Casual Sex

One of humankind's favourite though sometimes risky pastimes

casxIn the Western world despite the imposing morality of church and state, we live in a world now where sex before marriage is completely normal.

In this modern era many people indulge their sexual fantasies through force, these are generally short-term and could be classified as casual that the casual rapist is a burden on civilisation.

It seems so odd that we live in a world where the girls have been trained to so they don't yet amongst a group of men there is often some bragging about some form of casual sex or perhaps exotic sex that came unexpectedly.

Few people seem to be aware that sex is not just the coupling of two physical bodies, it is a mixing and interplay between two energies that can never quite become one although they can harmonise. Many couples know the intense joy of a quickie which could also be classed as casual sex because often these moments are spontaneous.

Unless you have enjoyed casual sex which may include sex with one's own partner, someone one knows socially or even with a stranger, every meeting and exchange is different. When the interplay is between two people who know each other well and there is a degree of genuine love and affection, these experiences can be wonderful.

On the other hand they can be nothing at all, little more than masturbation which can often be the case in nonconsensual sex although generally the perpetrator feels somewhat justified due to having a degree of moral flexibility as does the soldier who helps himself to the women whose possessions they seek to conquer and thereby assert their dominance.

Tony says: I was perhaps fortunate to be able to indulge in quite a lot of casual sex with the women in my community. Some were kind of ho-hum and a nice meal or even a movie may have been preferable but on the other hand, some of them were magical and uplifting so if you were to ask if I was in favour of casual sex, I'd say most definitely, but don't expect anything and then celebrate if it turns to something wonderful.



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