Breasts Self Care

Self maintenance


Do you ever wonder and feel envious of celebrities and people who have beautiful and attractive breasts that seem to draw and entice the attention of not only men, but women as well?

Regular maintenance and breast care essentials should be learned regardless of your breasts size and self care should be an element of your overall body care regime including exercise, good diet and nutrition.

The skin of your breasts is just as susceptible to premature ageing as your face.  Just think, you spend a lot of time applying detailed care hair and face so why not care for your boobs?

If you don't then over time they will sag he also run the risk of breast cancer. But these self-care tips may go a long way to ensuring that your breasts as well as the rest of your body goes the distance.

But in addition to maintaining a good diet, and a good level of health and fitness, you can be proactive, by:

  • Massage And Moisturise
    To maintain or rebuild the elasticity of your breasts, massage and moisturise your breasts regularly with a body lotion or beauty serum specially designed for breasts. Breast Beauty Serum is one fine example you may opt for to start your breasts beauty regime. A natural solution that gives you a natural lift of your breasts. Self breast massage is a cheap and easy way to stimulate blood circulation and metabolism which keeps breast tissue healthy. Breast massage
  • Watch How You Sleep
    Yes, the old midwives tale is worth remembering. Sleeping face down can sometimes misshape your breasts, especially if you have implants. Take care of your sleeping position to maintain the firmness and shape of your breasts. How to do that? Simply sleep on your side with a pillow under them for support.
  • Get Enough Sleep
    Sleep adequately and avoid extreme stress. This is necessary for successful cellular renewal that happens at immense speed in your body.
  • Watch What You Eat
    Consume foods that are high in protein to strengthen your breasts muscles such as yellow fruits, broccoli, Brazil nuts, legume, beans etc.
  • Watch Out For The Sun
    You need to get some sun on your body and 15 - 30  minutes a day is ideal.  But avoid excessive exposure and note that many sun blocks may contain toxins.
  • Use Soap & Water
    Clean your breasts and arm pits thoroughly every day, while showering, wash thoroughly and rinse off well by directing a stream of fresh water over your breasts and arm pits for a minute or two.
  • You don't need to wear a bra
    True, there is no scientific evidence that wearing a bra stops sagging or helps breast health in any way. But this is a substantial body o evidence that says your bar an be harmful to breast health.
  • Avoid deodorants
    Deodorants are one of the principal suspects of causing breast cancer as the arm pits are a location where toxins are excreted. Deodorants block this function and trap toxins in the breasts and may cause cancer.
  • Go For That Examination
    Regular self-examination is the best treatment to detect lumps or abnormalities in your breasts. You can also have this performed by your doctor.  Thermography (thermal imaging) and ultrasound are healthy alternatives to mammograms. Thermography ensures no exposure to radiation and its harmful effects. Its results are deemed more effective at identifying certain types of cancer.
  • Massage On That Moisturiser
    It is an investment worth banking on if you have generally dry skin, but be sure to go chemical free as may body care products contain harmful toxins.  A good quality massage oil is ideal and inexpensive, but if your breasts have suffered through prior neglect, breast feeding or just want that extra tone or lift,  investing in a natural breast serum can help you achieve the breasts that look full and age-defied.

Following all of these steps will help maintain overall good health as well as the shape and health of your bust.


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  • Patrice

    Isn’t it ironic that the rich and famous women of the world can appear almost naked in public but if anyone else does it, it’s a crime? But good points on maintenance

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