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Becoming response-able

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When we are young, we tend to think that we are invincible and that nothing could ever go wrong. However in our youth we often pushed the boundaries of life to see what we can get away with and when social life becomes more important than the needs of the body, the seeds of poor health are sometimes sown.

The word responsibility usually infers that you are either in a position of authority or you are someone to take the blame. But responsibility really means that one is able to respond to life which is why the headline response-able is written.

By taking responsibility and behaving responsibly, you can keep your life on track the way you want it. But if you are unwilling or unable to be responsible, you will forever be a victim in life.

Early detection of anomalies

The shape and texture of the breasts will change during your monthly cycle and it is very helpful to be aware of these changes. When you know your own body, you all quickly notice anything which is unusual.

It is so important to detect any abnormality as early as possible so that it can be evaluated and treated if necessary. A change in texture or a different sensation does not necessarily mean there is a cancer or any disease, but when these changes are examined then appropriate action can be taken.

Breast cancer is seen by many as an epidemic affecting as many as one in six women although recently, the health authorities say this has been reduced to one woman in thirteen. So regular self checks are vital not only for women, but men too as they may also suffer breast cancer.

Every woman needs to self examine. You can take a medical approach and treat your breasts like a foreign objects, but it's much nicer to perform regular self breast massage. All you need to do is use a little soap when showering to massage both breasts for thirty seconds or so ensuring that you feel into the breast tissues to feel for any irregularities.

Check for:

  • changes in appearance or colour
  • differences in texture
  • lumps or hardness
  • look at yourself in the mirror standing square on; look to see if your breasts look even and repeat the exercise with your arms stretched to your sides, and again with your arms above your head.

Medical experts advise monthly self checks. The best way to achieve this is by regularly performing self breast massage and this can be done weekly in the shower.

When visiting a doctor, the exam will be something like the partner self breast exam below.

Self exam. Its nicer to do in the shower when the skin is wet.
This video is very old, but the techniques are the same.



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