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Cancun by Cailyn

Located on located on the Caribbean shore, on the north-east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula and north of the Riviera Maya, Cancún is the last place between Mexico and Cuba.

Cancún is a world-renowned tourist destination and a base to explore the Yucatán Peninsula. There are some ancient sites nearby and while the climate is near perfect all year, it is subject to hurricanes. The best time to visit is between December and April. It's hottest there between May and September with high humidity all year round.

Cancún has many beautiful hotels along the beachfront and the hotel Zone is shaped like the number 7 with bridges connecting to the mainland. Here you'll find a wide range of inexpensive accommodation while the mainland has luxury hotels, great malls and theme parks.

Downtown Cancun is a mix of tradition and modernity, filed with restaurants and a wonderful place to enjoy the real local atmosphere.

There are lot of tourist activities available in Cancún and it's the perfect honeymoon destination. As it's more like a tropical island paradise, it's the hub of water sports with activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing etc, swimming including swim with dolphins and fishing.

Famous for spring break parties, Cancun has something for everyone from nice restaurants, great bars and nightclubs to rave parties. A good place to start is the hotel Zone which is well known for its nightclubs where you can enjoy everything from salsa, disco, R and B and live music.

Cancún has multi cuisine restaurants. You will find something which satisfies all your tastes. Also they are really inexpensive. The hospitality is wonderful in Cancún. The Cancún underwater museum is worth a visit.

There is a wide range of shopping malls, handicrafts market, modern shopping malls and Plaza Las Americas is a good place to visit as it's where the locals live.

Sex for money and prostitution is legal in Mexico and the sex workers in Cancun are not slow in coming forward. Even though street prostitution is technically illegal in Cancun, it’s still pretty rampant in the downtown parts of Centro, so if one tries to grab you in the street, the phrase “Gracias sabrosa, pero mis precios son demasiado caro para ti“ may help you get away and it means "Tasty Thanks, but my prices are too expensive for you". Note the prices are not cheap, but most sex workers are clean and professional. If you're on a budget and wanting to find relief, go to casas de las citas, the low-end brothels for the locals.

Cancún is a wonderful travel destination with something for everyone.

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