Caste and Colonialism

Dividing, conquering and creating wealth based class divides

The Europeans evolved to be materialists, bodies and minds with little concept of a soul. There societal values were and still are all about acquisition at any cost. They enshrined divisions between rich and poor in law and there were no laws against plundering, stealing killing and even extermination of those of a different class or culture.

We can see this continuing today and this power structure has its own evolution. It was the British East India company that was most influential across East Asia and the Pacific while the Spanish dominated the Central and South Americas. The corporate bosses made social and military contracts with tribal leaders and often set them against each other for economic advantage. The fact that they were British, Spanish, Portuguese or Dutch mattered not, they all functioned as servants of unregulated capitalism.

Class in Europe is the division between rich and poor and it was British interference in India that causes the greatest arguments today. India had its own social hierarchy known as Varna because in practical terms someone has to produce the food, someone has to attend to various engineering constructions, someone has to manage the day-to-day affairs of communities large and small, and someone has to oversee the entirety.

This is the same structure within any business in the modern world and existed within the colonialists. In India the Brahmans were the overseers, the men and women who worked to educate and ensure that the lives of the people remained in accord with Dharma, a way of life most beneficial for humankind's long-term survival, collective well-being and happiness.

The British and the other colonists of course hated the Brahmans because they stood in the way of their looting the land. The Brahmans engendered a practical sensibility within the population. By this time of course the colonists all locked into their particular belief systems and incapable of understanding Hindu Dharma so they set about dismantling the culture of Varna that had existed for thousands of years and kept the country relatively stable.

So the British in particular subverted the Kshatriya's (the protectors of Dharma) to turn against their own people and over the course of two hundred years cemented in place what people refer today as the caste system. As Varna was transformed into caste, the British logic was to set the people against each other. Individuals within the Kshatriya's became co-rulers under the British direction and with wealth had little need of the Brahmans and the poorer classes were to be exploited as they were in Europe.

Caste comes from the Portuguese word "Casta". It was imposed by the British who refined European and Islamic feudal hierarchies of the Varnas and Gyathies of India to "divide and rule" and was enshrined by their stooges in the Indian Constitution. Today the world's media and nit pickers harass India for its caste system but are completely ignorant that it was a British invention so they could exploit India to the maximum and some estimates of what British took from India in today's currency would total over twenty trillion British pounds.

The Smrithis, the Vedas, the Shastras, the Upanishads and the Samhithas, indeed anything in Mantra form, may NOT be written but pass from mouth to ear. What is available in writing are travesties propagated by the British and their stooges. No Savarna who practices his religion has any problem with the Varna system. I am a practising Brahmana by religion and a Brahmana by Varna.

All four Varnas (the Savarna) practice the religion. The Shudras comprise the main component of any temple congregation as also the largest land owning class. Shudras are not Dalits (i,e. outlaws) as propagated by the British and their stooges such as Naiker and Ambedkar.

If Your ignorance is the result of Indian History having been replaced with their own mythology by the British and their stooges to eradicate the education and law giving hereditary priesthood of the Savarna, confiscate their temple centered commonwealth and so destroy all resistance to alien religions, ideologies and rule by means of such indoctrinated instruments as your bad self. N.B. I am NOT a "Hindoo"

They were created and labelled for this purpose by the British. In the period 1921 to 1923, the British created Akalism at Sialkot with Kartar and Karag, Daalitism with Ambedkar in Bombay, Draavidism with Naiker in Motherass and Islamism with Jinnah to marginalize the Brahmanas and went on the confiscate the temple centered Savarna commonwealth to destroy all resistance to alien religions, culture and rule. In 1959, Nehru swallowed the commonwealth in residual India including formerly well governed Princely States,

Brahmins WERE the cement that held the many nations and religions of Bharatha Varsha together with Dharma till 1921 when a legal fiction called "Hindooism" was created. The cement has been eradicated with greater viciousness and precision since 1947.

How was Hindooism created? It was very simple. The British were the sovereign power. So they treated all Natives as "Hindoos" and passed laws to which they were subject and enforced them. They exterminated and marginalized the Brahmans thus removing the leadership and ideologues from the Savarna leaving only the reality of the British sovereign for the newly formed Hindoos to cope with.

Why was Hindooism created? To swamp the congregational temple welfare system with non Savarna and by depriving them of their hereditary law and education giving priesthood to make them amenable to alien ideologies, leadership and rule.

The European colonialists committed uncountable crimes against immunity all for-profit and personal aggrandizement. They had no respect for any life other than their own and those who would serve them unquestioningly. In the modern era the same processes are continuing across the globe with the main protagonist being the USA. The end result is that global population is slowly losing his identity and wealth is just a minor attachment that many cling to yet it has no meaning because it is in permanent.

The only way to set the world right is to know the truth and to act on that truth, the only way to know the truth is to know yourself as an independent and autonomous human being coexisting with all life, and then you will be in a position to provide a greater contribution to correcting history and improving life on earth.


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