Broadening the GCSB Debate

Could the GCSB act be an anti virus program?

While Key bashing is amusing, it's also negative and unproductive, after all his mind is this way for more reasons than any of us can ever know. But we must remember that the power over us is US imperialism, a force growing because the largest export earner from the US is military supplies. The insidious side to this is that not only is the US creating conflict in regions to exploit assets like oil, but it is perpetuating war to maintain its own economy.

To understand the GCSB, I think it's important to understand the global context in which this is happening as without taking the 'whole' into account, the view is distorted. Key may be the US strong man lording over us, but we are not yet defeated. We are still US allies in statement and government sees as this as essential to playing the games on the world stage where the individuals have no rights and behind all this are some eugenic polices which give justification to mass murder illustrated in this video and I discuss more in the article terror or terror.

Yes, we have to stop the GCSB bill as it stands as from the leakages and non disclosure of the PM and what we now know about the NSA , the bill has some serious implications like limiting our rights and freedom.

The bill exists and needs an overhaul, but while we could throw it out, that still leaves the door open to the NSA, CIA, ASIO and anyone else (the corporations) to eavesdrop and collect all our data.

It seems that most of the spying that is going on is commercial espionage between corporations and the corporations collecting personal data for their own marketing purposes like marketing and the targeting of opponents to unpopular products like GM foods.

The internet has opened a Pandora's box of opportunities for commerce and to a lesser degree, law enforcement. It sounds like the GCSB bill is about having the law get more of a foot hold and take us down the path where people could be arrested and punished for crimes they have the potentiality to commit.

I think the bill needs to be put on hold and the public debate needs to be widened, but this can only happens when the full text and background details of the bill are made known.

New Zealanders are patriotic, we love our country, but so many are disheartened by what is being done to it for short term gain. The government needs to respect and trust us with all the facts including the five eyes relationship.

Most NZ politicians are not malicious, but they have been sucked in as at the end of the day, very few are in charge of their own minds and will follow the most convincing leader.

Al Jazeera’s The Stream Features NZ’s New GCSB Spy Laws

We need to be protected from the NSA and the US administration which is expanding its presence in the Philippines and Okinawa as well as building a base in Auz. I feel concerned about the increased numbers of US voices in our public offices and I think that we need to be distancing ourselves from the US and Britain (the partner in global crime), creating closer alliances with more neutral countries and looking toward our own sustainability as an independent nation which would entail regaining our sovereignty..

We want to feel safe and be free to make our own choices, but our freedoms are being limited by over population and a shortage of resources; a situation of our own creation. We must consider our past and plan for a long term future instead of short term gains without insight or ethics.

What the GCSB bill needs to do is in fact block the NSA and other agencies from spying on us, stopping people from collecting our intellectual property. So far Cuba has succeeded in blocking the US Radio and TV Marti aimed at stirring up dissent in Cuba. While the Cuban regime is not entirely popular with the Cuban people, perhaps we can learn some lessons there as while Cuba does not have all the modern gadgetry, they do have a free education and healthcare.

Down the list from Radio NZ

What down the list omits is that what information the government is lacking, it can use the GCSB to get it. It will also know because it monitors everyone to see if they have some propensity to commit a crime justifying precautionary sentencing.

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  • Tony Rockstad

    Hi, technological surveillance is a two way street as while govts and corporations have been spying on the people, their insider secrets are also exposed and we can their atrocities, see how they manipulate and rule

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