The Heart of Yoga

Shiva, Parvati – purusha – prakriti

In cosmic understanding, Siva contains the potentiality of existence and Shakti is the force that stirs creative action. Respectively Siva is termed male and Shakti as female.

At an earthly level Shiva is the masculine reflection of creation and Parvati the female yet both are concepts of wonderment not to be understood, but celebrated.

In a similar way Purusha is the witness to creation, uninvolved and associated with the soul of mankind, an energy less active whereas Prakriti is the ever changing material universe.

These are key scientific concepts said to have been formulated by the Samkhya school of yoga thousands of years ago. They refer to the primal matter with three different

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Oneness in stillness or action

“Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity” ~ Voltaire 1694-1778

MEDITATION The process of Meditation is a part of Raja Yoga. Just as Hatha Yoga is primarily concerned with the body, Raja Yoga is primarily concerned with the mind and is supported when:

All undesirable thoughts have been removed from the mind. The mind has been freed from the burden of unnecessary elements. Your basic desires are now rooted in your mind. Steps for proper care, and protection, have been taken to ensure satisfactory growth of the symbolic seeds. Steps have also been taken to weed out the unwanted growth from

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Mind Cleansing

Raja Yoga cleansing and seeding techniques

In Yogic terms, the process of cleansing is called Shuddhi-Kriya or Shuddhikaran; and the process of seeding is called Beeeja-Dharan or Beeja-Mantra. Cleansing is a process of removing the thoughts causing disorders, notions, and erroneous perceptions from the mind. The seeding is a process of planting creative, constructive, and cherished ideas and thoughts in the mind. By the cleansing process, the mind is purified. By the process of seeding, the individual makes further positive gains. These techniques can be used by those who are mentally unwell, and also, by those who are already mentally healthy.


Both of these techniques are primarily concerned with the mind. Hence, in order to

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