Building Immunity

Reducing the risk of infections

virusOur world really is a melting pot of compounds, enzymes, bacteria's and viruses. Some of them are beneficial and some of them are potentially harmful. We know and this knowledge is backed by the scientific evidence that when we are fit and healthy we become less susceptible to infection by any pathogen.

But building community is akin to building good health fitness which starts before birth with the parents. Assuming the parents are in good health and the living conditions are adequate, a new child gains its initial immunity from the colostrum in its mother's milk. When a child is young there are a great many pathogens that can cause health problems.

The most common are the common cold, whooping cough, the mumps, measles and chickenpox. Although measles is of greater concern, all healthy children will survive these afflictions and become immune to reinfection. But even as they go through life they are going to be exposed to many more potential threats be they airborne viruses, unhealthy bacteria that cause food poisoning all the new superbugs that are emerging due to the failure of antibiotics.

The process of auto immunisation

If we look deeply at who we are in terms of our and body, the plants we eat absorb nutrients from the soil. When we eat those plants, they are converted into body parts and energy, so therefore in effect we are eating soil.

When the newborns drink their mothers first milk or colostrum, they are getting a very refined nutrient mix that also contains keys to help the the bodies defences against bacterial and viral attack. As soon as they are able most babies and small children if given the opportunity will actually eat the soil from either the roadside or the garden. They are not fussed, they will eat almost any soil if given the opportunity.

Of course that soil contains lots of bugs and potential nasty is, but I have never heard of any child becoming sick from eating soil in fact many medical specialists support this activity because it is probable that children racially further enhanced their immunity and disease resistance simply by eating dirt.

There is another factor about the soil and that is within the stomach it absorbs toxins and heavy metals that may be present in the body and helps to eliminate them. There are many natural medical treatments where patients are advised to eat certain types of soil or clay for this reason.

As children grow, they like to get dirty they will play in the mud and think nothing of it. But it's probable that this further enhances their immunity and simply the fact that they are playing is also very good for their health.

Recognising that we are part of nature and living accordingly

We have many sayings around the concepts of natural is best and that every plant and mineral has some medicinal quality. This in part is why holistic dietitians advise that we have a broad but largely vegetarian diet.

Because our bodies actually come from the soil, by being a vegetarian we are in effect cutting out what business we would call as the middleman who in the case of diet would be meat. Our bodies and our digestive system are optimised for a vegetarian diet. Vegetarians live longer and suffer less disease, therefore raising children on a vegetarian diet is optimal for their health.

mothereTherefore strong immune system is really a symptom of good health and life in balance with nature. Many see infections as being natures way of weeding out the week and helping to keep the population strong and if we want our children to be strong and to endure, we must raise them the right way and create a social structure that supports them throughout their lives.

Unfortunately we live in an age of social breakdown, a dependency on fossil fuel's and meat as a major part of our diet. We have created societies and lifestyles based on finance which is nothing to do with nature, so in effect we have become highly corrupted and divorced from nature.

It is only by recognising ourselves as being part of nature and learning to cooperate with nature that we can endure as a species. Therefore when we want to improve their immunity, is not just about becoming vegetarian, it's about embracing our heritage and our biological connection with mother Earth.

Allopathic medicine, antibiotics and other modern drugs cannot save us because they only treat the symptoms, not the underlying cause of illness. If we want to be well and if we want to survive as a species it's all up to us to become responsible human beings.

There are of course many doctors who would disagree with this summary, they argue that modern medicine is the only solution. However modern medicine is really only a few hundred years old, it is largely experimental and it only treats the symptoms of disease and not the cause of disease and does nothing to bolster the immune system beyond advising a sensible diet and some exercise.


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