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What is Breast Augmentation and is it for you?

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The term breast augmentation (mammoplasty) refers to the enlargement or reduction of the breasts through a breast implant or cosmetic procedure.

Mammoplasty can also be used to make breasts more even, or to replace a breast after a mastectomy. It is also done for gender transformations.

This is a major surgical procedure performed under general anaesthesia where the patient is fully unconscious during the operation.

Risks involved in breast augmentation include scarring, infections and the formation of a capsular contracture, a condition in which the internal scar tissue squeezes the implants and distorts the appearance of the breasts sometimes typical of smooth implants.

For enhancement

Typically the breast is cut open and a silicone or saline bag is inserted under the breast.  Despite the risk and residual scaring that often remains, it's a popular and often performed medical procedure that has been used for decades.

For reduction

A procedure for women with excessively large breasts and men suffering gynecomastia.  This is also a surgical procedure done under full anaesthetic.  Typically the breast is cut open and a volume of breast tissue is removed.  Often surgeons must go to some length to reshape the breast to leave as close to normal apperance as possible.

January 2012: Breast implants were in the news again for all the wrong reasons as more women come forward with complications. BBC Report.

Negative Implications:

  • Expense
    The overall cost of the procedure can run into the thousands of dollars. This is an expense that is no affordable and even with a payment plan is impractical.
  • Misshaped
    Implants often harden and look lumpy over time while many women end up with their nipples set unnaturally high.
  • Scarring
    The patient will have a scar along the fold line of the breast or around the nipple. Although these locations can result in a less noticeable scar, it can still be seen unless treated successfully. The extent of scarring depends on the skill of the surgeon, the patients health and post surgical treatment.
  • Recovery
    The sutures do not get removed for several days. In addition, many ordinary tasks are restricted and many women opt to have a caretaker. The patient also has to take several days off from work.
  • Prescription medication
    The cost of these medications can be costly. They also prolong your recovery time.
  • Pain
    Many women will undergo a lot of pain after this procedure. This can last for several weeks and residual pain can last several months.
  • Health risks
    As with any major surgery, there can be many unanticipated reactions which differ from person to person. For instance, excessive bleeding can occur, anesthesia reaction, implant rupture, infection and even death.
  • This is a temporary solution
    Yes, silicone needs to be replaced every 8 - 12 years meaning you have to undergo that operation 3 - 5 times in your lifetime. When you get tired of that procedure and decide to go without your implants, your breasts may become non existent and you suffer an emotional loss.


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There are other viable alternatives available for women that need a breast enlargement. Natural products are the best option, but women should avoid items that are filled with hormones. Instead, a breast enlargement product that has no chemicals or artificial ingredients should be purchased.

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