Osho on Sex Ed for Kids

Tell it the way it is

Periodically in the media this week, discussions about sex education for children re-emerge. Those who consider themselves enlightened want to tell kids the facts of life as they really are while the moral opposition wants kids to remain forever in ignorance until that time comes when they fumble in the dark and are left suffering various forms of anxiety.

Statistics, these prove that children who are well educated about sex are more likely to put off sex until they are older and practice safe sex, they are also much less likely to get pregnant so it seems really strange that the moralists want to raise their kids in ignorance and expose them to unwanted

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Relationships and Fidelity

My husband is at work but his brother is hitting on me

Dear Dianna, my name is Roxanne from California, USA. I’ve been married to Scott for two years and I’m just about to turn 23. To make ends meet he works really long hours but so far I’ve only been able to get some casual part-time work which is fine because we’re doing okay.

But it’s almost 2 months ago now that Scott’s brother Brett came to stay with us after losing his job. His situation was desperate enough that is only choices were to stay with us or live on the streets. Initially Scott was indifferent to him but after a word from his mother, he finally invited

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Tales of infidelity

The experience and feedback

Anon writes: I won’t tell you my name but I’ve been married for five years and having decided to put off having kids until after I turned 30, we’d been working hard to build our dream home. We hadn’t gone too far overboard in terms of debt, but I’m sure this was one of the major factors upsetting our relationship.

In those first few years of courtship and marriage we both had good paying jobs and a great deal of confidence, so we had sex often and everywhere. But in some-ways it seemed too good to last because my work

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Incest Between Siblings

Right or wrong?

Introduction: It’s a scientifically proven fact that reproduction amongst close family members and relatives weakens our species. Genetic and mental weaknesses quickly evolve from incestuous relationships causing in a more complicated and unpleasant life for resulting generations.

This behaviour however is a fact of life that need not be harshly judged but those indulging must avoid the complications of transmitting STDs and pregnancy. Children who are found out may need appropriate guidance, not punishment. The motivations or causes of incestuous relationships are many but often stem from unhappiness, loneliness, misplaced desire, illness and other factors.

There are estimates that say about 2 – 5% of brothers and sisters have physically intimate relationships for varying periods of

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Boys toy

A girl who enjoys sex

Hey there, this world is really one fucked-up place but I have a story that has never quite made sense. A few years back I picked up this girl hitchhiking out of Canberra and like she was wearing an open little jacket showing her tits but I managed to put away my lust and we had a really nice conversation, its like we just clicked.

She said she wasn’t going to meet anyone and had no place to stay but wanted to spend time in Sydney so I said that she was welcome to crash on my couch which she accepted. Now one of my mates had invited me to a barbecue so we drove

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A masseuses distress or perk?

Now this is the story that Themla, one of my 2nd cousins who lives just out of Innisfail where it’s hot and steamy all year. She’s a size 14 with huge tits and she often got teased so sometimes we felt sorry for her, but she was usually nice to everyone and took being teased in good spirits, often turning the joke back on the joker.

Given the difficulty of getting work and the fact that she wasn’t good at very much, she got a job massaging because there was always advertising the paper for masseuses. The family were somewhat concerned about that because most massage places in the area were the rub and

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Relationship Q & A

Anal Sex – Shall I or Shan’t I?

Leakage can be embarrassing

Hi Dianna, I’ve recently started allowing my boyfriend have anal sex with me and one once he actually gets inside me, after the initial discomfort while is not exactly unpleasant, it’s not exactly great either so what’s the big deal and should I continue?

Thanks for writing Veronica, for some people anal sex is a really big thing and for others it’s not. You need plenty of lube and in terms of penetration, it’s somehow contrary to nature and takes a little practice to relax those sphincter muscles and sometimes the urge to push out.

For most women, this form of sex is something they ‘allow’

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Relationship Q & A

Questions To Dianna

Hi there, Kayla and I are not married but we’ve been living together for four years and we’re just crazy about each other and love sex. Even though we are both holding down jobs we still manage to have sex two or three times a day. Sometimes we even meet for lunch and have a quickie in a bathroom and we’ve been known to have sex other public places although few people seem to care and others just give us lecherous or jealous looks.

But there are a couple of things that bother me in the first is that I’m really attracted to another couple of girls who are returning that interest and there are always a

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Quantifying Sex

How often can I or should I have sex?

This is one of the most common questions that crosses the minds of teenagers as they develop into their sexuality, but it’s also a question common to adults who like sex. who contemplate what is a healthy limitation or number of times or a realistic limit.

As everyone is a unique individual, there is no one answer. For the person without a willing partner, the question is stupid although they could experiment to see how often they enjoy masturbating.

For newly married couples, the golden almost average number is three times per week, yet there are some couples who indulge three times a day or more. On the other hand, healthy

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How to Give Head

A guide to giving him oral sex

Penises come in many shapes and sizes, so the idea is to experiment.

Oral sex is an activity to be indulged in by lovers and sex workers, so how do you go about sucking his cock? Do you want to? Of course if he indulges you with his mouth & tongue to help you to more wet & wanting.. or even an orgasm or… you must do the same for him.

The penis is a remarkable piece of anatomy, the tip that can look like Darth Vada’s helmet (star wars) is very, very sensitive, in fact as sensitive as your clitoris. So you do have to avoid using your teeth

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