Business and Pleasure in Greece

A country under pressure

Since this post was written, Greece has been flooded with refugees which means you have to take extra security precautions, but on the other hand because of its financial difficulties, you may get a very good deal.

by Nick Nikolis

When you think of travelling to Greece, you'd probably would think of doing it on your leisure time and many people visit Greece on their honeymoon, anniversary, or for a family vacation. There is so much to see in Greece; so much rich history. Who wouldn't love the opportunity to see the Acropolis of Athens, or the historical site of Olympia. Maybe you have visited Greece before, or maybe you have only daydreamed about it.

Have you ever considered travelling to Greece for your next international business meeting? You probably think that the beautiful Mediterranean beaches and business don't mix. Perhaps the thought of discussing business while pondering the the medieval city of Rhodes seems like a far fetched idea. You are probably used to the mundane, routine business trips.

When you board your outgoing flight and the flight attendant smiles and says "Business or pleasure?"; you sigh and reluctantly say "Business" as the thought of long boring meetings makes you wish you were going on vacation instead. Although it may sound too good to be true, you can travel for business and pleasure at the same time. In today's fast paced world we have to find time for ourselves, otherwise we lose who we are.

Instead of our business giving us quality of life; we will be giving up our quality of life for the business. Wouldn't it be nice if your spouse and children could do some shopping in down town Athens or sightseeing at Mount Athos while you're in the business meeting or seminar.

thesiWouldn't it be great to have them there waiting for you to get out of the meeting so you can accompany them to see one of the many majestic churches located in the early Christian and Byzantine Thessalonica or to enjoy a picnic on the Grecian coast. You could even stay a couple of extra days to enjoy some sightseeing and relaxation time. Today many of the Greek hotels offer rooms with internet access; large capacity conference rooms for meetings and seminars, and all the appropriate accommodations for any business person.

There are also many new hotels which have been built with the business traveller in mind. Even many of the smaller hotels have conference rooms, and of course internet access.

When you host your next business meeting or seminar in Greece, you are sure to impress your colleagues. You might even encourage them to bring thier families. You could plan group outings to places such as Mystras, the Ancient Agora of Athens museum, or to one of the ancient ruins such as the Valley of the Temples.

While in Greece you not only will be able to see the many beautiful sights in-between the meetings and the seminars, but you will also be able to enjoy the world famous Greek cuisine.

I'm sure you are already familiar with the Gyros, baklava, and feta cheese, but have you ever eaten them in Greece? Have you ever tried the delicious roasted lamb or yaorti. Not only is Greek cosine delicious, it is also recommended by many nutritionists as being a healthy diet.

With so many reasons for you to have your next business event in Greece, you would be wise to forget about the old way of going about your international business meetings and seminars. When you mix in a little pleasure with business, you and your colleagues are sure to go home with your minds refreshed and your stress reduced; you will be even more effective in your business dealings when you can think clearly.

Next time the flight attendant asks you "Business or pleasure?"; you will be able to smile and say "Both".

Nick Nikolis is working in Atlantica Hotels and Resorts as an It manager. They operate Olive Garden Houses and Europe Hotels chain currently offering lodging services in Cyprus, Greece and Egypt.


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