people just buy into and that marriage was just a social convenience for raising kids.  I couldn't disagree because I really hadn't thought about it although much.

So really, she blew my mind as well is giving me several best fuck's that I'd ever had and by midday she'd changed her mind about staying in Sydney and wanted to see some friends in Noosa. I knew one of my mates was heading up the north shore and suggested she could get a lift with him. She agreed, I gave him a call and an hour later she was gone.

At one point I remember asking her how come she was so horny and enjoyed so much sex, she'd said that she didn't really know but it was so easy, natural and so very pleasurable so she saw no reason not to indulge. Like we used condoms so there were no real health and safety issues but she also said that guys seemed to be horny all the time although their horneyness was all in their minds whereas she thought she was more grounded in her body.

But that night after she'd gone I could scarcely sleep because I felt so turned on, frustrated and confused I guess. A few days later I got together with the guys who'd all taken turns with her and we agreed that there needs to be a few more girls around like that. Over the next few weeks I shagged a few girls who compared to her left an almost bitter taste. The how is a guy supposed to handle this?

Girls like this are a rarity because most have been brainwashed. One must remember that morality is only an invention, not a rule of nature. Of course you must realise that girls who are more promiscuous generally get some form of derogatory label and they are often shunned by society. How you handle this is simply a matter of growing up and recognising your humanity is something distinct from what society shoves down our throats. Girls and women like this should be celebrated or even worshipped because it sounds as though she also shared a great deal of wisdom as well as her body.


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  • Jessica

    Hey, I love her and can so relate. A great many girls if they are really honest love having sex and the more the better. Of course doing with a whole lot of guys all at once has a lot of challenges, but they’re mostly about what the guys think and how they behave. So some guys are lucky but is sad that so few know how to handle such a spunky girl

  • Barny

    One often hears of girls like this and the guy writing in was such a lucky barstard and I wish I was in his shoes

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