Take off your shoes

Barefoot supports health

Spending time barefoot is actually a very healthy activity. Walking on the grass and feeling the sand between your toes helps to connect one’s body with the earth and massage the feet.

Some people have come to think that this is somewhat unhygienic yet up until a few hundred years ago, the majority of all people went barefoot and shoes were only invented for those who walked in thorny situations.

By walking barefoot upon the earth, the body is reminded of its roots because our physical body is actually made from the stuff of the earth and a whole lot of water. Approximately 70% of our bodies mass is made up of water and the remaining 30%

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Cannabis Trial - 1 dead - 5 critical

Does cannabis kill?

In fact no deaths have ever been attributed to cannabis use. This is an evaluation of a Statement on the Reports Of A Death and Serious Illness from a Drug Trial of a Product Containing A Synthetic Cannabiniod.

According to local media reports, one man has been declared clinically dead and five others in a serious condition after a clinical trial conducted by a private laboratory in Rennes, in the west of France.

The test allegedly involved an analgesic product containing cannabis and the worlds anti drug lobby are pushing this information as are all media outlets seeking to raise public concern.

The fact that one person may have died in a drug trial is unfortunate, yet

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Massage and the Importance of Touch

A fundamental necessity

Imagine; a relaxed far off dreamy feeling, a sense of languor. A delicious sense of relaxation and well-being achieved without drugs or alcohol. A dimensional space where there is nothing to do other than simply be… where you can experience and enjoy the pleasure of your body without any agenda.

In Western society, human touch is becoming more difficult, and yet it is proven that children brought up deprived of loving touch develop more mental, emotional; and physical problems than those who receive adequate touch and nurturing.

Trials with people of all ages indicate that massage benefits everyone, yet we are becoming more prudish, politically correct and brainwashed in an inhuman way which causes us to

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Painful Menstruation

Completely gone after massage therapy

Massage for menstrual difficulties involves a detailed massage to the abdomen and entire external genital region as part of a full body treatment.

As a massage therapist, people come with all manner of problems as there are few that cannot be helped through this gentle and natural healing art. Massage heals by releasing the stored stress that impacts body systems and helps to restore comfort and normal functionality.

As a retired massage therapist and tutor after some 40 years of experience, I have helped many women to overcome their menstrual problems and even some problems with conception. A big part of the problem with painful periods is poor diet and nutrition as well

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Garbhini Paricharya

Case files

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy is one of the most important events in the life of every woman and ayurved has suggested a very good protocol for that, which is called garbhini paricharya. It has given a detailed description of ahar (nutrition), vihar (life style) and vichar (thought process) to be followed during pregnancy. According to ayurved, all these directly affect the mother as well as the child.

In general, the ayurvedic faculty is against taking medicines until and unless there is maternal and fetal distress. Ayurved also advises avoiding alcohol consumption, smoking, etc., to avoid fetal abnormalities. It further suggests avoiding sexual activity after the fifth or the sixth month because according to ayurved, this can induce fetal distress.

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Vardhakya Chikitsa

The case files

Preventive Measures for Senile Debility

Victor recently celebrated his 85th birthday. He leads a very active life and this is the reason why he is not bed ridden even at this age. The ayurvedic principle of life is, “be active and live long and healthy.”

Victor gets up at 5.00 a.m. sharp and goes for a walk in a nearby park. A young boy assists him for this. Earlier, he used to walk about 3-4 kilometers but because of his age now he walks as much as is possible for him. When he comes back home, he takes breakfast. He prefers mugdal khichadi or dal chaval or idli or dosa, etc., which are all ideal combinations of

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Tamak Shwas-Chikitsa

The case files

Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Ms. Johns is seventy six years old and faces a lot of pain in her knee because of her sandhi vaat. Sandhi vaat means joint pain. This can occur due to several reasons ranging from osteoarthritis to rheumatic heart disease.

Ms. Johns is suffering from sandhi vaat. Cause of her sandhi vaat is osteoarthritis i.e. wear and tear of the bones due to age. I noted this on her case paper as a first impression about her problem. Ms. Johns gave me her medical history. She mentioned that she has four daughters and after her deliveries she could not get enough rest. She had to get back to house work within a few days

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Jantu Pradurbhav Chikitsa

Ayurvedic case files

Treatment of Infections

In the era of ayurved, sciences such as pathology and bacteriology were not developed and those such as virology had not even been imagined. The microscope had not been invented either and thus, infections were described in terms of pitta-dushti (pitta=one of the basic body constituents, dushti=aggravation) or rakta-dushti (rakta=blood tissue).

Antibiotics were largely unknown to ayurved but the principles behind them had been thought of by ayurvedic scholars. Thus the use of colloidal silver, copper and gold had value as a preventive medicine, and these compounds also played a role in healing.

In this article we will deal with some common infectious conditions like vrana (ulcers), pitika (acnes and boils), and arbuda

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Kesh Chikitsa

The case files

Treatment for Hair Loss

Ms. Amanda Keller is twenty-five years old. She came to me a month ago with a complaint of hair loss. She said that she had been experiencing hair loss for no apparent reason since the past one year. She tried a variety of different shampoos and conditioners and also sought advice from a beautician over a considerable period of time. Her family doctor also advised her blood tests. Overall the blood report was normal. She tried some lotions suggested by her doctor too, but all in vain.

After a short discussion, we unanimously decided to opt for an ayurvedic regime for this problem. I first explained to Amanda the ayurvedic anatomy and physiology

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Atisar Chikitsa

The case files

Treatment of Diarrhoea

Mrs. Kelly visited my clinic with her child, Chris. She explained that her child had been suffering from loose motions since that morning and had passed stools eight times already. During the customary medical history, she mentioned that Chris is four years old and has been suffering from repeated loose motions since birth. He falls sick, six to seven times a year and mostly it turns out to be loose motions. Each time the family doctor prescribes antispasmodics, binding mixtures, etc. His stools have been tested several times in a pathological laboratory with nothing particular in his reports. He has been treated for amoebic dysentery and bacillary dysentery, but all in vain. Within two

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