A History of Sex

And the evolution of the human condition

For many people, sex is something of a mystery, an obsession, highly pleasurable but also highly regulated. Some say that sex is a part of our primal nature and akin to the essence of life itself in part because every second, millions of cells are being born within our bodies.

Sex is elemental to life without which we would not exist. We turn to sex in the desire to breed, sharing joys, relieving sorrows and despite all the different moral codes around the world, and all ways of relating over our history, sex is not well understood and often badly performed.

Sex is one of the most obvious features of our dualistic world

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Whistles and Cat Calls

What’s a girl to do?

There’s a story going around about the aspiring actress Shoshana Roberts who walked the streets of new York and got 108 cat calls over the 10 hours of her experiment. But who in their right mind is going to spend 10 hours a day walking the streets just to make the point that some guys have bad manners and she doesn’t know how to deal with that?

In contrast, the New York Post writer Doree Lewak who would you believe was brazen enough to walk by some building sites bra less in an otherwise fairly modest dress and she says that cat calls are flattering and

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Oh To Be Joyful

Getting on with life

Since you ask about my sex life, I have to tell you that I was a very happy child but I was also rather devious and I’m not quite sure how I became that way. I was never dishonest and I was the sort of girl that if someone said let’s play, I’d leap up and help get things going. When I was very young well at least young enough to remember I loved dressing up as the fairy princess and by the time I was eight and nine I was leaving of being a sexy model, screen actor or a singer but somehow I was always too busy doing something.

Our household was rather male

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The Art of Kissing

A process of deepening intimacy

A kiss is the act of pressing of one’s lips against another person or an object most often as a demonstration of acceptance and appreciation or affection, or as a greeting and an act of friendship. Yet the act of kissing varies across different cultures with many different uses and meanings.

While kisses are most often used to express sentiments of love, lust and passion, kisses facilitate deeper intimacy and sexual activity. But in other situations, a kiss is a ritual, formal or symbolic gesture indicating devotion, respect, or sacrament.

The English word kiss came from Old English cyssan (“to kiss”), in turn from coss (“a kiss”). It is widely thought that kissing is an

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A Girl Learns About Sex

A story about growing up sensibly

Hi Dianna, my names Melanie and you can change the name as you like, I don’t particularly care and since you asked for some first-time sex stories, I’ll tell you about my first experiences and perhaps other kids may learn something.

I’m one of those girls who became a woman at a young age, that is I grew a woman’s figure and began menstruating when I was 10 years old and all the shit that went with it. I guess because I was tallish I carried it better than some girls but for two years I kept my blouses buttoned up and wore these really horrid bras that kind of crushed my boobs not

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Growing Up Sensibly Continued

Melanie continues her story – part one

In my opinion, learning about sex is easy but only if you ignore everyone else’s advice. I listened to girls and guys about their experiences but when anyone tried to tell me what to do, I instinctively switched off to whatever they happened to be saying. As you recall I told you about beginning to have sex at age 11, an age by which a lot of girls are having babies, a lot of Islamic girls in particular are marrying old men or who are being traded for some political favour or kidnapped and sold into the brothels of the world.

You asked me about the morality of what I was doing

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Growing Up Sensibly Pt3

Melanie continues her story – part onepart two

Hi Dianna, after writing in some detail about my first sexual experiences I figure if I continue, it will take me a month of Sundays and I should probably write an entire book. But I have to be practical and there is no way I can continue with such detail so instead I’ll summarise and perhaps describe some of the interesting bits along with my philosophical view.

I haven’t reread what I wrote and I haven’t corrected any spelling errors so picking up from where I left off as I recall as it’s over a month since I wrote that last piece, I’d been swimming and spent an

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The Marriage of Children

A crime against humanity

Marriage is a global institution and if we step back into history there was a natural pairing off mostly between young men and women as they reached a balance of physical and mental maturity that enabled them to live happily and raise a family.

It is probable that there has always been some deviant or criminal behaviour within tribal groups but more so in the field of conquest. But the majority of the world’s population who had achieved a sense of balance and purpose in life would instinctively know when the time for marriage was right and this time was defined as when the girl is capable of bearing children and caring for them.

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Hard Times

When economies fall, women sell their bodies for cash

The development of the modern economy began thousands of years ago which gave rise to slavery and prostitution as we came to know it. With the development of agriculture men developed unhealthy desires for the fruit of labour and the joy of pleasure without earning it themselves.

They rated neighbouring lands bringing it back strong men to do the physical work and women for sex. Over these thousands of years, little has changed only the methodology governing the acquisition and control of slaves for any purpose has modernised.

Traditionally in countries without social welfare, the poor have been disposed of or conscripted into another service as soldiers or comfort women. As

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A Caution to Girls

I Was About To Marry My Lover Till I Saw His Facebook Messages:

There are many charming young men seeking attractive girls for pleasure and sometimes to wed. This is a cautionary tale about dating a Muslim boy and how she saved herself ‘just in time’.

Anonymous says:

What I Saw, I’ll Never Be Able To Forget. I am an army brat who has led a very liberal and easy going life. Integrity and honesty were my first and foremost virtues. I belonged to no city because we were transferred every 3 years. Adaptability was my biggest asset.

He belonged to a typical conservative Muslim family living for years in a notorious town of west UP. The family was

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