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Vegetarians Make Better Lovers

More caring, connected and capable

Back in 2014 the dating site (formerly AYI) released information from a study about dating preferences. They found that men were 13% more likely to click on a woman’s profile is she was vegetarian.

So, it is pretty clear that men have a preference for vegetarian women but conversely, the opposite was true when it came to women who were 11% less likely to click on a man’s profile if he was vegetarian.

Perhaps this is due to men seeing vegetarian women as more down to earth and intelligent whereas women have been sucked into the idea that real men have some power over life and eating flesh gives them a competitive edge

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Human Sexuality

A major confusion

There is about as much consensus in society about sexuality as there is about spirituality, and more sex happens in peoples minds than their genitals.

Confusion arises because those who assume moral leadership say one thing and do another. Couple this with the ongoing deconstruction of our societies by social and economic forces.

Sigmund Freud described sexuality as the driver of our psychology and a motivator for all our behaviour which remains relevant today.

But the primary drive to have sex comes from a base biological desire to pass on our genes and perpetuate our species. The desire to breed is an instinctive and powerful force in our lives that cannot be 100% controlled by

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Our Declining Fertility

And Creating Families

In about 40% of infertile couples, the cause of the infertility lies with the males.

Fertility in both men and women is on the decline and scientists tell us that within a relatively short time (100,000 years) the human race my become extinct because we are unable to reproduce. While 100,000 years seems far off, surely we should be doing something about it, otherwise what’s the point of the space exploration and human development currently taking place?

While no one is 100% sure of the causes of the growing infertility problem and few are prepared to go on record; we think the strongest contender is the pollution and degradation of our food and environment.

Just think, there

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What About Virginity?

A misunderstood aspect of our humanity

Religious morality dictates that young men and women should abstain from sexual contact until after they are married, and this is an issue going way back in history because the husband always wanted to know that only he was the father of of any children produced.

But the idea of virginity has changed over the centuries. If we go back before the time of Jesus, then a virginal woman was any free and independent woman who did not rely on a man for his support. In that sense virgins in olden times could have been courtesans or sex workers.

One thing is absolutely certain is that our desire to reproduce and our desire for

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How's Your Testosterone?

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Hey guys, are you finding it more challenging to get up in the morning? Do you prefer to stay home in front of the TV and instead of socialising? Is your libido waning a little? Or are you losing focus with your business and other important things in your life?

When we consider the range of possible causes for the issues listed above, it could be that your diet is inadequate, it could be that you are in the process of developing some disease and that’s a very hard thing to know without going through a series of trials and most likely, considerable expense.

Those problems could well be improved by improving diet, throwing in a

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The Problems with Pornography

An ancient social issue

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Let’s be clear, sexual activity between consenting adults is a natural, normal, healthy and essential activity for human well-being. The desire to participate in sexual activity is normal and natural for everyone and these desires usually begin with puberty.

Pornography has always existed because it is simply about people communicating their ideas about sex. Up until the invention of modern media, pornography had been confined to the world of art and there exist artworks going back tens of thousands of years depicting this expression of life.

Some people find pornography is useful because it stimulates libido, other people find it useful because the erotic imagery adds flavour to intimate relationships so we

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Men’s health awareness month

It is estimated that the lifetime risk for black men of dying of prostate cancer at approximately one in 12, the risk for white men is estimated to be about one in 24 and one in 44 for Asian men.

After lung cancer, prostate cancer is the second-leading killer cancer among men, with more than 240,000 new diagnoses and 28,000 deaths every year in the USA alone.

Research indicates that exposure to environmental toxins, especially a combination of arsenic and estrogen can cause cancer in prostate cells. Texas Tech University researchers revealed that humans exposed to a combination of both toxicants were almost twice as likely to develop cancerous cells in their prostate.


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Treating Prostate Cancer

A male terror

Prostate cancers progress

The prostate is a muscular gland somewhat bigger than a walnut that adds seminal fluid to the sperm before it is expelled during ejaculation – is the second leading site for cancer in men.

This condition typically affects men in the 40 – 60 year age group. It is suspected that the cause in part, lies with an inability to express emotionally and the stresses involved with performance anxiety and inadequate nutrition.


Like anything, prevention is always better than cure. But in this age of political correctness and fluctuating attitudes towards the human body, having a healthy attitude toward one’s own body and life is a challenge but this is

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Wet dreams when married

Oh what will she think?

Life maybe is sweet, you and your partner have regular sex, but one night it happens. It matters not so much what the sex was like or who with, it’s just that your PJ’s or sheets are wet and what will she think?

When you are sleeping beside your beloved and wet or erotic dreams occur, can you make it to the bathroom and hide the evidence before she notices or is it too late?

Perhaps you should tell her and lie that you were with her? She may be disappointed in not remembering but she is unlikely to hold it against you as an act of unfaithfulness?

Wet dreams can occur at any stage

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Retirement Turns Sexy

And a new freedom

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Introduction: receiving a story like this in my mailbox is another insight into the strange beauty of human life and relationships. If you read this story, you may may weigh up the pros and cons from a moral perspective and yet we need to celebrate people like this who find joy in human companionship outside of the moral stereotype that many people are trapped in.

Hello Diana, I heard that you are looking for stories to illustrate that morality is not all that it’s cracked up to be and that people can find happiness and even spiritual fulfilment outside of what are considered to be normal societal boundaries. You could say

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