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carnival1"From the grand street parades of Brazil to the masked balls in Italy, Carnival is a global phenomenon celebrated in over 50 countries around the world. Carnival originated as a pagan festival in ancient Egypt, to usher out winter and celebrate the beginning of spring. When Alexander the Great conquered Egypt, the Ancient Greeks adopted the festival.

The Romans assimilated the festival from the Greeks, and it was later overlaid with Christian meaning to become the festival of “Carne Vale” The word, “carne” means “meat” in Latin and “vale”, means “farewell”. In the Catholic calendar “carne vale” - farewell to meat, is a feast before the fast of Lent. In 18th century Italy, people preparing for Lent would throw indulgent fancy-dress parties and gorge before the fast. As Christianity spread throughout Europe, so too did the celebration of carnival. Colonisation exported it across the world. Portuguese colonists took Lent to the shores of Brazil, where they had also taken an estimated 4 million African slaves. Over time European rituals fused with African ones, to create Brazil’s world famous carnival.

The flamboyant street parties are a celebration of Brazil’s mixed heritage and it’s big business. In 2016 the city of Rio alone welcomed 1.1 million tourists during carnival. On the Caribbean island of Trinidad, the festival of Lent was introduced by French colonists. Slaves, excluded from these celebrations, created their own parties to the soundtrack of Calypso music, which mocked the French. This is now an integral part of Trinidad’s carnival.

In India carnival is only celebrated in the southern state of Goa, where Portuguese colonists ruled for over four centuries.
Parades occur throughout the state with bands, dances, and floats. Carnival is known as Mardi Gras in the American city of New Orleans. Carnival is not just a party in the sun. Quebec holds the third biggest carnival celebration in the world." Youtube

Caribbean Carnival
By Tim Smith

Carnivals are truly meant for enjoyment and every famous Caribbean carnival has major components like steelpan, calypso, and playing mas that is masquerade. In, Trinidad, which is the capital City of Port-of-Spain, has historical background. Here, you will see all these elements are well organized. The organizers form a five day ritual pageant, every day of this carnival, you will get different flavour of enjoyment.

This Trinidad Carnival is always beginning with the King & Queen Contest. This contest is held on Friday night. The very famous 'Panorama contest' happens on the next day. On Sunday, they organize Dimanche Gras and on Monday, you will enjoy J'Ouvert. This carnival is end with 'The Parade of the Bands', on Tuesday. All these events definitely give you unforgettable memories.

In the whole world, this Trinidad carnival is known as 'Epiphany of beauty'. It is an example of amazing display of the unlimited human spirit. The main motive of this carnival is not just enjoyment or fun, but to showcase different traditions which are exist in Trinidad. This Caribbean festival gives everyone a chance to interact with different people who are coming from different regions of the world. It promotes the theme of unity. It is very much based on African culture. This carnival is the best carnival in the world. Due to its popularity, every year, number of visitors increase.

If you observe the costumes of artists, you will notice that they are really so colorful. Actually, it indicates their lifestyle. These elaborated costumes are decorated with feathers and sequins. These costumes are specially designed by top designers. Many times locals and tourists like to participate in the parade of brands. Different bands take part in the competition to win the band title of the year. It is a very prestigious title of the Trinidad carnival. Many times strollers are also decorated. Many band owners are start working for their performance in the carnival several months in advance. They start their work with the launch party of their band. They will buy their costumes at the mass camp. Some camps offer their collection of costumes online at reasonable prices.

This Trinidad carnival is popular in children too. While participating in the 'Kiddies carnival show', a special segment of carnival for younger, kids are having high dose of fun and excitement. Around a week, many sub events or parties will take place. This Caribbean festival is the national event of the country; hence, schools arrange some programs to entertain kids as well as parents too.

Today this form of Trinidad carnival is the most widely imitated festival art for public celebration. The team of Trinidadian Carnival artists is able to perform throughout the year in European countries, North America, and the Caribbean. After achieving very huge success, they still feel that their best performance is yet to come. Now, they are focusing mainly on expanding their TnT pages. For this purpose, organizers use the similar theme of Trinidad, as the center of the America. They thought that now it is up to the natives to take this festival to another high level.

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