Breast Care following Augmentation

Massage as post surgery breast care

Misshaped breasts as silicon hardens. These implants need replaced.

Another of the risks involved in breast augmentation is the formation of a capsular contracture, a condition in which the internal scar tissue squeezes the implants and distorts the appearance of the breasts sometimes typical of smooth implants.

Fortunately, breast massage, which includes compression, squeezing, and displacement, can significantly reduce the risk of capsular contracture by making enough room for the implants to move naturally as well as keeping the silicone softer and more able to conform to the desired shape.

Massage can begin soon after surgery using high quality nutritive and edible oils to help heal the scar tissue and recover from surgery. As the scarring fades, regular self massage will help the breast tissues to settle and accommodate the implants as well as keeping the silicone pliable.

Not all doctors and cosmetic surgeons agree with or suggest massage, this is usually because they do not know the value of massage. So massage it a matter of self responsibility and self care. It's well documented that massage done correctly helps recovery from all ailments and afflictions because to helps the cellular structure of the body to function more effectively.

Ideally women should be taught how to self massage their breasts, but most are ignorant despite good evidence it's an excellent method to maintain good breast health and prevent disease. The method is a combination of what feels good and a gentle method of gently stroking and kneading the entirety of both breasts.

Due to a certain amount of phobia about breasts, breast massage has been suppressed which has been a great disservice to all women. Therefore women need to make some effort to learn how to better care for themselves. They can do this by having some massages including breast massage.

The main reasons for breast massage following augmentation:

  • Faster healing of scar tissue
  • Reducing swelling and general comfort
  • Removing toxins
  • Keeping the implant 'in place'.
  • Keeping the silicone soft as it hardens over time
  • Maintaining good breast health

The formation of scar tissue

As soon as any cut or foreign material enters the body, it reacts by sending white cells to combat any infection then begins to manufacture new cells to populate the damaged tissues. The production of new cells often results in scar tissue and uneven cellular growth that can be seen and felt.

Regular massage helps facilitate regeneration helps to prevent and smooth out scar tissues, even out underlying tissues and remove any pathogens or harmful micro-organisms that may have gotten in.

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