Breast Enhancement

Natural Solutions to Gain a Fuller and Firmer Bust

nicebust2Having a nice bust is desirable for most women. The reasons are many; it maybe for conformity with other women, to boost self confidence, to become more successful in life and business generally, or to help find a partner. There is absolutely no doubt that a combination of pleasing appearance and self-confidence helps people to be more successful. Sound body maintenance, keeping yourself clean and well presented for the situation is important.

But sometimes this is not enough because we live in such a competitive society and people spend small fortunes maintaining their physical appearance. Breast enhancement is a viable option for women who think it would be right for them and there are many different ways of going about this.

The simplest option is to wear a padded or push-up bra which creates a nice deception until such time as one undresses. But in the competitive and commercial world this is a popular and fashionable option although if one is in the market for a husband, there can be some awkwardness in exposing the real you.

One of the most popular surgical methods is to get implants but they don't always turn out as planned and considerable numbers of women have been left permanently disfigured. Some breast implants fit really well but the majority give the illusion of an ample bust until such time as one removes one's clothing. If you are looking for a lover or husband using either of these cosmetic options, undressing in front of them can be embarrassing and when you're looking for a husband in particular, do breast implants impact on your ability to have children?

The natural solutions are best and they involve postural improvement, general health improvement and self responsibility. In other words you have to be in charge of your own life. Self-control is just that, by knowing your body and yourself, you can get the best possible results that are sustainable and often permanent. The natural solutions for bust increase are a combination of using herbal creams, nutritionals, massage and exercise that you can do yourself in the privacy of your own home. No one needs to know and one of the first things to do is to stand naked in front of a mirror and observe your posture.

The average cup size is a "C",  so stop wishing. and doing so is no different to keeping yourself fit and healthy in other ways, nor is it any different from the men who spend hours in the gym developing their hard sixpacks and bulky biceps. Over a period of one to twelve months, it's possible to increase your bust naturally to increase up to 3 cup sizes. To support your breast enhancement program it's recommended that you follow a healthy diet, an active lifestyle and gently massage your breasts 2x daily. Just like a great haircut, with great breasts your clothing will fit better, be more flattering and your confidence will soar. It may make people wonder, "What is different about her... a new haircut? Hmmmm." But fuller breasts will be your little secret.

Applications and Tablets

If you are serious about bust improvement, you need to do a little homework and realise that they work nutritionally. The creams absorb through the skin to stimulate breast growth and they require that you spend 10 to 15 minutes massaging your breasts every day until the product has been used up. It's helpful to learn a little basic self massage and treat yourself nicely. You may need to get up earlier in the morning and treat yourself again when you go to bed.You also need to use these products for a minimum of thirty days and optimally about three months for the best results. If it's breast firming you're after, you may need to repeat the procedure every few years. Of course not all products are equal and some work better on some people than on other's. Fortunately the cost is not high and if one product doesn't work as well as expected, when you finish using it give yourself a few weeks break and try another.

In the list below, the nutritional supplements come in the form of tablets or capsules of which the most popular that we know in the list below is Total Curve nutritional tablets and cream. They need to be taken as directed and should you have any adverse reaction to either pills or potions, they can be returned for a full refund within the manufacturer's or retailers specified period.

Amongst the creams, Total Curve has been around a long time and has a proven track record while the McKaley creams promise to work quickly. But with these products what works more slowly generally lasts longer and overall a better result is gained by using a cream that you massage on and a nutritional supplement.

Applications - cream and pill combos
Total Curve nutritional tablets and cream
Reafirmante De Busto Espanol
Procurves Plus and Procurves Cream

CoQ10 Firming Cream
Enhance Max
Jo Bosom Booster
Boobs Cream by McKaley
Instant Lift from McKaley
Larger Boobs Fast Cream by McKaley
Bakson's Sunny Herbals B-Shape Cream
Cobeco Cosmetic
Aichun Beauty
Palmers Cocoa Butter
Macaria Boobs Cream
Guam Cellules

Bust Max
Max Curves

But wait, do you slouch?

When you slouch, your shoulders drop forwards, your chest collapses diminishing the size of your boobs. But other things are also happening inside your body, give cage compresses your abdomen which also compresses your other internal organs such as heart and lungs depriving you of energy and adequate circulation. In other words snatching not only make sure boobs look smaller, it compromises your body's ability to function as it should.

Therefore if you slouch, the first step in improving the appearance of your boobs is to stand up straight with your shoulders back and your head held high. If you're not sure what your posture should be like, stand against the wall so that your heels and as much of the back side of your body is against the wall. Also pull your shoulders back and keeping the back of the head touching the wall just lift the back of your head slightly. If you typically slouch all the time, this will feel really strange but practice walking around (naked if you can).

When you stand up straight and tall with your shoulders back your boobs will set higher on your chest and that maybe sufficient increase. But standing tall the increased energy flow around your body will leave you feeling happier. But then you will become aware of all the games people play and some of the reasons why you slouched in the first place. By walking tall, learning to deflect other people's opinions and attitudes, you become more your own person.

If you decide that you still want larger breasts then you have all the options from self massage, pills and potions listed above and finally surgery as a last resort.


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