Irregular periods or cessation of the menstrual cycle

Remember that a normal period begins sometime between age 7 and 15 and if it doesn’t then this is unusual and some investigation is advised. The period cycle is defined as the number of days between the first day of your bleeding until the first day of your next period.

A normal period cycle is typically between 21 and 35 days but often around 27-29 days with the period or time of bleeding (flow) and occasional discomfort lasting from 2 to 7 days. The amount of bleeding or flow varies for different women, however that experience should be fairly consistent every month.

Why do periods sometimes stop?

If your periods stop unexpectedly

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Poisoning Humanity

Or what’s killing us

What future do our children have?

The toxic residues produced by industry over the past 2000 years have been conveniently overlooked. The Romans infamously used lead pipes and the lead drove them insane. More recently we switched to copper pipes but then it was discovered that as copper ages, the oxidised copper is harmful to our health and these were replaced with galvanised steel which were too expensive and today most people use plastic which presents another set of problems.

Modern society is driven by desires and some of them like access to clean water are vitally important whereas the desire for profits or to have the same stuff as one’s neighbours is

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Affecting all aspects of life

There are many definitions of stress and everyone has a different capacity to respond to or deal with stress, so what is stress?

Stress is simply a system overload and we recognise two principal forms of stress that affects our health as; physical stress and mental stress.

Physical Stress Is when if you lift an object that is too heavy, or are involved in an accident, the weight or force of an object or impact will apply too much stress and overload the capacity of the body which my result in an injury. Physical stress injuries can occur during our day to day life from simple things like lifting a child, lifting at home or

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More than just a wet dream

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Sexsomnia is a sleep disorder or phenomenon which affects different people in different ways. There are two primary activities in sexomnia which are; unconscious self masturbation, or sexual advances and interference with a sleeping partner.

While it is well known of and very common for boys to have wet dreams through into manhood, girls and women also experience dream states in which they become sexually aroused and even orgasm. However Canadian researchers found almost one in 12 people admitted engaging or initiating some sort of sexual activity while they slept with men making up three-quarters of the self-reported “sexsomniacs”.

Many observers of human nature, consider that orgasm

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Searching for The Perfect Massage

An ongoing journey

Apart from having good self-discipline, you could say I’m a fairly easy going kinda girl and I’m not too hung up on politics. I like my sports and I’ve being in a few triathlons which is where I was introduced to the idea of massage because it certainly helped my performance.

While having my legs massaged gave me a slight advantage in terms of performance, my legs felt totally separated from my body as if I was to different people which was kind of challenging. So my experience for a few years was just having whatever part of my body rubbed that had the greatest need and I never really liked it all that much.

I remember

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Our Declining Fertility

And Creating Families

In about 40% of infertile couples, the cause of the infertility lies with the males.

Fertility in both men and women is on the decline and scientists tell us that within a relatively short time (100,000 years) the human race my become extinct because we are unable to reproduce. While 100,000 years seems far off, surely we should be doing something about it, otherwise what’s the point of the space exploration and human development currently taking place?

While no one is 100% sure of the causes of the growing infertility problem and few are prepared to go on record; we think the strongest contender is the pollution and degradation of our food and environment.

Just think, there

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Emergency Sex

An urgent need to connect

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Not to be confused with a sexual emergency, the need for a morning after pill or medical a medical intervention due to having sex, emergency sex is a form of stress relief for emotional overload.

Emergency sex is often called for after stressful social gatherings such as weddings, funerals and other emotional events because we are somehow reminded of our mortality. In such situations where our vulnerability is exposed, sex and the intimacy that goes with the act can be liberating and serves to in effect reset our emotional nature to positive mode.

At funerals where the frailty and impermanence of life becomes apparent, there is a strong need for

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Smartphones and Health

Damage we are unaware of until…

With the arrival of cellular phones into the marketplace, there was a great deal of concern about the radiation exposure from these devices and some of them literally hurt people’s heads while others caught fire and burned holes in people’s clothing.

The radiation issue has not been completely resolved but with the new generation of smart phones, the devices can be held a reasonable distance away from the body making the radiation less of an issue.

But a new development and it’s very easy to see is that with the cell phone in front of the chest, people are walking around with their faces looking down at their devices.

This affects the body

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Hold the sneezes

Hayfever affects many people over the summer months but there are things that can trigger outbreaks of sneezing, watery or puffy eyes anytime through the year.

Hayfever can be seen as an oversensitivity inside the nasal cavities, sometimes all it takes is a few grains of dust or pollen that triggers about of sneezing, watery eyes, a streaming nose or a combination of all three.

No one really knows what causes hayfever but it’s suspected as being a weakened immune system and a mild overload of toxins in the body. While the use of antihistamines can reduce the symptoms, it’s almost impossible to prevent.

So really, if you suffer from hayfever then you have to learn to

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Sleep Walking

Nocturnal wandering

Sleep walking can happen to anyone, but of all the sleep states, it occurs less commonly and is more likely to be encountered by watching discovery channel than in real life. Yet like so many things about ourselves we don’t understand, sleep walking is such an interesting subject that it has featured on global television.

Sleepwalking, contrary to most belief, apparently has little to do with dreaming. In fact, it occurs when the sleeper is enjoying his most oblivious, deepest sleep; a stage in which dreams are not usually reported. According to the US National Sleep Foundation, sleepwalking is prevalent in 1–15% of the general populace and is most prevalent in children between the age of 4–8 years

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