A Middle Eastern Perspective

A great drying

When attempting to piece together the fragments of history, historians we need to take into account the ice ages and climatic changes. So what has been going on?

It is said that the drying out of the Sahara desert began some 20 or 30,000 years ago. In fact much of the region was an inland sea which over time dried out giving way to vast freshwater lakes and rivers. It seems probable that much of the region spreading from North Africa to central and southern Asia was well watered during the ice age and it seems likely that there were many great tracts of forest and wetlands across the region.

It is generally thought that about 5000

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Archaeological Time Periods

And great events affecting Earth

These time periods are arbitrarily assigned by humans, designed to coincide with major changes which took place on the planet.

The purpose here is not to go into the detail of tectonic plate movement, ice ages and the yuga time periods but to remind researchers that when they are considering global history, plate movement/location, climate change, magnetic alignment and other earth changes should be factored into any discussion. For instance discussion of Lemuria being in the Indian Ocean or the Indian lost continent of Kumari Kandam.

The great ages of the earth are labelled by archaeologists as follows with more detail in the lower right image:

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Lemuria Revisited

Unravelling legends

Legends put Lemuria in the Indian and / or Western Pacific / or south of Thailand with all propositions including some of Australia. There is some chance that if Lemuria actually existed, New Zealand may have been included in this land mass.

Within India there are many legends of the continent south of modern day India, but if we look back at the history of tectonic plate movement, at a time before India began to push up the Himalayas, it would have been a much more volatile place to live because the Deccan traps were being formed.

New Zealand should I say Zealandia seems more plausible because if you look at New Zealand today on Google Earth, the

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