A celebration of life

One of the most commonly shared views of what constitutes ‘erotic’ is the female body and eroticism could well be defined as an interest or even an obsession with what people perceive as being erotic or pertaining to the act of sexual union.

To break this down further, the erotic generates a smile and stimulates desires that may not necessarily be sexual. Erotica consists of a wide range of subject material, and eroticism is a perception, a sense of passion that people appreciate and seek out what they perceive as being erotic.

Most countries have some erotic representation or erotica be it hidden as within the USA, or on public display as in the Love

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Life changes in mysterious ways

Hi, this s Donna again, some time back I wrote about My Vegas Wedding, My Honeymoon and the start of My married life.

If you have read the preceding pages then you know that my life was somewhat unconventional and that unconventionality continued after getting back from our holiday in Key West. Steve and I got on wonderfully despite the fact that we were both spending time fucking other people. I don’t normally talk about fucking very much but in this forum, I really want to make the point that it was about sex, chasing pleasure meaningful intimacy.

I could have by legs

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Tushy Art

The rationality and importance of sensual massage

All massage is sensual and everyone responds differently not only do therapeutic touch, but to the lighter and more deliberately sensual touch. But before we can discuss this, we really need to go back to basics and understand that everything about human relationships and being human are a socio political arrangements without any inherent reality beyond the fact that we exist.

But because we value our existence, it is worthwhile adapting to nature and to each other to ensure our continued existence.

The masculine and feminine relationship is all about reproduction because we can never know the truth of our existence in a single lifetime and over many thousands of years the

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Sex therapy

An all too common story labelled as love in decline

Benjamin was a brash dominating man who expected his wife of five years to be the perfect wife. That entailed keeping house and serving all his needs. He was not particularly unkind or inconsiderate, he was simply emulating his father’s behaviour toward his mother who suffered from chronic depression.

For the first year, Maryann was happy. Her girlfriends were envious because she had made a good catch, but behind the scenes the novelty was wearing off. It was not that she didn’t love Benjamin, it’s just that they were losing their spark and in his mind, it was her fault.

As her interest in sex wore off and life became

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Vig-Rx plus product review

Penis Power in A Bottle

Vig-Rx has long been a popular natural herbal formula designed for penis enlargement, improved sexual function and stronger erections, now you can try it out without risk. It is perhaps rightly said to be the World’s Leading Male Enhancement Product. While it reportedly works better than any other male enhancement pill, if this is your desire, it’s worth a try!

How is it the BEST?

Building on the original VigRX™, Bioperine®, Tribulus and Damiana were added to improve metabolism and the bio availability of the other ingredients that have been used over centuries by indigenous peoples to increase libido and penis size and proven in modern clinical

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My Vegas Wedding

From the day before getting hitched

Hi, I’m Donna and what I’m about to tell you is probably not unusual, at least not the first part. Steve and I had decided to get married in Las Vegas. We’d already been dating fairly seriously for a year and were saving up to buy a house so we decided that our wedding wouldn’t be too extravagant and we figured that by going to Vegas we could also start our honeymoon there.

About a month before, I came home and found Stephen bed with my girlfriend Gloria and she was probably the main organiser for our wedding beside me. My parents died years ago and the rest of my family weren’t particularly interested

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My Honeymoon

From the day after getting hitched

Hi, I’m Donna and I assume you’ve read part one.

After getting married yesterday, sleeping through the morning and me getting fucked on a small mountaintop we had dinner, partied for a while and fell into bed. Steve and I were so fucked as in tired we didn’t even bother trying to have sex. My girlfriend Gloria and Steve’s occasional lover slept in the spare bed and sometime during the night I heard her let someone into the unit and they had sex.

When I woke up, the morning was well underway and Helen and Gloria were there waiting for my other two girlfriends before driving home. I drank half

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With The Wedding Over

My married life

Hi, I’m Donna, I’m enjoying writing up my experiences and I hope you’ve read part one and part two and this is from as we got home from our short honeymoon.

We bought dinner on the way home and when we got there, Steve was pretty much fucked even though he tried to fuck me again but then he was totally out to it. After he was asleep I walked across to the Kwik shop just for something to do because I didn’t feel like sitting around watching TV. Our neighbourhood seemed so puerile, so sterile and uninteresting.

I bought myself a chocolate bar and turned down an invitation

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Casual Sex

One of humankind’s favourite though sometimes risky pastimes

In the Western world despite the imposing morality of church and state, we live in a world now where sex before marriage is completely normal.

In this modern era many people indulge their sexual fantasies through force, these are generally short-term and could be classified as casual that the casual rapist is a burden on civilisation.

It seems so odd that we live in a world where the girls have been trained to so they don’t yet amongst a group of men there is often some bragging about some form of casual sex or perhaps exotic sex that came unexpectedly.

Few people seem to be aware that sex is not just the

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Creating My Massage Business

And dealing to this thing called work

Going through massage school and working to part-time jobs to cover the costs was in fact the easiest part I realised once I had gone through the process of setting myself up. I’d done some research before I began this course to generate an income for myself.

In the area where I live on the outskirts of Seattle, there are no places to get a decent massage although there are a few brothels and anyone what the once a proper massage has to go closer to the city. It took a considerable amount of work to do some market research, some of that I did buy going door-to-door and some by interviewing people

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